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Academy Program


The Academy Program for Young Artists offers participants a comprehensive music education featuring a balanced, performance-based course of study, with inspiring opportunities to creatively work and perform with professional musicians and world-renowned instructors.


The Academy Program runs from October to May with classes and activities taking place on Mondays, and may include the following components: 

  • weekly masterclasses with designated Academy faculty, accompanied by an assigned collaborative pianist
  • regular sessions with world-renowned guest artists, which may take place on any day of the week
  • weekly chamber music coachings or group classes (depending on level)
  • weekly or bi-weekly rehearsals (depending on level and instrument) with an assigned collaborative pianist
  • weekly participation in our Orchestral Program (orchestral instruments) or in our Choral Program (non-orchestral instruments)
  • optional weekly Music Literacy classes offered for different levels and ages
  • frequent recitals aimed at developing confidence and stage presence
  • emphasis is placed on peer support and a creative, inspiring, and positive learning environment for all


The Academy Program offers young artists the opportunity to progress at an accelerated pace. Participants gain essential artistic experience in a variety of settings, including regular performances for audiences that may consist of peers, faculty members, guest artists, and the public.

The Academy Program is divided into distinct levels: Junior, Intermediate, Associate, and Senior. Class sizes for all levels (normally 5-10 students) warrant a great degree of interaction between teacher and students and allow for more one-on-one time than the average group class. For university-level students, please see our  Advanced Performance Program.

The Academy Program's reputation is known and respected throughout the world, with many of its graduates being sought-after and continuing their musical studies in leading post-secondary music schools in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

"I have benefited immensely from my years in the MRU Academy Program during my youth. In my successful career as a quantum physicist, a strong mathematical intuition is essential, and the benefits of an education in music (the most mathematical of fine arts) in this regard are well known. But beyond this most obvious connection, my orchestral experiences imparted valuable teamwork skills that I find especially applicable to my current role working at a large tech company. When presenting my research to large conference audiences I'm able to speak confidently, thanks to the on-stage poise I acquired through my many experiences performing in recitals and concerts. Lastly, the strong work ethic and good practice habits I developed in the Academy Program undoubtedly contributed to my academic success from high school through doctoral studies. I learned early on that good study habits, like discipline music practice, must be efficient: time and effort must be diligently focused on the hard parts, rather than wasted on the easy bits"  - Michael Garrett, BSc. Msc. PhD. Quantum Physicist at L3Harris Technologies.  



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Advanced Performance Program


Immerse yourself in Mount Royal University's Advanced Performance Program (APP) in the world-class Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts. This engaging performance-based program advances your performance technique, musicianship, and collaboration skills with a focus on your future professional goals.

You'll expand your performance possibilities in a supportive, safe environment that's rich with creativity, encouragement, and collaboration. Cultivating leadership and communication skills are an important component of our program and are not only vital for a career in music but for any future endeavours. At the Mount Royal University Conservatory, our faculty are outstanding, internationally recognized musicians, who are invested in your musical, technical and personal growth.


Who is APP for?

High School Students

Are you taking a gap year? Come explore and augment your performance skills before entering a Bachelors's program. We will help you advance your musicianship and work on your audition preparation. The Advanced Performance Program will give you the confidence to succeed in your artistic endeavors. 

Baccalaureate or Post-Baccalaureate Students

If you're in university or have completed your degree, but want focused performance enhancement, APP will help you take your art to the next level. Our collaborative agreements with other musical institutions mean you can receive an Extension Certificate for your work in APP while you're pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's Degree. 

Mount Royal University Conservatory & Ambrose University

A collaborative offering of the MRU Conservatory’s APP and Ambrose University’s music program presents an augmented performance-focused program of study for students that are capable of fulfilling the requirements of both institutions. Under this agreement, MRU Conservatory students will be able to apply for and complete a Bachelor of Music degree beginning in Fall 2020. Alumni of the MRU Conservatory are able to complete a bachelor’s degree at Ambrose University through the Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition (PLAR). Students currently enrolled in the APP will be given credit for up to the first two years of the degree program at Ambrose. Through this agreement students can choose to:

  • Study at Ambrose University and the Advanced Performance Program simultaneously, or
  • Complete their degree at Ambrose University following completion of the APP


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