Mark R. Lafave

Health and Physical Education

PhD, University of Calgary
M.Sc., University of Manitoba
BPE, University of Manitoba
Certified Athletic Therapist

Position: Professor
Coordinator, Athletic Therapy

Office: U243K
Phone: 403.440.6246
Fax: 403.440.6744
E-mail: mlafave@mtroyal.ca

Education: Mark completed his doctoral dissertation in the field of measurement and evaluation with particular focus on practical, performance-based examinations in athletic therapy. He created an on-line assessment tool that could be used in a wi-fi environment to assess athletic therapy students working on clinical internships. The validity and reliability of the tool was statistically established as well as the tool’s effectiveness as a teaching instrument for the orthopedic assessment clinical construct.

Mark completed his MSc. at the University of Manitoba studying the exercise modulating effect on migraine headache incidence. Mark began his education at the University of Manitoba with an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and specialized as an athletic therapist within that program.

Current Work: Mark teaches in the Athletic Therapy program and performs educational research across multiple disciplines at the post-secondary level.

Instructor Profile: Mark began at Mount Royal in 1994 as both an instructor in the department and as the head Athletic Therapist for Cougar Athletics. In service to both these groups, Mark was instrumental in the design and development of the clinic at Mount Royal (Optimal Therapies). Since 1997 Mark has focused primarily in an academic role at MRU.

Mark was named one of Calgary’s Top 40 under 40 class of 2006 and was presented the Distinguished Educator Award by the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association membership.

Community Service/Research Interests:
Mark has served the athletic therapy community through a number of local, national (CATA) or international committees including the Education Committee (1993-2001), the CATA Board of Directors (2001-2003), CATA President (2001-2002), International Relations Committee (2001-2004), Ethics Committee (2011-2013), Program Accreditation Committee (2013-2016), AATA Board of Directors (1994-2000) and the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta (1998-2000), the World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy (2003-2005).

Mark has been actively involved in rodeo research, service and practice since 1994 to present. He was on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Rodeo Sport Medicine Society from 1999 to 2016 serving as president from 2007 to 2013.

Mark's current research interests include athletic therapy curriculum and education as well as health measurement scales for knee and shoulder conditions.