Academic Upgrading


Upgrade Your High School

A Spring semester timetable will be offered and courses will be provided in an alternative format only. Your instructor will reach out to you with details on when and how your course(s) will continue.

Academic Upgrading Courses
Academic Upgrading courses are high school-level courses that can be:

  • presented for admission purposes to Mount Royal University and other post-secondary institutions in Alberta. It is important to check with the institution directly to confirm use of any of these courses within the admission process.
  • used to improve high school grades or complete high school courses you may have missed
  • taken on their own or in conjunction with university-level courses
  • MRU academic upgrading students are not required to write provincial diploma exams. We set our own final exams that account for up to 30% of your final mark

Academic Upgrading allows students to take high school level upgrading courses only.

When are courses offered? Courses are offered in the Fall term which runs from September to December, the Winter term which runs from January to April, and the Spring term which runs from May to June. No courses are offered in July or August. For more academic timeline information, refer to Critical Dates.