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Gain the skills employers need

Offered through the Faculty of Continuing Education, Mount Royal micro-credentials enable you to develop and demonstrate specific skills that today’s employers need. Developed and delivered in consultation with industry experts and Mount Royal faculty members, our micro-credentials are designed to help you re-skill or up-skill, and enhance your employability quickly.

Each Mount Royal micro-credential is awarded a digital badge that you can share online so employers can verify your achievement. Single micro-credentials can stand alone to complement your existing higher education credential or skillset. If you are looking to develop a broader set of skills, you may be able to stack micro-credentials to earn a Continuing Education extension certificate.

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Earn a micro-credential and receive a digital badge that you can share on social media, attach to your electronic resume or add to your email signature.

Key features of MRU micro-credentials


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Short-term and convenient online courses

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Develop and demonstrate in‑demand industry skills

Icon of a badge with a star

Earn a digital badge that you can share online

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Can be stackable toward a certificate

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Suitable for recent post-secondary grads and established professionals

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What are digital badges?

Digital badges are electronic images that contain secure, embedded data that verifies you have earned a credential and can demonstrate a specific competency or skill. These badges can be shared on social media (such as LinkedIn and Facebook), attached to your resume, or added to your email signature.

Mount Royal’s digital badges will be managed and verified through MyCreds™ , Canada’s official credential wallet for post-secondary learners and graduates.

Current micro-credentials

We are pleased to introduce Mount Royal's first micro-credentials. 

Micro-credentials in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting

ESG reporting is the collection and analysis of data on an organization’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, crucial information for socially conscious investors. This suite of courses is tailored to those who want better visibility of an organization’s impact in the ESG arena, as well as those pursuing a career in sustainability/ESG. They also benefit those responsible for ESG reporting and who want a better understanding of what goes into an ESG report.



Micro-credentials in Applied Machine Learning

Applied Machine Learning (AML) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which enables computers to ‘learn’ to improve their performance on tasks, without explicitly being programmed. With our suite of four AML micro-credential courses, you will gain the necessary knowledge and hands-on skills to support data-driven business organizations and leverage AI technologies. You will also use a production-grade Machine Learning platform to ensure that your learning outcomes are aligned with the relevant skills and competencies that are demanded by today’s employers.




Future Mount Royal micro-credentials

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