Enhanced Speaking Skills for IEPs

Enhanced Speaking Skills for Internationally Educated Professionals Certificate of Completion


This three part series enables you to gain valuable tools and skills to enhance your confidence and clarity when speaking in English.  Refine your pronunciation, realize the potential of your voice and develop strategies and awareness to communicate effectively.  

  • develop and practice correct intonation and thought groups
  • develop and practice pronunciation strategies to be better understood by others
  • develop awareness of the power of the voice and vocal variety in meaningful communication
  • employ narrative structure and storytelling style in communication
  • recognize and track personal progress through personal audio recordings, listening and reflection
  • practice speaking skills and non-verbal communication styles
  • prepare, practice and deliver a presentation
  • create a more thoughtful and organized manner of speaking effectively
  • cultivate a unique speaking style
  • Complete the 3 required courses  (18 course hours)
  • The program can be completed in one semester with a maximum of 2 years to complete

Required Courses

Refining your Pronunciation

This course is designed to help students gain an understanding of how poor pronunciation impacts workplace communication and how clear pronunciation can increase their confidence and comprehensibility, and positively impact others'  perception of the value of their contribution to meetings and discussions.  This course is not intended to reduce or eliminate accents, but to assist students with becoming more clearly understood by others in an English-speaking workplace.  The course includes pronunciation analysis and feedback, information on what English pronunciation challenges exist based on first language and strategic instruction.

Subject code: XVCO 3 Hours. Fee: $89  Not offered this semester

Finding your Voice

Finding your voice is intended to assist EAL professionals in using the speaking voice with expression and command.  Explore the dynamic potential of the voice, employ strategies for effective delivery of the printed page, and enrich communication with narrative and storytelling.

Subject code: XVCO 6 Hours. Fee: $189  Not offered this semester

Delivering your Message

International professionals will acquire and practice the skills necessary for effective speech communication in the workplace.  Decrease your anxiety in a public speaking situation through practice and thoughtful feedback. Through exercises and activities, you will have opportunities to work on improving your speech patterns and delivery in a supportive and fun learning environment.

Subject Code: XVCO 9 Hours. Fee: $279  Not offered this semester

Students must provide CE Registration with a current and valid email address. When registered , students will receive a welcome/orientation message by email. Course materials will be available through blackboard prior to course start date. 

Once you have downloaded your course materials, please bring them to class on a laptop, iPad or other tablet, or a printed paper copy. 

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