Jodi Nickel, PhD

PhD, The University of Western Ontario
MEd., The University of Regina
BEd., The University Regina

Position: Associate Professor

Office: EL3423 P
Phone: 403.440.7227
Email: jnickel@mtroyal.ca

While teaching in the K-12 education system, Jodi completed her Masters of Education researching student-teacher interaction in writing conferences. Her PhD focused on the emerging autonomy of young children. She now teaches prospective teachers in the Department of Education. Her Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research project focused on promoting higher level thinking in teacher education reflection journals. She has been examining the emergence of professional identity in teacher education by following the first cohort of teacher candidates through the program and into their first years of teaching. Her current research conducted in collaboration with Calgary Reads examines the ways a tutoring program contributes to teacher candidates' understanding of literacy development as well as growth in the children themselves.