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    Academy and Advanced Performance Program

Academy Program



The Academy Program for Young Artists offers participants a comprehensive music education featuring a balanced, performance-based course of study, with inspiring opportunities to creatively work and perform with professional musicians and world-renowned instructors.

The Academy Program runs from September to May with classes and activities taking place on Mondays, as well as either Fridays or Saturdays, and may include the following components: 

  • weekly masterclasses with designated Academy faculty, accompanied by an assigned collaborative pianist
  • regular sessions with world-renowned guest artists
  • weekly chamber music coachings or group classes (depending on level)
  • weekly or bi-weekly rehearsals (depending on level and instrument) with an assigned collaborative pianist
  • weekly participation in our Orchestral Program (orchestral instruments) or in our Choral Program (non-orchestral instruments)
  • optional weekly Music Literacy classes offered for different levels and ages
  • frequent recitals aimed at developing confidence and stage presence
  • emphasis is placed on peer support and a creative, inspiring and positive learning environment for all

The Academy Program offers young artists the opportunity to progress at an accelerated pace. Participants gain essential artistic experience in a variety of settings, including regular performances for audiences that may consist of peers, faculty members, guest artists, and the public.

The Academy Program is divided into distinct levels: Junior, Intermediate, Associate and Senior. In addition, we offer a special Honours class which is suitable for extraordinary young talents accelerating at a pace beyond their age. Class sizes for all levels (normally 5-10 students) warrant a great degree of interaction between teacher and students and allow for more one-on-one time than the average group class. For university-level students, please see our Advanced Performance Program.

The Academy Program's reputation is known and respected throughout the world, with many of its graduates being sought-after and continuing their musical studies in leading post-secondary music schools in Canada, the United States, and Europe. 



Program Information 


Advanced Performance Program


The Advanced Performance Program runs from September to May, providing students with the opportunity to fully experience the following non-credit offerings while giving them the flexibility to take private lessons with an instructor of their choice:

  • Weekly 1-2 hour masterclasses, held on Mondays, with designated APP faculty or guest artists, accompanied by assigned collaborative pianist (30-60 hours per year)
  • 25 rehearsal hours per year with assigned collaborative pianist
  • Weekly 80-minute chamber ensemble coaching, held on Mondays, with designated APP faculty (40 hours per year)
  • Specialized workshops (up to 18 hours per year). Topics may include, but are not limited to: orchestral performance and audition preparation, conducting, Early Music, business of music including essay and biography writing, sound recording, improvisation, historically informed performance practice, instrumental literature, New Music, physical and mental health of performing musicians. 
  • Regular opportunities to work with internationally renowned guest artists in masterclasses, private lessons and chamber music coaching.Past guest artists include: Yehonatan Berick, Luca Buratto, Andrés Cárdenes, Angela Cheng, Frank Cohen, James Ehnes, Amanda Forsyth, Lynn Harrell, Frans Helmerson, Deen Larsen, Stéphane Lemelin, Girardo Ribeiro, Ian Swensen and Pinchas Zukerman

  • Two formal recitals, one 45-minute solo recital and one chamber recital per year in front of a formal jury
  • Additional solo and chamber ensemble performance opportunities including community outreach concerts
  • Optional Independent Project/Study course designed to allow students to further their own interests or career objectives through the exploration of performance ideas, academic studies, and/or inter-arts presentations of their own creation.
  • Daily access to practice studios and pianos in our world-class facility   

* Please Note: Taking weekly private lessons is imperative and expected of all APP students (private lesson fees are not included in APP tuition)Expectations and Requirements

All APP students are expected to:

  • attend their respective masterclasses, rehearsals and workshops - punctuality is of essence
  • be prepared to play in their respective weekly masterclasses
  • perform two recitals, one 45-minute solo recital and one chamber recital per year in front of a formal jury.
  • attendance of all three Wyatt Series concerts is expected - a season subscription is included in the APP tuition
  • take part in a number volunteer activities throughout the year, as the Mount Royal University Conservatory strongly promotes community outreach and involvement
  • participate in a large ensemble at the Conservatory, or elsewhere with the approval of the Artistic Director
  • the Conservatory Administration reserves the right to dismiss without refund any APP students who fail to adhere to the requirements of the program throughout the year

To prepare for these recitals, students must submit an intended repertoire list to their private instructor and collaborative pianist or their chamber coach for approval at the beginning of the year. This list may be changed or added to, but it must clearly represent the intended year’s work. Please note that successful completion of the Advanced Performance Program depends on outstanding achievement in each of these recitals