MRU Shift

Thank you for you interest in MRU Shift. Please note there is no conference scheduled for 2014.

2013 conference info:

Revolution [rev-uh-loo-shuh n]. A sudden, complete or marked change in something; a procedure or course, back to a starting point.

 We are all walk, not just talk. And we’re starting from the ground up. This year we’re not just sitting around, letting you sponge up information. Oh no. This year it’s about getting your hands in the pot, maybe stirring things up a little and fully experiencing social media. Whether you are from a marketing or public relations background, or just looking to learn more about social media strategies, it’s time to get down to business. Learn, try, practice and take back to the office some creative, fun and innovative ideas. Gain experiences and knowledge from community partners, local experts and the incredible Calgary business community.

Social media is about being social and we’re going to do just that. While embraced by the beauty of the Mount Royal University’s Ross Glen Hall, schmooze with others just like you. 

Hands-on Experience

We’ve designed this day to offer up options that give you the best bang for your Tweet (or post, or Instagram, or…). With every session offering you a chance to actively engage in social media, do, see, touch and maybe even smell the social media experience. So much knowledge it might feel like your head will explode, but we promise to have medics on site and even comedians.

Mount Royal University - Outdoor amphitheater

Keynote Presentations

Dr. Alex Bruton - The Innographer,
Heleena Webber & Peter Bishop - ZGM Collaborative Marketing,
Zoey Duncan, Eva Pea, Derek Wilken & Steele J. Duncan - ZEDS Comic Communications.

Break Outta the Box Sessions

New this year, we are holding “Break Outta the Box” hands-on training sessions by:

The Camera Store TV, Ernest Barbaric, Marc Binkley, Buzz Bishop, James Boettcher, Dan Clapson, Greg Hounslow, Jeff Nelson, Joanne O'Connell, Karen Richards and Allyson Simpson.

So pull off the tie, unbutton the collar and stash the stilettos at home. It’s time to cozy up together with like-minded shifters to learn, laugh and have fun. Bring your tablet, laptop or smartphone, ‘cause you’re going to need it!

MRU Shift looks forward to gathering some awesome business, nonprofit and student minds under one roof. We’ll supply the fun, you supply the conversation. - #MRUShift

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Metro News article: Be on the Forefront of the Social Media Revolution (lower portion of page)