WRLA Fundamentals of the Lumber and Building Supply Industry certificate

WRLA Fundamentals of the Lumber and Building Supply Industry Certificate of Completion






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This new program — established by the Western Retail Lumber Association (WRLA) — is designed specifically for those new to the lumber and building materials industry, as well as those looking for employment in the sector.

You'll gain specialized knowledge of the industry and practical skills from experienced industry veterans in this four-week program consisting of four courses.

This program is designed to be completed comfortably on a part-time basis while the student is working. A certificate of participation is awarded upon completion of the program. For more information on the WRLA, visit wrla.org.



  • Prepare for a career in the field of Lumber & Building Materials Industry
  • Examine and gain a better understanding of the Lumber & Building Materials Industry in Canada
  • Learn from professionals in the industry
  • Learn workplace competencies for a career in the industry

Program details

Format: Online

Duration: Complete the 4 required online courses (12 hours) in a 4-week block of time.





Important Notice

Effective May 1 2020, the WRLA Fundamentals of the Lumber and Building Supply Industry Certificate of Completion has been  suspended. Courses in this program will no longer be offered. Please contact us at cebusiness@mtroyal.ca or at 403.440.6013 for more information.

Please enroll in block of courses.

Industry Literacy Skills: The Role of the WRLA in Today's Lumber Building Materials Industry
This course is designed to introduce students to the Western Retail Lumber Association (WRLA) which provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information in the building supply industry.Through its long history, the WRLA has served the needs and promoted the common interests of the Canadian lumber, building materials and all hard goods industry in five provinces and three territories.

Subject code: XLBM 10002 3 Hours. Fee: $153.75


Industry Negotiation Skills
This course is designed to help you plan, execute, negotiate and close effectively. As a contract manager, sales manager, retail manager, branch manager or as someone in another role in the industry, this may come naturally to you, or it may not. However, negotiation skills can always be improved. Structure and planned negotiations help ensure that you secure the maximum value from contracts and supplier relationships.

Subject code: XLBM 10003 3 Hours. Fee: $153.75


Industry Critical Thinking Skills
Critical thinking is the lifeblood of the most essential workplace skills, including problem solving, decision making, good judgment and sound analysis. Too many employees come to their jobs without these skills, and too few have the opportunity to develop them in the workplace. Organizations that can attract, retain and develop the best critical thinkers have a significant and measurable competitive advantage in the business world.

Subject code: XLBM 10001 3 Hours. Fee: $153.75


Industry Relationship Management: Communication, Active Listening & Customer Service
Workplace and business communication can be challenging. This course introduces personal assessment tools and strategies to improve interpersonal effectiveness, enhance learning skills, facilitate teamwork, enhance productivity and foster win/win communication. With improved communication skills comes the ability to build and develop customer relations. You'll discover what your customers want and need from you, and take action to ensure these needs are met.

Subject Code: XLBM 10004 3 Hours Fee: $153.75