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International Work Abroad Opportunities for Mount Royal University Students



International work experiences such as practicum, internships or externships are high impact international learning experiences that can provide valuable personal and professional benefits. Working abroad will allow students to develop new skills in their field of study and gain wider experiences that will increase employability upon return. Students working abroad can take on new and diverse responsibilities in a work environment, develop an international network, experience a different culture, learn a foreign language and overcome the challenges of living and working abroad. Gaining these skills shows resourcefulness, resiliency, adaptability and flexibility, making students more marketable to employer.


Mount Royal students whose program requires them to complete a work term (Work Experience, practicum, co-op) have the opportunity to secure a placement abroad. To complete an International Work Experience as part of their program, it is the student's responsibility to secure the international position. Assistance will be provided by Career Services or the appropriate academic department and the Office of International Education
Students interested in participating in an international work experience as part of their Mount Royal program should first contact their designated work experience coordinator, practicum coordinator or co-op coordinator and complete a "Declaration of Intent" form.
In order to be approved for an international work experience through MRU, students must meet the following requirements:
• Have the proposed work placement approved by their designated work experience coordinator
• Complete and submit the Declaration of Intent Form by the specified deadlines
• Be eligible for a work visa, if required, for the country they will be working in
• Follow all work placement processes and complete all documentation required by the specific academic department
• Complete and submit the International Work Experience Registration Forms along with all supporting documentation and signature required to the Office of International Education
• Attend the mandatory "Know Before You Go" orientation session scheduled by the Office of International Education
• Obtain adequate travel health and medical insurance for the duration of the international experience

MyWorldAbroad: Get ready to go abroad with 4,000 searchable resources, 300 expert articles and inspiring student stories. Note: A Mount Royal email address is required to access this site.

The Washington Center Internship Program (TWC): A leading educational institution that provides students from around the world with access to intensive internship opportunities in Washington, DC. Students from a wide array of disciplines can find a good fit to gain necessary professional experience and pursue their career interests.

The Washington Center Internships and Academic Seminars Alberta Report 2015

Alberta Abroad: An international work experience initiative of the Government of Alberta that places talented Alberta post-secondary graduates into short-term work placements (externships) with an international host organization.

Alberta Smithsonian Internship Program (ASIP): invites ten Albertans each year to participate in an internship with the esteemed Smithsonian Institution, the world's largest consortium of museums located in Washington, DC.

Alberta Saxony Intercultural Internship Program: An opportunity for Albertan students to work in Saxony, Germany and for Saxon students to work in Alberta. It allows the exchange of bright and talented students from both regions to complete a research or industry placement.

e3 Program: Language/Internship/Academic Study opportunity in partnership with the University of Alberta

Backpacking with Purpose: Operation Groundswell International Service Learning volunteer opportunity

Working Holiday and International Co-op Internship:  Ireland’s Working Holiday agreement with Canada offers Irish and Canadian young people between the ages of 18 and 35 the exciting opportunity to experience living and working abroad.

Marine Institute International Youth Internship Program (YIP): Marine International is looking for young, global-minded grads for their International Youth Internship Program (IYIP). Apply now to intern in Cambodia, Malawi, the Philippines, or Vietnam!

Lingnan University Visiting  English Tutor Positions: Lingnan University invites Mount Royal University graduates to apply as a Visiting English Tutor (VET). VETs work in the Centre for English as Additional Languages where they provide advice to undergraduate students and aid in the development of self-access materials. VETs also design and run workshops to develop students' writing, reading, speaking and listening skills in English.

Cultural Ambassadors: North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain - The Spanish Ministry of Education sponsors openings for U.S. and Canadian Language and Culture Assistants in Spain for an academic year. Applications are typically accepted between January and April each year.



Career Services has useful links and information to help you search for and set up work abroad opportunities.


Although the Office of International Education at Mount Royal University reviews, compiles and posts study/work/volunteer abroad opportunities submitted by other organizations, the programs presented through the website links above cannot be guaranteed as to accuracy, legitimacy or caliber. Those relying on information presented on these sites do so at their own risk and Mount Royal University shall not be liable for either the content of the information or any actions taken based on the information.



Career Services also has useful links and information to help you with your search for work abroad opportunities.