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Community investment (CI) professionals help Canadian businesses have a positive social and environmental impact on society. They align a company's business goals with the needs, opportunities and aspirations of the communities in which it operates. A strong CI strategy will build and promote the company's brand, inspire employees and enhance the community.

This program is designed to prepare you to become informed CI practitioners who will be able to establish and manage CI strategies to complement business and community objectives and needs. This program introduces both industry standards and innovative approaches to CI.

The primary audience for this program is professionals working for large and medium-sized businesses who have responsibilities for enacting their company's philanthropy, corporate citizenship, community engagement or social responsibility activities. Others who may benefit from the program include nonprofit executives, grant-makers, fundraising professionals, and professionals working in employee engagement, marketing or sponsorship.

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  • Prepare for a career that connects leadership, funding and resources to address social issues, environmental sustainability and cultural vitality
  • Learn to facilitate community prosperity through creative and strategic program design, evaluation and implementation
  • Expand your understanding of the community, and be prepared to make a greater impact with your corporate giving, employee engagement, and the pursuit of shared value
  • Fill knowledge gaps in your community job or volunteer responsibilities
  • Complete the 4 required courses plus 1 optional course (75 hours)
  • Can be completed within 1 year up to a maximum of 3 years
  • The required courses within this certificate are designed to be taken in the order listed (starting with The Meaning and Purpose of Community Investment and finishing with Implementing a Community Investment Strategy)

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The Meaning and Purpose of Community Investment Online Sept. 7 - Oct. 5 15 hours. 
Community Sector Landscape Online Sept. 28 - Oct. 26 15 hours.
Design Community Investment Online Oct. 19 - Nov. 16 15 hours. 
Implement Community Investment Online Nov. 9 - Dec. 7 15 hours. 


Required Courses

We recommend students complete the required courses in the following order:

The Meaning and Purpose of Community Investment

Be introduced to the tools and processes to manage successful and effective community investment programs. Gain a broad overview of how community investment fits with related functions such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability and shared value.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20103 15 Hours. Fee: $409
CRN 90227 Online Sept. 7 - Oct. 5

The Community Sector Landscape: Building Effective Partnerships
Explore the diverse landscape of Canada's nonprofit and charitable organizations serving a range of issues important to Canadian society. Understand the potential for corporations and businesses to engage and invest in nonprofits in ways that are meaningful and reflective of best practice in corporate social responsibility and community investment.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20102 15 Hours. Fee: $409
CRN 90621 Online Sept. 28 - Oct. 26

Designing a Community Investment Strategy
Learn how to evaluate business models and identify stages of community investment that explore design thinking, shared value and collaborative efforts. Identify strategies to address complex social issues and develop a framework for a CI program that will meet the objectives of multiple stakeholders.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management 

Subject code: XNPC 20100 15 Hours. Fee: $409
CRN 90395 Online Oct. 19 - Nov. 16

Implementing a Community Investment Strategy
Gain a comprehensive overview of the theories and management tools necessary to implement community investment strategies in your organization. Develop the knowledge and management skills for dealing with complex organizational structures, varying stakeholder needs and changing landscapes. Enhance your personal CI insight, develop organizational strategies for implementing CI strategy, evaluate relevant tools, and manage for national and global contexts.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20101 15 Hours. Fee: $409
CRN 90396
Online Nov. 9 - Dec. 7

Optional Courses

Choose one of the following courses:

Social Innovation and Changemaking
Are you involved, or interested in becoming involved, in social change initiatives in the public , private or community sectors? Gain the foundational knowledge and begin to build a toolkit for mindful action that will be built upon through the remaining courses in this certificate program. you will be exposed to a brief history of social innovation and the seminal definitions, actively explore current issues and tensions locally and globally , and learn about the principles, mindsets, tools and practices required to affect meaningful change.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20200 15 Hours. Fee: $389 Upcoming Course Dates

Marketing and Strategic Communications
Be introduced to contemporary marketing and strategic communication fundamentals. Examine key principles and concepts, and understand emerging tools and trends. Investigate the evolving role of today's marketing professional. Topics include marketing strategy, branding, customer experience, digital and social media, content marketing, and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).

Subject (for registration): Marketing

Subject code: XMKT 20006 15 Hours. Fee: $419 Upcoming Course Dates

Mobilizing for Systems Change
How do we challenge and change the systems that perpetuate social problems? Learn to use a systems thinking and systems leadership approach to address complex, entrenched challenges. You will be exposed to frameworks that aim to transform the conditions that led to the problems, and approaches that enhance resilience in these shifting systems. Through case studies and relevant examples, you will explore processes and practices , such as collective impact, stakeholder/ecosystem mapping, partnership brokering, and more. you will also be exposed to facilitation practices to enhance your ability to effectively engage diverse stakeholders in social change initiatives.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20201 15 Hours. Fee: $389 Upcoming Course Dates

Strategic Sustainability and the Energy Industry: An Introduction
This course includes an in-depth exploration of stakeholder engagement and the social elements of sustainability from global, regional and local contexts. You will be presented with a high-level overview of stakeholder topics in Canada, including land rights and court cases, engagement approaches and an awareness of Indigenous cultures and perspectives.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 10003 15 Hours. Fee: $349 Upcoming Course Dates

Effective Facilitation for Managers and Leaders
In today's organizations, effective facilitation skills are essential. Explore techniques and strategies to manage meetings and work sessions that are productive and reach desired outcomes. Gain insight into the role of the facilitator to identify objectives, manage participation and conflict, build trust and rapport, and develop action plans.

