Faculty & Staff


Andrea Kennedy

Degrees: RN, BA, BN, MN, PhD



Andrea's teaching is based on the reflective process, and is practiced from a patient and family-centred approach. She teaches leadership, integrative health, child health and community nursing in the classroom and clinical setting. Andrea honours an indigenous holistic worldview, and integrates this in her teaching and learning.

Andrea's scholarship interests include four interrelated priorities:

  1. Child and Family Health (including chronic conditions such as hemophilia)
  2. Patient and Family-Centred Care (including nursing education and collaborative partnerships)
  3. Indigenous Health
  4. Relational Ethics

Andrea is involved in several collaborative projects and mixed-method research including:

  • board game development to facilitate children's decision-making in chronic care;
  • participatory action research to support a global Indigenous Health Community of Practice;
  • adolescent confidentiality; and
  • family holistic wellness.

Andrea welcomes and supports student involvement in projects.

Andrea is involved in collaborative work with the MRU Indigenous Health Community of Practice, Calgary Board of Education, and Alberta Children's Hospital. She is honoured to learn from Elders and serve on Alberta Health Services "Aboriginal Wisdom Council", and provincial government Aboriginal Relations "First Nations Women's Economic Security Council".

Andrea is working on a proposal with MRU colleagues to create a Human Dignity Commons. She has been a registered nurse for over 25 years, and was a clinician at the Alberta Children's hospital in inpatient and outpatient care.