Parking & Transportation

  • bushub_2015


    Mount Royal University does not offer U-Pass for Spring/Summer terms
    More Details

    No U-Pass for Spring

  • Permit2016

    Spring 2016 Parking Passes are on sale NOW!!


  • construction2015

    Crowchild Trail/Flanders Avenue Interchange Construction

    Road Closure

  • BRT_2015


    Bus Rapid Transit Route #306 provides a quick connection to the C-Train.
    Details on BRT

    Mount Royal's BRT #306

  • Riddell Library Parking site

    Coming Soon!

    Riddell Library

Parking and Transportation 

Mount Royal's commuter options program encourages students and employees to make sustainable choices when travelling to and from campus. The program encourages all of us to think beyond the car and consider less expensive, healthier and more environmentally-friendly ways of commuting. Our goal is to reduce the number of single occupant vehicles (SOVs) coming on campus, and to promote green modes of transportation including:

  • Public Transit                                      Transportation News:
  • Cycling and walking                                System Upgrades: Cameras have been added to various parking lots
  • Carpooling                                              to assist customers and parking enforcements.