Sales - A key ingredient in entrepreneurship

How do you actually scale a company? How do you take a company and grow it beyond your little community? Alumni, Alistair Shipley shares how Mount Royal opened his eyes to bigger opportunities.

While working to complete his Bachelor of Business Administration at Mount Royal University, Alistair Shipley was laying the foundation for his now seven years in the making career in technology sales. He was a 2014 winner at the JMH $70,000 LaunchPad Pitch Competition. Simultaneously, he was growing his sales skills by selling security systems door-to-door. Through the Entrepreneurship program and industry experience, Alistair learned how to scale a new company and turn in into a global phenomenon.

After graduating from MRU in 2014, Alistair joined the iMirror team. He had the unique opportunity to travel to the Silicon Valley and go through 500 Startups 4-month accelerator program.  What was expected to be a four month trip, turned into a two year work experience, working with numerous tech startups. Later, Alistair  brought the skills he learned back home to Canada, joining another MRU born business, Turtle Valley Bison Company, as the Director of Sales.

Alistair’s expertise in sales makes him a valuable entrepreneurial employee for companies small and large. His career in tech sales is just getting started and we can not wait to see where it takes him.