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Integrative Health Coach Extension Certificate

Blended (Classroom and Online)

Coach clients to develop and engage in healthy mindsets and behaviours. Using evidence-based theory and practices, assist them to improve their health and well-being through personal responsibility and self-motivation.

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  • Satisfy your passion for health promotion
  • Build your practice by advancing client support for your patients
  • Coach others to lead healthy lives

Program Format

  • Complete the 7 required courses and the Practicum (175 hours)
  • Each course consists of classroom hours, online hours and individual coaching sessions between instructor and student
  • Can be completed in a minimum of 1.5 years and up to a maximum of 3 years

Scheduling Notes

  • Individual Coaching sessions are scheduled by the instructor and student.
  • Mentor Coaching sessions are scheduled by the instructor and student.
  • Group Mentor Coaching sessions are scheduled by the instructor.
  • Peer Triad practice sessions are scheduled by the students.

The course tuition covers all the individual coaching, mentor coaching and group mentor coaching session hours that are required in the courses. Other coaching programs require students to find their own mentor coach and pay the coach directly, which can be a significant additional expense. In our program, the student remains in contact with their course instructor/coach to fulfill their individual, mentor and group mentor coaching requirements at no additional charge.

Program Requirements

  • Check the technical requirements for using the Blackboard online learning platform prior to registering for any of the courses.
  • Please log in to your Blackboard course on the official course start date and refer to your Course Outline for assignment due dates.
  • The listed course hours indicate the estimated time for students to review the online learning units. Your actual time spent completing assignments may vary.
Required CoursesSpring '17
Fall '17
Winter '18
Introduction to Integrative Health Coaching 
Integrative Healing Practices  OL
Relationship Coaching 
Strategic Communications  
Direct Communications  
Client Learning and Transformation  
Business of Integrative Health Coaching 
Integrative Health Coaching Practicum 
OL = Online course. The above schedule is subject to change. Courses start on various dates within each semester.
Fall schedule and registration available in June. Winter schedule and registration available in November. Spring/Summer schedule and registration available in March.

Required Courses

Introduction to Integrative Health Coaching
Gain an overview of the theory, principles and practices of integrative health coaching. Review the ethical guidelines and professional standards of the International Coaching Federation. Examine your core beliefs and personal communication style and begin to develop your coaching skills.
Note: This course is the prerequisite to all other courses in the certificate.
Format: Course consists of 16 classroom hours, 3 online hours and a 1-hour Individual Coaching session (between instructor and student).

Subject code: XIHL 10001 20 Hours. Fee: $699 Next offered: Fall 2017*

Integrative Healing Practices
Explore health trends and effective natural healing practices from around the world. Envision an integrative health care system for the future and examine the role of integrative health coaches.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Integrative Health Coaching
Format: Course consists of 45 online hours.

Subject code: XIHL 10002 45 Hours. Fee: $799 Next offered: Winter 2018*

Relationship Coaching
Learn to develop productive integrative health coaching relationships. Explore the coaching process and recognize how a clearly defined relationship between the coach and client is key to success.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Integrative Health Coaching
Format: Course consists of 16 classroom hours, 3 online hours and a 1-hour Individual Coaching session (between instructor and student).

Subject code: XIHL 10003 20 Hours. Fee: $699
CRN 502663 classes

May 5
May 6
May 7
May 5-19
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
9 a.m.-4 p.m.
9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Fri. &
Sat. &


Strategic Communications  
Focus on essential communication skills such as active listening, powerful questions, curiosity, metaphor, acknowledging, whole body communication, and the impact of intuition, body language, signals and tone.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Integrative Health Coaching
Format: Course consists of 16 classroom hours, 3 online hours and a 1-hour Individual Coaching session (between instructor and student).

Subject code: XIHL 10004 20 Hours. Fee: $699 Next offered: Fall 2017*

Direct Communications 
Enhance your skills in direct communication. Learn respectful methods of interrupting and refocusing the conversation to support the client’s integrative health goals.
Prerequisites: Introduction to Integrative Health Coaching, Strategic Communications
Format: Course consists of 15 classroom hours, 3 online hours, a 1-hour Individual Coaching session (between instructor and student), and a 1-hour Mentor Coaching session (between instructor and student).

Subject code: XIHL 10005 20 Hours. Fee: $799 Next offered: Fall 2017*

Client Learning and Transformation
Focus on integrative health coaching as a transformational journey for the client. Explore the change process, self-awareness, decision making, uncovering blocks and handling resistance. Co-create a plan of action for the client’s well-being.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Integrative Health Coaching
Format: Course consists of 15 classroom hours, 3 online hours, a 1-hour Individual Coaching session (between instructor and student) and a 1-hour Mentor Coaching session (between instructor and student).

