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Our yard and garden courses, designed especially for Calgary's climate, are offered every spring.
Watch for our spring calendar in March 2018.

Growing Wildflower Gardens

Wildflower gardens are attractive and require much less time and money to maintain than non-native cultivated flowerbeds. They help preserve native plant species lost to urban development. Learn how to create your own backyard ecosystem that will attract butterflies and birds and provide bursts of colour throughout the summer.

Subject code: XFLD 100773 Hours. Fee: $49+GSTNot offered winter semester

Design an Eco-Friendly Rain Garden
Learn how to create a rain garden in your yard. Participants will learn which native or indigenous plans are best suited to our local climate as well as learn the economical factors that the rain garden will produce.

Subject code: XFLD 101275 Hours. Fee: $85+GSTNot offered winter semester

Growing Food in the City
Growing your own vegetables can save you money and time, as well as providing food security, variety and quality nutrition. Discuss best garden locations, enhancing your soil with compost for planting, and natural pesticides and herbicides. Learn what, how and when to plant, manage your crop and when to harvest. Discover how to store your vegetables after harvesting them.

Subject code: XFLD 101254 Hours. Fee: $69+GSTNot offered winter semester

Growing Culinary Herbs
Examine techniques to create your own herb garden. Discuss proper soil and drainage requirements, location, feeding and maintenance, and how and when to harvest. Discover which perennials survive in Chinook country. Plant a seedling to take home.

Subject code: XFLD 100753 Hours. Fee: $59+GSTNot offered winter semester

Creating a Biodiverse Garden with Insects
Provide a home to pollinators and pest controllers. Tidy gardens, lawns and lack of dead wood mean less habitat for bees, spiders and lady bugs. Learn about our beneficial insects, their life cycles and how to harbour them. Add to your garden biodiversity by building a bug mansion to take home. Course includes all materials and supplies.

Subject code: XFLD 101244 Hours. Fee: $79+GSTNot offered winter semester

Designing Gardens for the Calgary Region        
Meet a professional landscape designer and get practical advice about designing a residential garden for the Calgary area. Learn about formal and informal designs, colour, focal points, basic design principles, creating contrasts, edges, fountains, choosing shrubs, activity areas and more. Create and take home a design for your yard. Includes paper and professional drafting supplies to create your plan.

Subject code: XFLD 101096 Hours. Fee: $79+GSTNot offered winter semester

Small Yard Organic Vegetable Gardens
Obtain great yields in small spaces, naturally! Be introduced to growing vegetables organically in raised beds using French intensive and companion planting methods.

Subject code: XFLD 100733 Hours. Fee: $59+GSTNot offered winter semester

Low Maintenance Landscaping       
Low maintenance landscaping includes a variety of practices that are eco-friendly and cost effective. It includes water conservation, planting right for your yard, building healthy soil, practicing natural lawn care, mulching and rain water harvesting. Reduce your use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. Explore the benefits of composting, irrigation techniques and beneficial insects.

Subject code: XFLD 100854 Hours. Fee: $65+GSTNot offered winter semester

Container Gardening
Is your time or space for gardening limited? Why not create your own container garden. Cover container choices, planting techniques and maintenance. Discuss design considerations including colour, form, viewpoint, scale, setting and texture. Explore the use of annuals, perennials, succulents, herbs, shrubs and tropical plants in your container garden.

Subject code: XFLD 100914 Hours. Fee: $75+GSTNot offered winter semester

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