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Register for Calgary Pride Parade

Join us on Sunday, September 2, 2018 at 11.00am

The primary motivation for MRU's 6th year of participation in the Calgary Pride Parade is to promote inclusion and a sense of community on our campus. Faculty, staff, students, administrators, family and friends of multiple and intersecting identities walk together in solidarity. We began entering the parade as part of our campus's Positive Space Initiative, a grassroots awareness and advocacy campus movement that has grown and evolved over the last 15 years to provide more formalized advocacy, awareness and education to the MRU campus community. It is also important to us to signal the broader Calgary community, particularly incoming students, young people (potential future students) and potential future colleagues, that a welcoming and inclusive learning and working community exists and awaits them.

Last year, over 200 people from the university community joined in the parade that draws over 60,000 spectators into the downtown area to celebrate Calgary Pride.  After the parade end, you are invited to join Calgary Pride for one of Calgary's largest FREE outdoor cultural celebrations, immediately following the Pride Parade in Prince's Island Park.  Enjoy live music on the main stage, activities for youth and children in the family zone, a refreshing cocktail in the Village Brewery Beer Gardens, or get better acquainted with the local community as you browse the marketplace from 12.00pm until 6.00pm. 

MRU is a proud sponsor of Calgary Pride, a not for profit organization that exists to promote equality and celebrate Calgary's diversity. 

Our city, free from discrimination against gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation  

The feeling you get when you pass a group of people who are cheering MRU because we are out there demonstrating our acceptance and inclusion as a university is very rewarding. I want people to say, I can go there and there’s a community of people who will accept me just for who I am. I’d feel safe at Mount Royal.  It is a day of celebration, but it's also a day of reflection  It's about being proud of how far we've come, but without ever losing sight of the distance yet to go.  You simply can't speak about the importance of citizenship without embracing every member of your community.

David Docherty
President, MRU


Joining in the pride parade is an incredible experience. It’s the absolute pinnacle of everything that we do to celebrate inclusivity and demonstrate support and solidarity with LGBTQ2 communities. It’s a day that gives power to our voices, and magnifies our strength and courage in being true to who we are. And, it’s also a day to wear a rainbow boa and whoop it up with colleagues, friends and family. In remembering the joys, we can’t overlook the reality that the pride celebrations of today were born out of the fight for basic human rights and freedoms. Let’s celebrate the progress made while never forgetting the acts of resilience that brought us this far. The pride parade is a time for the whole Mount Royal University community to celebrate the strides made and so much more. I hope to see you there!

Lesley Brown
Provost & Vice President, Academic

Pride Scholarship
Students who show leadership in support of LGBTQ communities are being recognized through a first-of-its-kind scholarship in southern Alberta.
MRU Pride.  The Pride Scholarship (search for “Pride” on the page) awards $500 to two Mount Royal University students who are creating more inclusive spaces for people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

Dave Beninger started the scholarship, along with two fellow graduates of the University of Calgary. “This is a way of showing that universities - especially Mount Royal University - are really accepting and tolerant places,” said Beninger.  As someone who identifies with LGBTQ communities, Beninger understands the importance of studying in a safe place. He sees the scholarship as a means of addressing the social and economic inequality experienced by marginalized sexual communities - in educational circles, as well as in broader society. 

“We wanted to step up to fill the gap,” Beninger said. Joe Dutton, a senior development officer at Mount Royal, credited Beninger as the driving force behind the award, while also acknowledging the University’s leadership team for steering the scholarship through the approval process.  “In terms of inclusivity, it sends a strong message to the community,” said Dutton, adding he was tremendously proud to work on the student award.

In the past, members of LGBTQ communities noted there are few awards specifically for those who identify as sexual minorities. The University of Alberta selects two students for the Michael Phair Leadership Award. The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University offers a Gender and Sexual Diversity Award.


Gayger III

GayGerIIITo raise funds for the Pride Scholarship at Mount Royal University!

August 24th, 2018 (Friday)
Twisted Element - 1006 11 Ave SW

Cover is $5. All cover goes to furthering Pridesab - additional donations will be graciously accepted and go directly into the scholarship, tax receipts are available for larger donations.

Gayger is a gay rager, a party with a cause - all cover & donations go directly into the Pride Scholarship at Mount Royal University.  The Pride Scholarship annually awards two students who have made a positive difference in the LGBTQ2+ community a $500 scholarship for their schooling.  Music starts at 9:30 p.m. There will be 5 epic DJs to play music all night long, fabulous Drag Queens to entertain you during fantastic drag showcases, hot dancing, great people, and best of all - it's all for an awesome cause. 

This is a safe-space event - come as you are!
Facebook Event page

Pride Month
June 2018


Pride Flag Raising


Today, we are are celebrating a joyful, momentous and colourful day for Mount Royal University.  It’s a great time to be at Mount Royal. I am very pleased to share with you that today marks the first time, ever, that the University will fly the Pride flag in the month of June, which we recognize as Pride Month.  We always celebrate Calgary Pride Week at the end of summer, but today we will fly the flag for the very first time during Pride Month.

So, why do we celebrate Pride Month in June?
It goes back all the way to the ’60s, from the Stonewall Riots in New York City in June of 1969. It was a turning point for the gay rights movement.

And why do we fly the rainbow flag when we celebrate Pride Month?
The original rainbow flag was designed by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker and social activist Harvey Milk in June of 1978. It was a symbol of hope for the gay community to be flown at the Freedom Day Parade

Today, the flag continues to represent pride. It also represents some big words: Bravery. Courage. And the strength that it takes to come out  — whoever you are, and whatever “coming out” means to you. It’s not easy. But the flag represents that we should all be proud of our courage.

Here at Mount Royal, we’re grateful for days like this.

Today, we harness the power of happiness, of inclusivity, and of equality. The past showed us the pathway forward. At MRU, we continue to walk that path, knowing there’s always more that can be done to promote human rights.  This flag symbolizes acceptance. Not just acceptance of LGBTQ2+ communities, but also acceptance of everything that makes us who we are.

This is our flag —  for everyone. At Mount Royal, we support and celebrate you for who you are, and that’s what this flag represents. Whoever you are, you belong here. This flag is for you, and for all of us.

Lesley Brown
Provost & Vice President, Academic