Why hire an entrepreneur?

Rod Brown says that it's the critical thinking skills that comes with being an entrepreneurial thinker that puts Innovation and Entrepreneurship students at the top the must hire list.

Rod Brown has spent the majority of his career working with startups. He is an angel investor, co-founder of Valhalla Private Capital, co-founder of Vario Ventures, and COO of TLink Golf; a Mount Royal University born and raised business. With a list of titles like that, we are proud and lucky to have Rod as a long time supporter of the MRU Entrepreneurship program. Rod’s involvement with businesses like TLink signify the importance of mentorship throughout the startup journey. Rod brings a wealth of experience to the MRU entrepreneurship community in everything from management, strategy, product development, team development and leadership.

Rod’s career as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor has embedded within it the skill sets he values in his employees, colleagues, and partners - hustle, critical thinking, ability to self start, and passion.