Environmental Health & Safety

Workplace safety

Stop, think, act


  Workplace safety is everybody's responsibility.


Here are some ways you can contribute to the health and safety of yourself and those around you:
  • Know and follow Mount Royal University health and safety management system.
  • Lead in safety excellence by example.
  • Hold responsibility for your own and other’s safety in the workplace.
  • Participate in workplace hazard assessments, inspections, training, and other safety initiatives.
  • Report all unsafe acts, conditions, incidents (near miss, injury) to direct supervisors or EH&S via Intelex within 24 hours of the incident occurring.
  • Correct a hazard immediately if you are trained and if it is safe to do so, otherwise, report the hazard to EH&S.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety footwear, safety glasses/goggles, hearing protection, respiratory protection, and head protection when a potential hazardous condition exists.
  • Stay clear of contractor work zones.
  • Keep your work place clean, tidy, and free of hazards.
  • Know who the First Aider and Emergency Warden is in the area.
  • Know and understand the emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Receive and participate in appropriate safety training prior to performing tasks that present hazards. (i.e confined space entry, fall protection, etc)
  • Refrain from consuming illegal drugs or alcohol in the workplace.
  • Receive first aid treatment, document, and report for a workplace injury.
  • Avoid using hand held communication devices (i.e cellphones, radios, etc) when operating any piece of equipment.
  • Inspect all motorized transportation (including but not limited to vehicles, lift trucks, light duty vehicles, and heavy equipment) prior to use and maintained according to manufacturer’s specifications.


Incident management

Do you know what to do if you were involved in an incident? Do you know how to report an incident?

Incident management helps identify important gaps in the health and safety system.


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Hazard management

Do you know what your workplace hazards are? Are you aware of ways to protect yourself from the hazards?

Managing hazards is the first step to a successful health and safety program.



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Safe work procedures

Safe work procedures are designed to ensure worker's are following best practices for the job they are doing.

Our library is found on our Blackboard site.



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Safety orientation

Do you know what to do if you are injured at work? Do you know who to call in case of an emergency?

Safety orientation will answer these questions.

Safety orientation is mandatory for all employees at MRU.

Do your safety orientation training today through our EH&S Blackboard site.

Safety training

All employees must be competent to do the job task. Competency is measured by the adequate education, training, and experience.

We offer a number of safety training sessions.



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Contractor management

Are you a contractor working at MRU?

Here's what you need to know.





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Require additional information about workplace safety? Ask EH&S!