Donald Swenson Professor Emeritus

PhD: Univeristy of Notre Dame, 1989

Office:  B349R
Phone: 403.440.5991 
E-mail: dswenson@mtroyal.ca

Teaching interest: Sociology of Religion and Sociology of the Family.
Research interest: Sociology of Islam, Family theory, Panel Regression and Multilevel analysis of quantitative studies on religion and the family.

Recent and forthcoming publications:
Association of the Sociology of Religion. “The secularization/desecularization process of the Early Modern Era (1500-1775 AD). Denver, CO, August 18, 2012.

Invited Guest to the Annual Calgary Separate and Public School Teachers Association.” It takes a village to raise a child: A study of a private school of a Charismatic Christian Community.” February 17, 2012.Calgary, Alberta.

Symposium: The Charismatic Movement and Secularlization, November 20, 2011. The desecularization of Western Christianity: A case study and a preliminary analysis of the Alleluia Community with a focus on prayer. Langley, BC: Trinity Western University.

Religious Research Association Annual Conference, October, 2011. “The secularization/desecularization process of the Late Medieval Era (1300-1500 AD): Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Association of the Sociology of Religion, August 18, 2011. “The secularization/desecularization process of the Central Medieval Era (1050-1300 AD).” Las Vegas, Nevada.

Society, Spirituality and the Sacred: An Introduction to the Social Scientific Study of Religion:  (Second Edition) Toronto, University of Toronto Press. (2009)

Religion and the Family Links: New York: Springer Publishing. (2008)

Swenson, D., J. Pankhurst, and S. Houseknetch (2005). “Links between families and religion.” in Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research. Edited by V. Bengtson, A. Acock, K. Allen, P. Dilworth-Andersen and D. Klein, pp 530-533. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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“Families and Religion in Canada.” Summer, 2003, Transition. Vanier Institute of the Family: Ottawa. (Not peer reviewed).

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