Subject (for registration): Management Development Series

Subject code: XMGD 10046 15 Hours. Fee: $420 Upcoming Course Dates

Introduction to Voluntarism in the Nonprofit Sector
Volunteers donate over one billion hours to charities each year, a value of over $14 billion to Canada's economy. It is imperative for nonprofit organizations to manage this valuable resource effectively. Find out how to plan an effective volunteer program, motivate volunteers, provide meaningful volunteer job development, and recruit, select and train volunteers.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20011 15 Hours. Fee: $349 Upcoming Course Dates

Fund Development and Corporate Philanthropy
Look at fundraising from both a nonprofit and a private sector perspective. From the nonprofit perspective, discuss how to raise funds. On the corporate side, discuss how to create funding programs.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20015 15 Hours. Fee: $349 Upcoming Course Dates

Evaluating Social Innovation (Previously: Measuring Social Impact)
Evaluation and measurement are critical to developing social innovations that tackle tough social, economic and environmental challenges. You will be introduced to the basics of evaluation, including evaluation purposes (e.g., developmental, formative and summative). You will also explore issues related to developing evaluation designs, identifying and developing indicators and measures, and the importance "failing forward" and "intelligent failure."

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20202 15 hours. Fee: $389 Upcoming Course Dates

Negotiating with Integrity
Begin to examine the concepts of negotiating with integrity and consider their application in the business community. Identify key skills and processes which assist in effective negotiations and consider key elements in preparing to negotiate. Be introduced to the four-stage model of negotiation: interests, options, agreements and alternatives.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Conflict Resolution.

Subject (for registration): Conflict Resolution

Subject code: XCFR 20004 15 hours. Fee: $375 Upcoming Course Dates

The Promise of Social Innovation Labs (Previously: Social Innovation Lab)
How can you move your change initiative from round table talks to action? Learn promising practices that are emerging in the social innovation ecosystem to draw on the strength and creativity of the right collective to help steward solutions through the use of social innovation labs. You will experience how to apply a selection of social innovation lab tools to navigate and make progress on a complex social challenge.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20203 15 hours. Fee: $389 Upcoming Course Dates

Sara Bateman B.A.
CI Instructor Bio - S. BatemanWith more than 12 years in corporate community investment, Sara has a broad perspective of the philanthropic, non-profit, and indigenous organization challenges and opportunities. Prior to her time in community investment, she worked as a fundraiser in the non-profit sector. Sara now runs an independent consultancy working with clients to develop strategies for community investment, system change initiatives, developmental evaluation and learning experiences for community change.

A self-professed nerd about impact and evaluation, Sara works with organizations to identify the data and key patterns that are important to monitor and which truly demonstrate impact and change in community. In her corporate philanthropy roles, she worked closely with non-profit partners to support them in creating their own theory of change for their work including planning for evaluation and impact of their programs.

In addition to a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Calgary, Sara is a graduate from the Social Innovation Graduate Diploma program from the University of Waterloo. This training in social innovation provides her with a systems-thinking approach to community development and complex social issues.

Jocelyne Daw B.A., Accredited Partnership Broker
ce_bio_comm_invest_jawJocelyne Daw is a recognized pioneer and leading expert in the evolution of authentic business and community partnerships, community investment and social purpose branding. She is an internationally published author of Cause Marketing: Partner for Purpose, Passion and Profits and Social Purpose Branding and is a sought after speaker and teacher on these topics. She led the development of the new Mount Royal University Community Investment Certificate Program and teaches the first course, the Purpose and Meaning of Community Investment.

Jocelyne is the Founder and CEO of JS Daw & Associates, a bold boutique consultancy that helps organizations "do good better". By designing breakthrough community strategies, initiatives and partnerships clients create shared value, build stand out brand identity and meaningful community relationships and accelerate positive social impact.

Jocelyne is one of a small number of globally certified partnership broker and trainers. She is a member of the Shared Value Initiative and was recently appointed to the global Shared Value Advisory Board. She serves on the board of the Trico Charitable Foundation and the Calgary Counselling Centre.

ce_bio_comm_invest_letiziaPat Letizia BSc, Graduate Certificate, Environmental Education and Communications
Pat Letizia is the Executive Director of Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and a Changemaker in Residence at the Institute for Community Prosperity at Mount Royal University. She has a BSc. from the University of Calgary and is a passionate advocate for healthy ecosystems and vibrant, engaged communities.

With over 30 years of experience in the charitable sector, Pat works to create collaborative, cross-sectoral solution space that supports environmental projects, programs and organizations.

Pat is an ardent champion of the voluntary sector and has significant experience in local, provincial and national arenas of environmental philanthropy and non-profit program development. She is regularly invited to contribute her ideas and expertise in a range of advisory and leadership roles related to philanthropy, capacity building, and social change.

She works closely with foundations, corporations, institutions, and governments to share ideas and strategies for supporting the charitable sector.

"I am preparing for my third course for this certificate and can't wait! The instructors were accessible and open and the opportunity to engage online with the diverse students was of great value. It has been a great and very valuable learning experience. Thank you!"

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