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Memorial endowment scholarships and bursaries are created by the family and friends of loved ones who have passed away. Their biographies are provided so others may appreciate the inspiring individuals whose legacies are honoured through memorial endowments.


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A Abe Dyck

Abe Dyck Memorial Scholarship

Born in Mexico in 1941 to Canadian parents, Abe was 12 when his family moved back to Canada to live in Swift Current, SK. His father worked as a farm-hand while his mother was a housekeeper who raised 13 children. As an adult, Abe moved to Calgary in search of work and made the city his home.

When he arrived at the original Mount Royal campus in downtown Calgary in 1968 to start a new job, he did not expect that he would spend the rest of his working life at the institution. Over three decades, he worked Custodial, Receiving, and most recently, Maintenance. He was one of the people who helped set up classrooms and offices in the new Lincoln Park campus when Mount Royal relocated in 1972.

Abe's friends and coworkers at Mount Royal valued him as a reliable, hard-working and very loyal colleague who had a warm sense of humour and had nothing but good things to say about other people.

Abe passed away in April 1999, four months after retirement from Mount Royal. The Abe Dyck Memorial Scholarship was established in his honour by his friends and colleagues in the Custodial and Security and Public Safety departments at Mount Royal.

A agtaylor

A.G. Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Alexander George Taylor was born on Aug. 28, 1928 in Gloucester, United Kingdom. He had a shock of red hair and was short, earning him the nickname "Tiny Tim" - or just "Tim" to his friends. Tim was a teenager during the Second World War. His first job was painting RAF destination labels on Spitfire propeller crates, progressing to the actual design of the propellers himself. Tim's career took a different direction after the war, and he became a fully apprenticed denturist. But after only five years, aircraft lured him back. He worked on aircraft design throughout the U.K. where he met his wife, Pamela Dickens, and started a family. His claim to fame while in the U.K. was his work on the variable geometry jet intake for the Concorde.

The lure of adventure and a better future for his children eventually drew Tim, with family in tow, to Canada. Tim spent most of his Canadian career designing and installing paper and asphalt shingle equipment in Montreal and Edmonton. Throughout, he had the unique knack for seeing in three dimensions what could be there - whether it was a missile launcher on the back of a truck or a shingle packet stacker. A gleam came in his eyes whenever he talked of aeroplanes or his grandchildren. A source of pride was being able to help students over the years. It only seems fitting to remember him by helping aviation students of the future.

A Al Bohonus

Al Bohonus Memorial Scholarship

A native of Winnipeg, MB, Al Bohonus received his Bachelor of Physical Education degree from the University of Calgary in 1974 and Master of Science from the University of Montana in 1984.

The driving force behind the Cougar Athletic Program, Al joined Mount Royal in 1975 as a Campus Recreation Coordinator and became Manager of Athletics in 1978. Under his leadership, the Cougars took seven national titles in the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association for volleyball, basketball, hockey and soccer. He also led the Cougars to 41 Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference championships and six consecutive Alberta Supremacy Awards.

Al was a devoted father and husband - his wife and children were his world. He was an avid golfer who also enjoyed rodeo and country music.

Al Bohonus passed away suddenly in May 1995 at the age of 45.

A GulamhuseinNasser

Akbar Gulamhusein Nasser and Fatma Akbar Nasser Memorial Award in Nursing

For most of their lives Tanzania was home for Akbar Gulamhusein Nasser and his wife Fatma Akbar Nasser. It is where they were born, went to school, married and raised their family. In 1975, a tense political situation in neighbouring Uganda prompted a move to Canada. As newcomers to this country, Akbar and Fatma received the support of a strong community. As a way of giving back they volunteered countless hours, selflessly giving of themselves throughout their lives. Akbar worked tirelessly as an accountant while making time for the various positions that he held within the Ismaili Muslim institutions. Fatma, a devoted mother, grandmother and great grandmother raised her family but also spent many years assisting other women in the Ismaili community deal with personal challenges. Akbar passed away in 2001 at the age of 85 and Fatma followed in 2004 at 82 years old.

Strong advocates for education, Akbar and Fatma ensured that their children received the best schooling possible and actively promoted its importance to other parents. The Esmail & Safana Bharwani Charitable Foundation established this award to preserve the memory of Akbar and Fatma and honour their dedication to education.

