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Joanna Szabo-Hart

PhD (UBC, 2009)
MN (University of Victoria, 2005)
BN (University of Calgary, 1992)

Phone: 403.440.6357
Email: jszabohart@mtroyal.ca

Related Employment History
Adult higher education in BC — sessional (Uvic) and continuing full-time faculty (Camosun College) (2000–2008), previously an RN on pediatric inpatient units and PICU (1996–2004) and adult CCU (1992–1996) in Calgary, AB, Halifax, NS and Victoria, BC.

2009, August–Present. Associate Professor (Full Time). Nursing, Mount Royal University, Canada

2008, August–2009, August. Nursing Instructor (Term). Department of Nursing, Mount Royal College / University, Canada

2007, June–2008, January. Curriculum Consultant (Term). Nursing, University of Calgary, Canada

2006, September–2007, April. Graduate Administrative Assistant (Term). Education and Schooling, University of British Columbia, Canada

2005, August–2006, June. Nursing Instructor (Full Time). Department of Nursing, Camosun College, Victoria, BC, Canada

2003, September–2004, December. Nursing Instructor (Sessional). Department of Nursing, University of Victoria, Canada

2003, May–2004, December. Nursing Instructor (Sessional). Department of Nursing, Camosun College, Victoria, BC, Canada

2001, July–2002, July. RN. Victoria General Hospital, Victoria, BC, Canada (Type: Employment)

2000, March–2001, June. RN - Pediatric Intensive Care. IWK Grace Hospital, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (Type: Employment)

1999, October–2000, March. RN. IWK Grace Hospital, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada (Type: Employment)

1998, January–1999, October. RN. Alberta Children's Hospital, Calgary Alberta, Canada (Type: Employment)

1994, May–1998, January. RN. Alberta Children's Hospital, Calgary Alberta, Canada (Type: Employment)

1992, May–1996, June. RN. Foothills Hospital, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Type: Employment)

Scholarly Interests
Dr. Szabo Hart has an interest in 1) accessible and inclusive inter-generational programs that build collective capacities; 2) the narratives of becoming-professionals who are transitioning through complex institutional environments; 3) and reflexive praxis that dwelling in the liminal spaces between social location and subjectivities that delve into the rhizomatic complexity in nursing education.

My curiosity motivates me to inquire into the lived experience of individuals whose narratives emerge from complex historicities and contexts. What I offer is an arts-informed approach that dwells in relational, reflective, narrative and eco-health aspects between human experience and post-human (technological) discourses. By doing so, I aim to authentically engage teaching, service and scholarship as a process of becoming other-wise. I am a constructivist, with critical social tendencies focused at grassroots levels of engaging collective capacities and sustainable, responsive action.

Community Service Interests
Growing collective, inclusive spaces that support our unique subjective experiences (e.g., community gardening with mixed abilities and intergenerational collaboratives, arts-based research collectives.

Recent Publications
Janzen, K., Szabo, J., Jakubec, S. (2016). Taking the quantum leap: Using the creative arts as a gateway into and through the liminal spaces of transition from fourth year nursing students to/in a capstone leadership course. Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies (Vol. 14(1)). (In Print). Retrieved from http://jcacs.journals.yorku.ca/index.php/jcacs/article/view/40304/36167

Szabo, J., Jakubec, S., Janzen, K. (2016). Quiet lampshade in the corner? Exploring fourth year nursing students' narratives of transition to professional practice. Quality Advancement in Nursing Education (Vol. 2(1)). (In Print). Retrieved from http://qane-afi.casn.ca/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1059&context=journal. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17483/2368-6669.1059

Szabo, J. (2009). Never Quite Getting There: Confessions of an Academic Wanna-Be. Educational Insights (Vol. 13(4)). (In Print). Retrieved from http://einsights.ogpr.educ.ubc.ca/v13n04/articles/szabo/

Szabo, J. (2005). Narrative moments (in)between (i)dentities re-membered: Rendering aware-ness (in)tension. Variegations (Vol. 2(3) pp. 23-33). (In Print). Retrieved from https://www.uvic.ca/hsd/assets/docs/publications/variegations/vol-2/szabo.pdf

Northrup, D., Tschanz, C., Olynyk, V., Schick Makaroff, K., Szabo, J., Biasio, H. (2004). Nursing: Whose discipline is it anyway?. Nursing Science Quarterly (Vol. 17(1) pp. 55–62). (In Print)

Supporting collaborative projects and programs, as well as skill development in the areas of education, research and scholarship through peer review processes, funding applications and proposal writing.

2017, March 31–2018, March 31. Tree Canada. Tree to Our Nature: Canada 150 Legacy Program. Sowing seeds of change: Greening Westgate School Grounds (revitalization project). Requested $5000.00, Received 5000.00 (CAD). Investigators: White, H. (Role: Co-applicant)

2017, February 25–2018, February 25. TD Bank. TD Friends of the Environment Fund. Sowing seeds of sustainability: Creating inviting outdoor learning and play spaces for elementary school students and their community. Requested $25,000, Received $23,000 (CDN). Investigators: Szabo, J., White, H., Fehr, S., Edmiston, L., Adams, G. (Role: Co-applicant)

2017, February 22–2018, February 22. TD Bank. TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. The hub of inclusive campus community gardening: Expanding Mount Royal University's campus community garden accessible, conservation, and ecologically sustainable space. Requested $25,000, Received $25,000 (CAD). Investigators: Jakubec, S., Szabo, J. Flessati, S., Gleeson, J., Currie, G. (Role: Co-applicant)

2017, February. External peer reviewer of assistant teaching professor candidate dossier (Role: Peer reviewer of application for tenure of teaching faculty). (Type: Review of Tenurable Faculty work - University of Victoria, School of Nursing, Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee (ARPT)).

2017, August 15–2017, August 22. 1 Blind Review: ART/Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal (Poetry Special Issue - In Action). (Type: Journal Reviewing/Refereeing Activities). (Role: 1 Blind Peer Review)

2016, August 18–2016, August 22. Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education. (Type: Conference Reviewing/Refereeing Activities). (Role: Abstract review (x1))

2016, May 17–2016, May 1. 2016 Symposium on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Learning In and Across Disciplines. Mount Royal University. (Type: Conference Reviewing/Refereeing Activities). (Role: Peer Reviews (x5))

2015, November–2015, December. CSSE CACS - ARTS. Congress - University of Ottawa. 3 Blind reviews. (Type: Conference Reviewing/Refereeing Activities)

2015, September 25–2015, October 5. 1 Blind review. Journal of the Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies. (Type: Journal Reviewing/Refereeing Activities)

2015, July 28–2015, August 14. 1 Blind review. Housing, Care and Support Journal. (Type: Journal Reviewing/Refereeing Activities)

2015, February–2015, December. Nursing Education Program Approval Board (NEPAB) (Type: Other). Collaborative approval of standards, criteria, policies and processes, nursing education programs (approved AB institutions of higher learning - RN, RPN, NP) to meet CARNA standards. (Type: Committee Memberships). (Role: Member)

2014, November - 2014, December. CSSE Annual Conference 2015. Ottawa University. 3 Blind reviews. (Type: Conference Reviewing/Refereeing Activities)