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Stack Sampling
This industry-recognized five-day seminar gives you hand-on practice in stack sampling. Learning the correct procedures for extracting a representative sample from a stack or dust under normal operating conditions. Gain knowledge of standard testing procedures and documents each step of the test by maintaining complete and accurate records as required by enforcement agencies. Subject code: XENV 30001
Note: Fee includes non-refundable $50 deposit.
Course materials: Provided on the first day of class.

Subject code: XENV 3000135 Hours. Fee: $1,099+GST 
CRN 500155  classesMay 8 - 128:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.Mon.,Tue.,Wed.,Thu.,Fri.

Stack Sampling Theory
This 2-day seminar focuses on the codes and methods used in stack sampling, with particular emphasis on the Alberta Stack Sampling Code and the Alberta CEMS Code. Learn the theory and calculations behind the methods commonly used for stack sampling programs, including demonstrations of the different sampling methods and techniques.

  • Day 1 features in-depth discussions on the Alberta Stack Sampling Code, including theories behind the different methods and the calculations used to derive final results that industry receives. Day one also features demonstrations with the sampling equipment as well as discussions on stack sampling QA/QC.
  • Day 2 focuses on the Alberta CEMS Code and includes discussions about code requirements, CEMS test methods, quality assurance plans and audits. Day two also features calculation reviews for Relative Accuracy Test Audits and Cylinder Gas Audits.
Subject code: XENV 3001315 Hours. Fee: $649+GST 
CRN 700962 classesAug. 22-238:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.Tue.,Wed.



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