Our Story


Our Story


To promote environmental awareness and action within the MRU community.


  1. Model practices that have minimal impact on the environment
  2. Demonstrate the mindful stewardship of resources
  3. Promote the 4 Rs: reduce, reuse, repair, recycle
  4. Support social initiatives to nurture a sense of community

How we got started

The Green Team is a volunteer task force that has been active within our Faculty since 2007, with the addition of International Education in 2009, encouraging "green" behaviour in a fun and positive way.


CE Green Team Our Story 

What we've done

  • Website - our website is an excellent environmental resource for the MRU community and beyond.
  • Earth Day awareness campaigns - host displays on Main Street to bring awareness to our committee and the activities we are involved in.
  • Green action rewards - Faculty members "caught" being environmentally responsible were awarded a green token to exchange for green gifts
  • Default 2-sided printing - revised print settings for all Faculty computers.
  • Gift basket raffles - funds raised purchased recycling bins, supplied prizes and sponsored a bench in MRU's Centennial Garden
  • Garage sales - held each spring and fall in staff lounge - leftovers to Women in Need
  • Freecycle Christmas - ornament and decoration exchange each December - jewellery and accessories added in 2010 - leftovers to Women in Need
  • Book Exchange - second-hand books available for free in staff lounge
  • Recycling bins - accepting all City of Calgary "blue box" items - Green Team members maintain regularly.
  • Business clothing collection box - to Women in Need
  • Winter outerwear collection box - to Mustard Seed and Drop-in Centre
  • Eyeglass collection box - to Lions Club for distribution to third world
  • Cellphone recycling box - and other items with rechargeable batteries
  • Candy Cane Challenge - which area within the Faculty could take the most actions to "green" its Christmas 2008 celebrations? Prize of $50 to charity of choice.
  • Project Runway Green Edition - Earth Day celebration 2009 - Faculty teams had to make outfits using only recycled items. Prize of $50 to charity of choice.
  • Green Thumb Series - each spring, host guest speakers who promote green gardening techniques.
  • Healthy You Series - Healthy choices for home, family and yard - 3 lunchtime workshops in 2010-11 - open to all MRU employees.
  • Family Fun day - sporting goods collection and distribution to children in need.
  • 2012 Faculty Christmas party - hosted using green initiatives.
  • 2012 Socks for a Cause - hosted a faculty competition and collected 1364 pairs of socks!
  • 2013 Green Resolutions - CE Staff recorded their 2013 green resolution on flip chart paper. These resolutions and will be used in an Earth Day display on Main Street from April 22 to May 6th.
  • 2013 St. Patrick’s Day Green Tea Social - hosted a green tea social to enjoy everyone’s company, chat, watch a green video and do a green trivia challenge.
  • 2013 Earth Day Celebration - held a Gardening Freecycle 
  • 2013 Green Finale - CE staff answered the question "What does green mean to you?" with artistic donations, which were auctioned off at the Green Finale Gala. 
  • 2013 Green Thumb Series - we hosted guest speakers who promote sustainability on the topics of Urban Harvest, Your Weight and the Environment - Learning to live in an obesogenic world, and Top 10 Edible Plants.
  • 2013 Green Teal Welcome Back Social - hosted a green tea social to get to know our colleagues and spread awareness of sustainable activities taking place on campus.
  • 2013 Hats, Coats and Mitts Blitz - collected winter wear that was then donated to the Drop-In Centre.
  • 2013 Christmas Free-cycle - ornament and decoration exchange where leftovers were donated to Women in Need.
  • 2013 Socks for a Cause Competition - hosted a Faculty wide competition where we collected 1,729 pairs of socks that were donated to Inn From the Cold.
  • 2013 Continuing Education Christmas Luncheon - hosted the annual Faculty Christmas luncheon with a "Rudolph the Green-Nosed Reindeer!" theme.
  • 2014 St. Patrick's Day Social - hosted a green social to get to know our colleagues and spread awareness of sustainable activities taking place on campus.
  • 2014 Green Thumb Series - we hosted a couple of Talk and Tours on the topics of Successful Seed Starting and Naturalizing Your Landscape.
  • 2014 Hats, Coats and Mitts Blitz - gently used hats, coats, mittens, scarves, etc donated to the Calgary Drop in Centre
  • 2014 Christmas Free-Cycle - items donated to re-use or re-gift during the Christmas season, including donations to the Food Bank and the Women in Need Society
  • 2014 Christmas Socks for a Cause Competition - challenge with the Bissett School of Business to see which faculty could collect the most new socks for donation.
  • 2015 Artisan Gala and Silent Auction - art auction in support of Earth Day.
  • 2015 Campaign to Shut Down Your Computer - encouraging MRU Staff to shut down computers every night to save $33,000 annually.
  • 2016 Earth Day Art Auction & Reception - annual art auction for Earth Day. All funds from the auction to be used for MRU Groundskeeping efforts (planting more trees!).

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