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Herb Malcomson | Stuart Quinn

CE Bio - Sales - Herb MalcomsonHerb Malcomson  BSc, ISP, ITCP
Herb sees teaching in the MRU Sales Development program as an ideal way to give back, and share some of the learnings and best practices acquired during his 30-plus years in direct sales, marketing, and sales and operations management. His broad formal training comes from companies like IBM, Xerox and TELUS.

Throughout his career Herb has had much success applying these successful methodologies, and won numerous regional and national awards. Herb believes that his experience in mentoring positions him well to show others how to help their customers make wise buying and business decisions across a wide array of products and services.

Herb’s undergrad degree is a B.Sc. and he has successfully pursued the Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) and Information Technology Certified Professional (I.T.C.P.) designations.

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CE Bio - Sales Development - QuinnStuart Quinn     B.Admin.
Stuart Quinn is the Principal in Sales UP with over 29 years of sales and marketing experience with organizations such as IBM, Oracle, Compass MC, Forrester Research and CA Technologies. In the course of his career, Stuart has had experience selling a wide variety of products and services. He has been an account executive, a sales trainer, a national retail programs manager, third party channels manager, a sales manager and an owner operator of several small businesses.

Stuart holds a Bachelor of Administration from the University of Regina and received his initial sales management training from IBM. He also managed the western operations of an international management consulting firm for over five years.

He has been an instructor for Mount Royal University’s Sales Development program for the past seven years and previously was a lecturer on sales skills for Meyers Norris and Penny’s Self Employment Program.

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