Veteran Business Boot Camp

Canadian Legacy Project's Veteran Business Boot Camp
Entrepreneurship Certificate of Completion




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Due to COVID-19, sessions have been cancelled until further notice


The Canadian Legacy Project's Veteran Business Boot Camp program is designed for military veterans to learn essential entrepreneurial skills for starting or expanding a business.



This new, five-day program guides you in identifying a business idea, determining its feasibility, developing a business plan and defining an implementation process. Upon completion, you will receive an Entrepreneurship Certificate of Completion from Mount Royal University.

The Veteran Business Boot Camp is available for FREE for veterans of the Canadian Military through funding provided by the Canadian Legacy Project.

We are excited to build on the successful sessions that were held in Calgary and Ottawa.




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  • Learn entrepreneurial skills in preparation for starting or expanding your business.
  • Acquire skills to operate your home-based business.
  • Strengthen your business management techniques.
  • Gain skills for supporting other entrepreneurs.

Program details

Format: Classroom
Duration: Complete the five required courses in a five-day block (35 hours).
Requirements: Participants must be veterans of the Canadian Military.



Entrepreneurship and You

Explore your entrepreneurial characteristics and learn which ones to leverage in your business. You will define your purpose for starting this business and establish success criteria. Develop successful entrepreneurial strategies to be effective in business. The business planning canvas will be introduced in this module and developed throughout the program.

CRN 50259
1 class Jun. 15 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mon.

Planning Your Business

Learn how to articulate your business vision, mission and values, and understand how they inform your decision-making and planning. You will learn how to design an effective value proposition that will resonate with customer motivations. Explore your business operations, identify the required resources to deliver your business and evaluate the associated risks.

CRN 50260
1 class Jun. 16 9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. Tues.

Marketing Your Business

Learn how to associate the value proposition, customer information, distribution challenges, and competition strengths and weaknesses into a marketing strategy. Expand on your business operations and identify human resource needs and professional services required.

CRN 50261
1 class Jun. 17 9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. Wed.

Managing Your Business

Define business start-up strategies and costs, along with ongoing operation expenses. With the start-up and operational costs defined, you will examine revenue streams and potential financial resources needed to start and operate the business. Explore financial record-keeping basics required for success.

CRN 50262
1 class Jun. 18 9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. Thurs.

Launching Your Business

Examine the feasibility of your business, refine your business planning canvas and present your plans to your classroom peers and the instructor. The presentation process will allow for peer input and idea-sharing to strengthen your business plan and implementation strategies. In addition to the business planning canvas, you will complete an individual business implementation plan with actions, timelines and resources.

CRN 50263
1 class Jun. 19 9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. Fri.


Judy McMillan-Evans, M.Ed.

Judy is an adult educator with more than 25 years of experience in both classroom and online instructional design and delivery. She is so excited about the world of education that in 2013, she completed a master's degree in education. She also holds certificates in both adult education and group facilitation from Mount Royal University.

Judy is the lead instructor and designer for Mount Royal University's Entrepreneurship program, a project she has led for 22 years. In 2006, Mount Royal awarded Judy with the Distinguished Faculty/Teaching Award, based upon her excellent student engagement and program results.

Judy is a generalist in the field of business, with more than 40 years of business ownership. She loves to teach about entrepreneurship, business planning, human resource management, marketing, financial management and business operations. She is also a specialist in not-for-profit management and community economic development.

In everything she does, Judy offers fun, passion, experience, knowledge and creativity with a strong focus on quality education.


Erin Melnychuk

Erin is a community economic developer who uses traditional economic and business development tools in non-traditional ways to tackle issues within our communities. Erin is particularly passionate about poverty reduction and believes business is a powerful tool for change.

Erin began her career in the co-op sector. She then went on to work for an award-winning community economic development organization in Calgary, called Momentum. There, she led the Business Development Department for 10 years, designing and delivering business training programs and wrap-around support services for individuals experiencing barriers to meaningful employment, who strive to use self-employment as a pathway out of poverty. The business training programs boast an 80% success rate (of businesses successfully launching 90 days post program) and loan repayment rates of 95%. She currently leads Momentum's Community Initiatives Department, which focuses on building the capacity of the community to embed community economic development approaches into their work.

Erin began instructing in Mount Royal University's Entrepreneurship Certificate Program in 2018 and has supported the redevelopment of the program to resonate with today's entrepreneurs. Erin is a graduate of Simon Fraser University's Community Economic Development Program.