Academics to share research at TED Talks style event during Mount Royal University’s Research and Scholarship Days 2017

Meddlesome beavers. Psychotic pet owners. The theory of “quantum erasers.”

These are just three of the topics that will be up for discussion at Research and Scholarship Days 2017 as part of the popular “Lightning Talks” series. The speedy lunch-and-learn presentations once again promise to spur a host of interesting conversations.

On Tuesday, the first 13 lecturers will take the stage to squish their vast expertise into 5-minute presentations.

Lightning Talks are an entertaining and engaging way of disseminating academic knowledge. Through these lively lectures, Mount Royal hopes to draw attention to the vibrant research and scholarship culture developing at the University. It’s a fun way of highlighting research that is timely, relevant and engages community.

For further information, please contact:

Bryan Weismiller, Communications Officer
Mount Royal University
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