Iniskim Centre

Oki (Welcome) to the Iniskim Centre

The Iniskim Centre is an academic support centre for First Nations, Metis and Inuit students. It was created specifically to increase enrollment and retention of Aboriginal students. While increasing awareness of distinct cultures, history and protocols, the Iniskim Centre offers a wide range of programs and services. 


Aboriginal Education Program

• Aboriginal Science and Technology Education Program 

• Aboriginal Student Housing Program

• Medicine Trail Program


• Cultural and spiritual advising
• Academic advising
• Counseling
• Tutoring
• Computer lab
• Resource room



Iniskim Centre Powwow



Iniskim Centre Louis Riel

Naming of the Iniskim Centre

Iniskim (e-nis-kim) means Buffalo Calling Stone and is one of the traditional Blackfoot stories. Respecting protocol, Iniskim Centre at Mount Royal sought and received permission from respected Blackfoot leaders to use the name.

Long ago, food had become scarce for the people of the plains. The inii (buffalo) showed compassion for them and sent a message through Weasel Woman. As she was collecting water from a river near her camp, she heard a stone calling to her from the bushes.

The stone told her how to perform a ceremony to call the buffalo towards a pisskan (buffalo jump). Weasel Woman took the Iniskim stone back to her camp and told the spiritual leaders about the ceremony. The people performed the ceremony and soon they began to have enough food, better shelter and tools by using all parts of the buffalo.

The Iniskim Centre is located in room C201, above Starbucks at the East Gate.