Past Events:

BCST Students

CCWB LunchShare

The Centre for Child Well-Being hosted a Lunch and Learn to offer conversation and a

panel question period for students to learn more about current research projects at the CCWB and to hear about opportunities for

employment as a research assistant!

Calling All Student Parents!

MRU’s Centre for Child Well-Being invites you to an informal discussion on how we can support you in your academic success. We want to hear about your unique needs in order to support you and future student parents. Meet us in the Child Development Lab (U259)
Take away information will be available! We are providing food and beverages! We are giving away door prizes to lucky students!
Please email to RSVP and for more information.
Come and drop in or email us to reserve a spot! See you there!
Cost: FREE
Where: Child Development Lab (U259)
When: February 9, 2017 from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.
February 16, 2017 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Facilitating Effective Early Years Workshop:

Partnerships between the CCWB and the First 2000 Days SW Coalition: Planning and Facilitating Quality Preschool and Toddler Circle Time
This workshop will be a combination of information sharing and networking to inform participants on best practices, fresh ideas and helpful background.
This workshop has been designed for community volunteers and professional early childhood educators with a wide variety of experience facilitating circle times for young children.
Cost: The Centre for Child Well-Being and the Child Development Lab at Mount Royal University working with The First 2000 Days Southwest Coalition are pleased to provide this workshop free of charge to participants.
Certificates of completion and resources to enhance your work with children were provided to participants.

October 1st at 10:00 am - 12:00 pm in the Child Development Lab of Mount Royal University.
Those Impacted from this event:
&bull Children: 579
&bull Parents and Caregivers: 695
&bull Professionals: 281

Interfacing Law, Neuroscience, & Genetics to Support Child Sex Abuse Victims in the 21st Century

The Palix Foundation and Professor Warren Binford brought together students and faculty to an incredible free event to discuss the topic of sexual abuse of children.
The presentation outlined the current international legal landscape that compels the need for additional understanding of the impact of child sex abuse on victims, as well as the neuroscientific and epigenetic research that has been conducted to date, and concludes that a robust, multidisciplinary, longitudinal study of child sex abuse victims is needed in order for the global community to fulfill its obligations to victims and ensure their full recovery and successful reintegration.
Monday, September 19, 2016
9:30 am to 11:30 am
Location: Mount Royal University Lincoln Park Room (J301)

Alberta Family Wellness Initiative and the CCWB 

Invite you to the Child Well-Being:  Engaging in the Core Story of Brain Development
Monday September 26, 2016
9:00 to 3:30
Location Mount Royal University Ross Glen Hall

The purpose of the 2015/2016 community engagement days is to further mobilize the core story of brain development in Alberta communities to raise awareness and share knowledge about the importance of healthy brain and child development to lifelong health outcomes, with a focus on mental health and addiction. The intent is to reach people who have not yet been involved and/or heard the core story of brain development as a way to continue to disseminate this narrative to catalyze positive change for children and families throughout the province. Presentations, discussion, networking and real-life examples will be used for participants to become more familiar with the work of the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, the core story of brain development and how it can be used in policy and practice to make a difference for children and families.

• Became familiar with the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative
• Gained knowledge of the core story of brain development and its link to addiction and mental health
• Played the Brain Game
• Learned about how the science is being used to create positive change through real-life Alberta based examples
• Network with other community members
• In small groups, had opportunity to discuss the relevance of the brain science and brainstorm ways in which it can be applied to make a difference
• Toured the Mount Royal University Centre for Child Well-Being and Child Development Lab

Self High Five Personal Empowerment Nanny Workshop

Calgary Nannies and Caregivers, were hosted by The Centre for Child Well-Being and the Child Development Lab at Mount Royal University and The First 2000 Days Southwest Coalition to attend a series of Self-Development Workshops presented by Jody Swift.

Because we are busy working on the development of our children and the children in our care we often do not get the chance to work on our own self development. By taking the time to care, learn and grow ourselves, we will have our best selves to give to those we care for.