Subject code: XIHL 10006 20 Hours. Fee: $799 Next offered: Winter 2018*

Business of Integrative Health Coaching
Be introduced to the business aspects of developing and building a professional integrative health coaching practice. Explore business planning, marketing and implementing integrative health coaching services.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Integrative Health Coaching

Subject code: XIHL 10007 10 Hours. Fee: $399
CRN 502951 class
Jun. 10
Jun. 10-17
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.Sat.


Integrative Health Coaching Practicum
Hone your skills through practical application. Instructor-led sessions alternate bi-weekly with peer practice sessions. Present a 30-hour coaching log of working with real clients.
Prerequisite: the previous 7 Integrative Health Coach courses
Format: Course consists of 11 hours of Group Mentor Coaching, a 1-hour Individual Coaching session (between instructor and student), and 4 hours of Mentor Coaching sessions (between instructor and student).
Students will also coordinate 6 Peer Triad practice sessions (2 hours each).
Final exam will consist of a 2-hour written exam and a 1.5-hour oral exam.

Subject code: XIHL 10008 20 Hours. Fee: $1,199 Next offered: Fall 2017*


*Fall 2017 registration opens Mon., Jun. 12, 2017
*Winter 2018 registration opens Mon., Nov. 13, 2017
Brenda Olinek began coaching full time and incorporated Path Seekers in 2001 as part of her vision to transform communication between individuals, teams and within organizations. Brenda has a BA (Communication Studies) from the University of Calgary and as a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, holds the designation of Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). She has also earned the credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has completed extensive course work through the Center for Right Relationship, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). She is Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) qualified and has a long list of additional coach-specific training.

Brenda has been a leadership coach with Vancouver Island Health Authority, Leading in a Learning Organization program since 2008. Her background includes 20 years in corporate, health care, government, career transition, not-for-profit and leadership development. Her training initiatives include developing the Client-Centered Coaching Skills for Health Professionals program for Mount Royal in 2008. Participants came from the Diabetes, Hypertension and Cholesterol Centre, the Chronic Pain Center, the Cardiac Wellness Institute and the Living Well with a Chronic Condition program.

Brenda is also a partner at Insight Facilitation. Insight Facilitation helps build healthy organizations – organizations that have strong communication, strong relationships and leadership at all levels. She is on the list of approved facilitators for British Columbia ministries.

Dr. Heather Ray BSci, MSci, PhDSSDATA_CE_RAY
Dr. Heather Ray is a high-energy professor, speaker and integrative health coach specializing in physical and mental training for over 20 years. Heather’s multi-disciplinary training includes a PhD in Medicine; Health Research, a Master's degree in Exercise and Functional Physiology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. In addition to being a certified Exercise Physiologist and Reiki Master, Heather has also completed professional training in Mindfulness-Based Meditation for Stress Reduction and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

As a physical and mental trainer, and Associate Professor in the department of Health and Physical Education at Mount Royal University, Heather combines years of academic expertise and consulting experience to facilitate mind, body and spiritual transformations with her students, clients and audiences.

Larissa is a learning and development professional with a passion for wellness. She specializes in internal coaching, leadership development, employee engagement and culture building while ensuring that clients are looking at their lives in a holistic way and that without health and wellness, none of their other goals can be realized. She has dedicated herself to helping leaders look at and create meaning and wellness in their own lives and in their organizations, which results in healthy and motivated employees.

Larissa brought coaching to the Higher Education world in Doha, Qatar by designing a coaching program for leaders at all levels and has also worked in Japan, China, and Australia. Larissa’s mission is to help create meaning in people's work by connecting who they are to what they do.

She holds a Master’s of Distance Education (Athabasca University), an undergraduate degree in Anthropology (University of Victoria) a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (Royal Roads University), and is also trained in team coaching, leadership, team development, communication effectiveness, conflict resolution, and thinking styles as well as Appreciative Inquiry. Larissa holds a Level 3 Award in Workplace Coaching for Leaders and Managers from the Institute of Leadership and Management and the ICF ACC credential. Her PCC designation application is in process.

Dr. Woods is an Associate Professor at the School of Nursing, Mount Royal University, and has worked for many years in the areas of senior's health, children's health, integrative health, and environmental health and wellness. In addition to authoring a book on indoor air pollution, she is an advisory member for the Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal, presents a large number of seminars on healthy aging, children’s health and environmental wellness, and has previously taught certificate courses for Mount Royal's Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension. Dr. Woods also serves as a member of the experts directory for Mount Royal University responding to environmental issues. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Spec.) with a psychology/sociology major, a Baccalaureate of Nursing, a Master's in Educational Curriculum Development and a PhD in Health Education with a specialty in indoor air pollution. Dr. Woods is very active in the community and focuses her attention and activities on wellness and creating healthier environments.

"The IHC course was a definite "game changer" in my life. As a result of taking the course, I gained increased clarity of my own direction and started my own business. I consider myself a wellness coach and I assist individuals to take charge of their wellness through a facilitated process of self awareness, goal setting, action planning, personal responsibility and accountability! The program and incredible instructors provided a solid foundation for me to confidently and competently step into my new career." — Joyce Sunada, IHC student


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