Lynne M.Z. Lafave

Health and Physical Education


PhD, University of Manitoba
B.H.Ecol., University of Manitoba

Position: Associate Professor

Office: U243O
Phone: 403.440.5967
Fax: 403.440.6744
E-mail: llafave@mtroyal.ca


Lynne completed her PhD in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba investigating the impact of dietary fat and calcium in colorectal cancer. She completed Bachelor of Human Ecology at the University of Manitoba in the Foods and Nutrition dietetics stream and is a registered member of the Dietitians of Canada.

Instructor Profile: Lynne is passionate about student success and her role as an instructor at Mount Royal University. She has a keen interest in integrating technology with teaching and has developed a unique online introductory nutrition course in this venture. The opportunity to share knowledge and stretch minds is a rewarding endeavor paramount in her career goals.

Research Profile: Her research interests focus on exploring the interrelationships between nutrition attitudes, knowledge and behaviors in order to improve individual nutrition and promote healthier populations. She is currently engaged in three research projects: the development of a self-assessment tool aimed at creating healthy eating environments in child care (CHEERS); a Canadian nutrition surveillance tool to measure behaviors, attitudes, and nutrition knowledge (BANKS); and a pedometer and nutrition lifestyle intervention eHealth initiative for mobility enhancement and obesity reduction in chronic disease patients

Service Profile: Lynne serves as a board member and reviewer on the Human Research Ethics Board at Mount Royal University. In addition, she has a keen interest in supporting undergraduate research and has supervised a number of students on health research projects. Nutrition in childhood is pivotal influence in human health and she serves on the Healthy Eating Environments in Childcares Provincial Advisory working to optimize the health of preschool aged Albertans.
Courses scheduled to be taught by Lynne:
• HPED 2507 Nutrition and Health
• HPED 2030 Statistics and Research Methods
• HPED 3030 Advanced Statistics and Research Methods