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Heartbleed Security Bug update

As many of you may have read or heard, a serious bug in the technology that is used to secure communications with websites and Internet systems has been discovered. It is known as the “Heartbleed” bug and it has been mentioned in the news over the past couple days.

The Heartbleed Bug allows attackers to remotely read information from affected systems' memory. The information can be retrieved, unencrypted, without valid system credentials. The information could include username and password data or private key data for the affected server.

Given the severity, broad scope and publicity of the Heartbleed bug, expect cybercriminals to capitalize on this opportunity by sending phishing emails to trick users into providing their login credentials by clicking on a link inside of an email, so please remember to be suspicious of any unsolicited emails you receive, even if they are from companies you are familiar with, if they ask you to click on a link inside the email to reset your password rather than ask you to visit the website manually and login there instead.

What is the university doing about this issue?
MRU IT Services has been analyzing and scanning our IT environment to identify any services that may be at risk and has been applying patches to fix the vulnerability.

Should I change my university and other personal internet passwords?
At this time, MRU IT Services recommends that changing your password on MRU systems is not required as corrective actions have been applied quickly after the bug was discovered.

On the other hand, many internet services have been affected by this bug, so it would be safe practice to change your passwords on those websites. Most major consumer and social media websites will have updates and sometimes recommended action regarding the Heartbleed bug on their websites.

Heartbleed bug information links

You can find more details about the security bug here at:

Scheduled system software changes

There will be scheduled system software changes on Sunday, April 13 between 2:30 a.m. and 4:00 a.m.

During this time there may be intermittent interruptions to the access for MyMRU, Student/Faculty/Employee online services, FAST, Flexible Registration and MRUGRADU8.

Access to Blackboard, student printing and student mail will still be available via the link on the MyMRU webpage.


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