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Contract Management: Business Law Extension Certificate

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Businesses often rely on employees to draft contracts, turning to lawyers only for complicated circumstances or as a final check. Providing these employees with a thorough understanding of common legal implications with contracts is a critical training gap for many organizations.

CE Logo - Contract Management - Gold SealExplore Canadian law as it applies to contracts. Review case studies and apply your knowledge to identify legal issues, determine the consequences, and draft clauses to mitigate risks and find business advantages.

This program is eligible towards Gold Seal Certification.

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  • Gain knowledge and techniques for working with contracts in your daily role
  • Learn to manage the contract lifecycle in-house
  • Ensure compliance with contract terms
  • Review contract management principles and techniques as they relate to Canadian law
  • Complete the 5 required courses (75 hours)
  • Can be completed within 1 semester up to a maximum of 5 years
  • CE online courses are instructor-led, interactive courses. Students work within scheduled start and end dates and observe set timelines for learning activities and assignments.
  • All required course materials are distributed online. For more information on how to access your course materials, please click here.

Required Courses
Contracts and the Canadian Legal System   OL  CL
Business Liability: Tort Law and Contract Management   OL  CL
Contracts and Risk Management   CL  OL
The Impact of Business Structures on Contract Management   CL  OL
Understanding Ownership: Property Law and Contract Management   OL  CL
CL=Classroom-based OL=Online (Choose one or the other for each course.)
The above schedule is subject to change. Courses start on various dates within each semester.

Fall schedule and registration available in June. Winter schedule and registration available in November. Spring/Summer schedule and registration available in March

Contracts and the Canadian Legal System     
Examine the legal landscape in Alberta and Canada. Understand how legal obligations are created, maintained and enforced in business relationships, as well as how they form an effective component of risk management. Formerly: Canadian Legal Structure

Subject code: XCAD 20001 15 Hours. Fee: $499
CRN 90213OnlineOct. 22 -Nov. 19


Business Liability: Tort Law and Contract Management    
Gain an overview of Canadian Tort Law, an area of law that focuses on remedying behaviour that causes unintentional harm or injury to others. Formerly: Tort Law and Business Liability

Subject code: XCAD 20002 15 Hours. Fee: $499
CRN 90214OnlineSept. 17 -Oct. 15


Contracts and Risk Management     
Learn how contracts can be developed and managed to increase the effectiveness of an organization's overall risk management strategy/plan. Examine the elements necessary to create legally enforceable obligations.

Subject code: XCAD 10009 15 Hours. Fee: $499  
CRN 902152 classesNov. 16 -178:30 a.m. -5 p.m.Fri., Sat.


The Impact of Business Structures on Contract Management  
Understand the three primary business structures in Alberta – sole proprietorship, partnership and incorporation. Create and manage contracts that utilize the characteristics of each type of business association. Formerly: Business Associations

Subject code: XCAD 10007 15 Hours. Fee: $499  
CRN 903922 classesNov. 30 & Dec. 18:30 a.m. -5 p.m.Fri., Sat.


Understanding Ownership: Property Law and Contract Management    

Examine the basic concepts of property law (intellectual, personal and real) in relation to contract management. Learn about the legal issues related to property ownership and understand how it relates to the creation and implementation of contracts. Formerly: Property Law

Subject code: XCAD 1000815 Hours. Fee: $499
CRN 90337OnlineNov. 5 -Dec. 3


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