Instructor Bios

Instructor Biographies

Robin Campbellce_img_yoga_campbell
Robin began his spiritual journey in meditation at 18 and was introduced to yoga while completing his BA in Psychology and Anthropology at the University of Alberta. After completing his degree, Robin travelled to India to gain knowledge and experience of this ancient practice. In 1999, he met his teacher, Yogi Vishvketu, at Yoga Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh. He developed a deep connection with Yogi Vishvketu and has remained a dedicated student. During his travels in India Robin was also introduced to Vipassana (insight meditation), which he continues to practice on a daily basis.

Robin completed a 250-hour yoga training in Vinyasa flow at the Yoga Sanctuary in Toronto. He also volunteered at the Kripalu Yoga Center. In 2002, Robin and his family established Organic Roots, Edmonton's first organic grocery store and restaurant. Robin also began teaching yoga in Edmonton while continuing his education in restorative yoga therapy, Vipassana meditation and yoga philosophy with David McAmmond. In 2004, Robin took the 200-hour teacher training with World Conscious Yoga Family at Kanv Ashram. The following year, he completed his advanced training with Yogi Vishvketu in Rishikesh and then went to Pune to study yoga therapy and anatomy with Dr. Nivedita Pingle.

Robin has completed 100 hours of training in Pilates mat work with Steve Bryson (kinesiologist) and has furthered his knowledge and understanding of body movement and mechanics. In 2006, Robin assisted the World Conscious Yoga Family Teacher Training course and helped to facilitate the yoga anatomy component alongside Dr. Pingle. Robin is exploring his interest in mind-body psychology in a MA of counselling program and is completing his thesis on yoga for emotional health. He is a co-instructor for the course Mental Health and Yoga Therapy Applications. See some of Robin's work.

Ray Hawkinsce_img_hawkins_yoga_instructor
In his early twenties Ray made the difficult decision to pack a bag and head out to explore the world with the intent to find a better way of living. For 12 years Ray travelled through about 40 countries, making home in Australia, England and India along the way. With intentions to discover a deeper sense of self; Ray opened his heart to all religions, philosophies, cultures and medical traditions. Throughout these travels Ray rode his bike from London to Istanbul and continued on through the Middle East, Asia, South East Asia and finally into Australia. During his final year on the road, Ray was studying naturopathic medicine at Southern Cross University in Australia before heart wisdom guided him to Calgary and to continue his studies in herbal medicine and holistic therapy. By the time Ray graduated he was teaching yoga full time and began to develop the skills that eventually led him into the Yoga Therapy program at Mount Royal University.

Ray graduated from the Yoga Therapy program and within a year opened Ray of Light Holistic Living, a centre focused on integrating all forms of support for the discovery of self.

Currently Ray facilitates yoga programs at the Alpha House, aiding the detox program, and regularly teaches aging populations, post-rehab recovery, athletic classes, yoga for tweens and meditation classes. For the past 8 years Ray has been contracted to work with post-rehab clients at the Glencoe Club in Calgary.

Ray often works in teams consisting of medical doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, occupational therapists, personal trainers and many other complementary practitioners of health and wellness. Ray is the visionary and sitting chair for the Sangha: Festival of Medicine council and a council member for the Alberta festival Tribe.

Senthil Kumara Raja
Senthil Kumara Raja Is a Senior physiotherapist with almost two decades of experience in physiotherapy. Senthil completed his Masters Degree in Fitness Therapy, Exercise Rehabilitation and Nutrition from YMCA, Chennai, India. Since then he attended several courses and training programs in Orthopedic and Neurological Rehabilitation and Manual Therapies like NDT,SIT, Maitlands, Mulligans, Mckenzie, MFR, etc.,

Senthil was introduced to yoga by Manavalakkallai of Swami Vedhadhri Maharishi in the year 2000 he would then go on to be trained by Osho (Rajneesh Swami), in his methods of yoga and meditation at Osho International Commune, Pune, India. Senthil would then further his knowledge in yoga training with Swami Ramdevji Maharaj and Sadguru Jaggi Vasu Dev.

Following this experience Senthil would go on to complete a two year Diploma in Yoga (Teacher Training Program) from the Temple of Yoga-Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai, India of the renowned guru Shri KRISHNAMACHARYA. It is from this experience that Senthil would learn the ancient Wisdom of Yoga-as it is, and its therapeutic applications.

In addition to this vast experience Senthil also completed a Masters in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (MNYS) from The TN Sports University, Chennai, India, which enhanced his knowledge in Therapeutic application of yoga. Senthil has also completed certificate programs in Ayurvedic Therapy, Massage concepts and Pranic Healing.

Senthil is currently working as a Registered Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist in Calgary, Canada. Through Mount Royal University, he wishes to share his knowledge in Yogic Studies to the future Yogies.

Kathleen Ludwig
Instructor bio - Kathleen LudwigKathleen Ludwig has been working in the area of human development and personal growth for over 25 years. She began a career in corporate human resource management in 1983, then discovered and pursued yoga training in 1997. Kathleen holds a BA degree, is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Association of Alberta; Certified iRest Teacher with the Integrative Restoration Institute (IRI) and Certified Spiritual Intuitive. She has continued to train extensively in the art and science of iRest Yoga Nidra meditation with Dr. R. Miller of IRI, and now serves as an iRest supervisor to yoga teachers in the process of their iRest certification.

Currently mentoring yoga teachers, students and private clients, Kathleen offers classes, workshops and private sessions to help others overcome self-limiting patterns and encounter a first-hand experience of their true nature as a spiritual being. Kathleen teaches the course Spiritual Transformation in the Yoga Therapy Certificate at Mount Royal University. Kathleen's foundational and continuing training includes studies with Dr. R. Miller, Swami Veda, Mukunda Stiles, Donna Farhi, Nischala Joy Devi and Esther Myers.

Katherine Rosenstein ce_img_yoga_krosenstein
For more than eight years, Katherine Rosenstein has been a practicing yoga therapist. She is a registered psychologist and has been working with clients both individually and in group settings. Her goal is to help people achieve optimal health, specifically mental and emotional wellness, using a combination of psychotherapy and yoga therapy.

Katherine received formal training through the Bihar School of Yoga in India, where she stayed in an ashram for six months. She went on to visit different ashrams on her journey to further her studies. Upon returning to Canada, Katherine completed her Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University as well as her Yoga Therapy Certificate through Mount Royal University.

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