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Joyce Woods

Degrees: RN, BN, BA(Spec), MEd,PhD 

Contact information
Phone: (403) 440-6213
Email: jwoods@mtroyal.ca


  • Integrative Healing Practices
  • Lab - Health Promotion with Individuals I
  • Health Promotion and Prevention Research
  • Transition to Independent Professional Practice  


I believe that an effective learning environment for students should involve challenge. I endeavour to challenge students to question their actions, and look beyond what has been taught in the classroom. I have a high expectation for performance, and recognize that I must demonstrate the same commitment to teaching as I expect from students as learners. Along with these expectations comes respect. I believe a high level of respect must be shown to students to encourage them to openly discuss their learning, to think out loud, to take a risk by integrating new ideas for learning and practice, to evaluate their effectiveness, to challenge themselves and improve, and feel satisfaction and pride in their overall performance.


  • Currently my SoTL project for first year nursing students in their simulation learning experience introducing instructional strategies intended to reduce anxiety and improve performance is being peer reviewed by the Publisher.
  • Completed a SoTL project for first year nursing students in their first clinical experience to determine if strategies learned to decrease anxiety and improve performance were transferable from their simulation learning experience to the clinical practice area. This article has been submitted for publishing.
  • Developed and submitted the Canadian content for a chapter on complementary and alternative therapies for the 2013 edition of Chronic Illness in Canada textbook.
  • Currently working on a joint research with South Calgary Medical Clinic on the health impact of electronic clinical tools withing Primary Health Care. Project will run from April 2015 to January 2017.


  • Accept numerous invitations each academic year to present for various events and organizations on the topics of environmental wellness, children's environmental health, and senior's health.
  • Serve on the Advisory Committee for Healthy Calgary
  • Serve on the Expert's Directory for Mount Royal University for environmental issues


For the past 25 years, my main areas of interest has been environmental wellness. I have authored a book and do many presentations at events and for organizations on children's environmental health and environmental wellness.Also  present on the topics of Senior's health, specifically dealing with dementias, aging and obesogenics.