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Liza Choi

Degrees: R.N., B.N., M.N.

Liza brings a wealth of experience to the Mount Royal College Faculty of Nursing.  After training as a Registered Nurse at the Foothills School of Nursing, she earned a Bachelor of Nursing Degree at the University of Calgary.  Following several years working as a nurse in Internal Medicine at the Foothills Medical Centre, she completed a Master of Nursing Degree at the University of Calgary in 2004.  Originally from Hong Kong, Liza now calls Calgary home.  She brings to Mount Royal College a keen interest in multicultural health and studying the processes by which ESL nursing students acquire English language competency.  By further researching the underlying processes that lead to acquiring language and nursing competencies, Liza is working to establish effective nursing education programs to meet the needs of ESL students and the patients they will ultimately care for. Liza also studies cultural competency and its impact on nursing care.