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Judy Gleeson

Degrees: RN, BSc.(hons), PGDip (Ed), MA

• Public health
• Population health
• Health and social policy
• Diversity in health
• Social justice

I have a student-centered approach to teaching and learning and to my nursing practice, where values such as respect, partnership working and capacity building are integral. I see me role as a learning facilitator and encourage students to discover and own their developing knowledge through active engagement with the learning process.
I teach in second year community nursing theory and practice courses and a fourth year course on diversity in health.

I am currently completing my PhD thesis examining the reciprocal impact of health policy on public health nursing and public health nursing on policy.

Recent scholarly work includes:

Gleeson, J. (May 1 2010) ‘From Policy To Practice: The impact of health policy on public health nursing practice in England’. Paper presented at Institute for Philosophical Nursing Research conference, Banff, Alberta.

Astle, B., Jakubec, S. and Gleeson, J. (October 2010) ‘Global Health Competencies for Nursing Students and Faculty’ Co-facilitated workshop on developing global health competencies for nursing students and faculty at Canadian Society for International Health conference Global Health: A Humanitarian Crisis? , Ottawa, Ontario.



• Member of Faculty Part-Time Hiring Advisory Committee
• Member of School of Nursing Policy Committee
• Member of School of Nursing Program Evaluation Committee
• Member of CHAMP (Alberta Cardiac Health) Steering Committee.

I am a member of the Canadian Public Health Association, The Community Health Nurses of Canada Association and the Canadian Society for International health.
In my spare time, I enjoy reading, yoga, swimming, travelling and winter sports.