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Canada-Alberta Job Grant

Get 2/3 of your training costs covered, up to $10K per employee per fiscal year.  And if you hire an unemployed Albertan, up to 100 percent of training costs could be covered. We can help!

CE Icon - Job GrantEmployers: Do your people have some skill gaps?

Employees: Would you like some new job-ready skills?

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant can help you pay for Mount Royal University's exceptional programs and get your employees — and your organization — ready to succeed.

Continuing Education at MRU provides grant-eligible programs that will meet your training needs with a wide range of industry-recognized part-time and online certificates.

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant covers 2/3 of your training costs — up to $10,000 per employee per year. Employers can access up to $300,000 per fiscal year.

If hiring and training an unemployed Albertan, up to 100% of training costs could be covered, up to $15,000 per trainee.

Business owners (incorporated, unincorporated, sole-proprietor, partnerships) with four or fewer employees, including all owners, are now eligible trainees. Also, training is no longer required to be incremental. Eligible trainees also now include currently employed family members of eligible employers.

These temporary changes are in effect until Feb. 28, 2022. In a permanent change, customized training is eligible for the CAJG. See the CAJG website for more information.

Canada-Alberta Job Grant Infographic

Eligible applicants (employers)

  • All private and not-for-profit sector employers in Alberta

Eligible trainees

  • New or existing employees that will fill current or future job vacancies
  • Business owners (incorporated, unincorporated, sole-proprietor, partnerships) with four or fewer employees, including all owners
  • Employed family members of eligible employers
  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents

Eligible training providers

  • Mount Royal University is an eligible third-party training provider

Type of training

  • Training can be online, part-time, full-time, on-site or in the classroom — must result in a credential. MRU offers all of these formats through Continuing Education and through Corporate Training
  • Customized training is now eligible
  • 21-hour minimum course hours taken within 52 weeks from application approval. Ask us to help you bundle courses to meet the minimum!

Eligible expenses

  • Tuition fees or instructional fees
  • Mandatory student fees
  • Examination fees
  • Textbooks, software and other required materials

Reimbursement schedule

  • 2 payments: 1/3 upon submission of expenses, 1/3 paid after training is complete
  • Application must be approved and reference number issued before training can take place

Find more information, application forms, guidebooks and FAQs at

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is an employer-driven training program. This means that employers decide on who gets training and what type of training may be needed for new and existing employees. Employers are required to use a third-party training provider to deliver the formal training either onsite, online, or in a classroom setting.

The Canada Job Grant is part of the Government of Canada and Government of Alberta's commitment to help address skills mismatches and ensure that employees are being trained in high-demand areas.

We can help you bundle 21 hours of courses!

Choose the employee, choose the MRU program and apply today!

Employees - Use this letter template to request training from your employer!

Fill in the highlighted areas with your own information.

Canada-Alberta Job Grant Employer Letter