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    Advanced Performance Program - Piano

The Advanced Performance Program runs on Mondays from September to May. APP students receive daily access to practice studios and pianos in our world-class facility. 

To graduate with an Extension Certificate, APP students must successfully complete all required courses. To complement the program, students can register for elective courses. 

Required Piano Courses

Piano Masterclass 

  • Weekly masterclasses provide students with the opportunity to play for and gain feedback from their peers, designated APP faculty, national and international guest artists. Students also have the opportunity to develop their listening and analytical skills by observing how instructors and guest artists work with their colleagues.
  • Past guest artists include David Moroz, Stephane Lemelin, Marilyn Engle, Corey Hamm, Roman Rabinovich, David Jalbert, Sasha Starcevich, and many more! 
  • The APP Piano Masterclass course culminates in a graded solo recital in front of a formal jury

Chamber Ensemble 

  • APP students are assigned to chamber ensembles made up of students with comparable skills and abilities. Chamber Ensembles are coached by APP Faculty. Students work together on a weekly basis to rehearse and perform repertoire selected to suit their musicianship level and ensemble make up. Through Chamber Ensemble instruction, students develop key skills related to small ensemble performance; how to interpret and come to a consensus regarding the realization of a work, how to collaboratively express artistic ideas, and how to engage as an ensemble so as to realize the intentions of the composer. 
  • Chamber Ensemble performance opportunities include regular recitals, community outreach concerts, and masterclasses.
  • The APP Chamber Ensemble course culminates in a graded chamber music recital in front of a formal jury.

Specialized  Workshops 

  • The workshops provided each year (up to 18 hours per year) are meant to further augment the development of aspiring professional musicians. Workshops provide an in-depth look into key areas of development that musicians should be aware of and consider outside of the rigour of regular rehearsal and performance. The workshops vary each year with topics addressing the music business, managing and avoiding repetitive strain injuries commonly faced by musicians, topics on historically informed performance, developments in technique, music history, and theory. The world of music is ever-changing, as are the needs and abilities of today’s musicians. These workshops are meant to help students ponder the possibilities and prepare for a career in music.

Large Ensemble 

  • APP students audition for a large ensemble that matches their interests, selected from the various large ensemble programs offered at the Conservatory. Students work together to rehearse and perform repertoire selected to suit the ensemble make up. Through Large Ensemble instructions, students develop key skills related to ensemble performance; how to follow a conductor, work collaboratively with a large group of people to realize and express the intentions of the composer, the music, and artistic aspirations communicated by the conductor. Further, APP Students are expected to demonstrate superior musicianship and express leadership within the ensemble. 
  • APP Students have the option of auditioning for:
  • Conservatory Large Ensemble tuition is covered by the APP program. Society fees are not covered by the APP program. 
  • APP students must arrange an audition for the ensemble, the APP audition will not act as an audition for a Large Ensemble. 

 Included Elective Courses

APP Piano students have the option of selecting one of the following included electives. Students must select their option at the time of registration.

Collaborative Piano Study (Instrumental) or Collaborative Piano Study (Choral/Vocal)

  • Instruction in the art of performance has many crucial components and is key to the career pursuit of any musician. Instruction on how to be an effective collaborative pianist is key to expanding the career opportunities available to pianists. Developing skills and learning effective ways to assist and support other musicians and engage collaborative performance is a key component of any aspiring young pianists career.  Collaborative Piano Study facilitated through regular coaching and augmented by practical experience will allow students to further their performance skills and acumen, ensuring they develop and become a sensitive partner and recital pianist.

Concerto Performance Study

  • Development as a complete musician requires that an individual be able to adapt to various ensemble settings composed of diverse instrumentations. Piano Concerto Performance Study focuses on the piano concerto and the preparation and work required to perform on stage with a full orchestra. Students will work closely with an assigned collaborative pianist to explore set concerti during this course of instruction. This course provides pianists an opportunity to develop and refine their performing skills under the mentorship of one of the Conservatory’s exceptional collaborative pianists.


Additional Elective Courses

The APP program offers a discounted rate (not included in the APP tuition) for Elective courses. The following electives are available to APP piano students: 

Music Literacy 

  • Music literacy explores reading, writing and discussing music with others. Five key areas of discovery will be: sound physics and music technology, internalizing and externalizing music (ear training skills), concepts of music, listening and context (historical studies), and creation of music (composition).
  • For a more in-depth look at Music Literacy, please click here

Independent Study 

  • The Advanced Performance Program Independent Project/Study course is a student-initiated project or study that is specific to that student. Students are encouraged to pursue opportunities and options beyond the core APP Curriculum. Students must present their project or study ideas to the Artistic Director of the Advanced Performance Program for assessment. Once approved, students will be assigned an advisor who will guide the student throughout their project and assess the final outcome.
  • The APP Independent Project/Study course is designed to allow students to further their own interests or career objectives through the exploration of performance ideas, academic studies, and/or inter-arts presentations of their own creation. These student-initiated projects may vary in length, resources, and topic. Topics could include but are not limited to: instrumental or choral conducting, inter-arts collaboration, composition, performance art creation and presentation, pedagogical study, etc.


  • The APP Improvisation course presents students with the opportunity to explore and develop improvisatory skills. This course delves into the theory and practical application and practice of improvisation, providing students with the opportunity to develop improvisatory skills and acumen.

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