Topic:  Relationships
• Learn to identify your needs
• How your personality can determine why you make the choices you do
• Learn your love languages
• Increase your happiness level
• Heighten your awareness of how you function within relationships with: colleagues, friends, kids, peers, family and romantic partners

Topic: Communication
• Discover how your body language communicates your real and hidden meanings
• Learn to effectively communicate without using words
• Eliminate fear in new situations
• Build your confidence in all communication situations

Topic: Trust
• Identify the source of your trust issues
• Learn how to build up trust so that you can enjoy healthy, fulfilling relationships
• Move forward in your career and business

First 2000 Days Nanny Workshop

How to communicate so your children will hear you

This professional development session discussed:
• What you need to know in order to better communicate with children
• What children need you to know about their feelings if you want them to listen
• How to engage children in listening

Part two of workshop included:
• What the nanny's of Calgary wanted provided to them by the CCWB
• How would they like to best use your time with professionals and educators in workshops designed specifically towards nannies.

Those Impacted from this event:
• Children through friends and family: 123
• Agencies: 20
• Professionals: 152
Stay Tuned!
Future workshops will be coming soon for Nanny's of Calgary!

Self High Five Empowerment Workshop

Through the use of fine arts, recreation and other educational tools provided to students young and old to enhance life skills. Inspired to grow, explore, and develop: intellectually, physically, emotionally, creatively, spiritually and socially through these experiences.
Self High Five Personal Empowerment encompassed an interactive six week workshop that helped to connect people with themselves and others.
Parents were able to through the empowerment workshop while their children play and explore in our playroom!
Those Impacted from this event:
• Children through friends and family: 32
• Agencies: 15
• Professionals:  51
Stay Tuned!
Future Self High Five Empowerment Workshops in the Fall/Winter semesters.

Yoga and Mindfulness Program for Children

The Empowermind team was thrilled to parenter with the Centre for Child Well-Being at Mount Royal University offering a six-week yoga and mindfulness program to the MRU Child Care Centre children. This program offered MRU Child Care Centre children between age 4- 6 years old to participate in a unique program, aimed at providing children, educators, and parents with tools for self-regulation and enhanced self -awareness. The Empowermind team facilitators spent one hour a week with MRU Child Care Centre children over a six- week time period introducing yoga and mindfulness activities.
The goal of this yoga program was to enhance children’s self awareness skills and ability to self-regulate by providing tools that can be applied off the yoga mat and into everyday life. The Empowermind team will also be providing Early Childhood Educators and parents with key tools taught in each yoga session and how to apply them in the classroom and at home to support childrens ongoing learning and application.
Empowermind is invested to inspiring children and youth to awaken to their personal power and potential. The Empowermind founders Jamie Iverson and Heather Jackson came together to create yoga and empowerment programming for children and youth in our community, committed to empowering young people to discover their innate gifts and abilities. The Empowermind team is currently working with the Calgary Board of Education, and hosting the BEAM summer CAMP experience for children and youth at Kayben Farms July 4-8th. To learn more about Empowermind visit us at
If you have any questions about this program, please don’t hesitate to contact Meaghen Johnston at (Co-Director of the Centre for Child Well-Being) or either Heather or Jamie, or

Those Impacted from this event:
• Children through friends and family: 339
• Agencies: 12
• Professionals: 48
Learn and Play Play Dates

Through the collaboration of MRU Preschool, the MRU Centre for Child Well-Being and the SW Coalition for the First 2000 Days Network brought an 8-week workshop called “Learn & Play, Play Dates” to the Child Development Lab.
The workshops allowed parents and caregivers to bring their child(ren) to a play dates at the Centre for Child Well-Being located on the Mount Royal University Campus while discussing various child development topics.
Those Impacted from this event:
• Children through friends and family: 315
• Agencies: 8
• Professionals:98

Four-Part Series: Interactive Parent Program

For parents and their young children!

The Centre for Child Well-Being and the Child Development Lab provided an exciting, interactive parent program and rewarding environment for the children discussing concepts that have been requested through feedback from parents of our Building Better Brains ENCORE Event in November of 2015.

The four topics included:
1. How to communicate so your child will hear you
2. Finding your child's passion
3. Learning through play
4. Physical Literacy

Those Impacted from this event:
• Children through friends and family: 344
• Agencies: 17
• Professionals:  168