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Olive Fast


• Alterations in Health, 2nd year
• Adult Health, 3rd year
• Leadership, Trends and Issues, 4th year

I believe that when I walk into a classroom I am the facilitator of a discussion among adults who are eager to participate. I do not believe that I have all the answers. In fact, I have few answers for the really important questions. I believe that the majority of teaching that occurs in a classroom setting occurs because of the questions that are asked and the stories that are shared. Because of this philosophical basis I use stories in my lectures and ask questions that challenge students to go beyond the information provided on PowerPoint’s or in readings. I then encourage them to explore the implications of that information on their practice and the lives of those they interact with and care for.
I believe that as adult learners students are responsible for their own learning. I provide modules with study guides and recommended readings to encourage self-learning. I encourage them and support them, attempting to clarify for them concepts that may be difficult to grasp. I find that sharing stories from our experiences as well as incorporating video and audio allows me to present a concept in several ways, which provides for multiple ways of learning (auditory/visual/aesthetic).
I believe that students learn best when they feel welcome and accepted by their instructor. To promote this I exemplify a warm, welcoming presence in the classroom and encourage discussion when time permits. I believe also that students learn best without distractions, and as such attempt to keep an orderly classroom where conversations are inclusive of everyone.
My philosophy has to date been supported by student feedback as well as a growth in knowledge and critical thinking in the students I've taught.


Preparing for PhD candidacy at the University of Calgary, with a focus on the social organization of nurse managers in acute care.


A member of the SON Policy committee for 4 years, having chaired it for the past 2 years.
A member of the Faculty Evaluation Committee, an MRFA committee focused on supporting the fair evaluation of faculty members by the organization.
Support the work of a volunteer organization working to improve infection control education in developing countries in Africa.


I have over 20 years of nursing experience. I have a passion for nursing leadership in health care development. I completed my diploma in nursing at St. Boniface School of Nursing after receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Winnipeg. I went on to receive my Intensive Care Certification and continued to work in Intensive Care and Emergency for over 15 years. After several international experiences working in both community development and emergency services, I returned to acute care and took on leadership roles in education, coordination, project management, and hospital administration. During this time I continued my studies, completing my Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at University College of the Cariboo and my Masters of Nursing Education through the University of British Columbia. I am in my fifth year of teaching nursing students at Mount Royal University and continue to enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with the new generation of nurses.