Blackboard Academic Suite

Online Course Tutorial

Mount Royal University uses Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS). Blackboard is the place where students find announcements, submit assignments, review grades and participate in discussions with the instructor and classmates via Discussion Board and Collaborative Chat.

Blackboard is the place where instructors post lecture notes, oversee student discussions, grade assignments and record grades in the Grade Center.

Blackboard is a tool that can be used in any class format. Blended delivery and online classes use Blackboard much more than classes that meet in person. Read below to learn more about various types of course delivery.

Face-to-Face Learning

Face-to-face learning involves traditional-style classes on campus with an instructor teaching at the front of the classroom. Mount Royal University has smaller class sizes which allow students to spend more one-on-one time with their instructor and classmates. Many of the classrooms on campus are outfitted with the latest teaching technology which makes learning engaging and interactive.

Blended Learning

Blended delivery means students spend a certain amount of time together on campus and the remainder of their time online. Blended courses are effective ways to optimize the use of time and resources. Students still experience high-quality learning in their classes and work together on campus but are able to complete coursework in a format that allows them flexibility.

Online Learning

Online courses are exciting, engaging and interactive. Curriculum is delivered in a format that is engaging to the learner. Online learning experiences can include videos, podcasts, audio, interactive games and online lectures. Students communicate through e-mail and the Blackboard course site to submit assignments for assessment and work together in groups online.

If you would like to preview an online course, please register for the free Online Course Tutorial.