A AlexanderTahmazian

Alexander Minas Tahmazian and Sara (nee Haddad, Durzi) Tahmazian Memorial Scholarship


Alexander Minas Tahmazian was born in 1904 in the town of Gurun, in present day Turkey, one of five children of a successful Armenian family of merchants. Alexander was orphaned early in life when most of his family perished in the Armenian Genocide in 1915 carried out by the Ottoman Empire during and just after World War I.

At only 11 years old, Alexander ended up in the Armenian Quarters orphanage in Jerusalem. He remained there for years until, one day, he was miraculously reunited with his one surviving older brother. Alexander left the orphanage and moved with his brother to Jordan where the two opened a restaurant.

Alexander met his future wife, Sara Haddad Durzi, when she and her mother were looking to rent a room near his restaurant. It was love at first sight. They married in 1929 in Jordan and had five children: Mary, Minas, Edward, Garabed (Gary) and Lucy.

While raising his family, Alexander built a very successful career working for Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC) as a supervisor of motor vehicles and maintenance in Jordan and Palestine on the Palesine-Haifa and, later, the Iraq Syria pipeline. The family spent time living in Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria.

Alexander and Sara understood the importance of education and the world of possibilities it can offer. Edward and Gary attended a Presbyterian American Mission School in Syria which enabled them to later pursue higher education in the United States and, ultimately, led to the whole family's move to Canada in 1968.

Sara passed away at 59 in 1963. Alexander died in Canada in 1981. To honour his parents and the values for which they stood, Gary, a successful petroleum geologist in Calgary, and his children created the Alexander Minas Tahmazian and Sara (nee Haddad Durzi) Tahmazian Memorial Scholarship at Mount Royal University.

A AlexanderDrouin

Alexandra Drouin Memorial Bursary

Alexandra Victoria Drouin was a vibrant and loving woman whose life was filled with deep laughter, unconditional love and an abundance of happiness. She enjoyed going on adventures such as travelling to Europe and attending music festivals. Born in Calgary on Dec. 19, 1987, she leaves behind 27 wonderful years of lasting memories with her friends and family. Known for her humor, she impacted the lives of those she came across with her witty comments and over-the-top tales. Alexandra earned her Bachelor of Communication degree with a major in Public Relations in 2014 from Mount Royal University. And while she wasn't a keener when it came to her school work, Alexandra was a natural communicator who could talk her way out of just about everything. Her ability to brighten the darkest of moments and bring laughter into people's hearts was powerful and intoxicating.

After her passing, it became evident that Alexandra made quite the impression on those she came across. Those who expressed their condolences all attested to her intelligence, booming laughter, loving and kind character and her passionate enthusiasm for the world in front of her. Alexandra's family and friends think of her every day and feel her spirit live on within them.

Alexandra was always the shining star in any room, and although she left this world too soon, her friends and family have a deep appreciation for having experienced her kind heart and beautiful soul.

A Amber Webb-Bowerman

Amber Webb-Bowerman Memorial Scholarship

At a young age, Amber Webb found her creative outlet in writing and storytelling and eventually channeled that passion into a career in journalism. Amber attended the Southern Alberta School of Technology's (SAIT) journalism program. Professionally, she excelled as a freelance writer for publications such as Avenue, Swerve and Alberta Venture and as the editor-in-chief for The Weal, SAIT's student newspaper. Well-travelled and well read, Amber thought deeply about the world and our global issues and challenges. Her work often touched on social justice, the environment, politics and education.

Amber truly loved life and that is how she will be remembered. She was gregarious, curious, open minded and insightful. These characteristics made her a great journalist and writer of beautiful short stories, touching poetry and screenplays that entertained friends and family with her fun, quirky and sensitive way of seeing the world.

Amber was tragically killed in May 2008. This scholarship will carry on Amber's spirit and her goal of helping others to further their dreams in journalism and the arts.

A AmyPhillipsNew

Mrs. Amy Phillip, RN, & Col. A.G. Phillip (Prem Mayadas), B.Sc.Ag. of Punjab, India Memorial Scholar


Amy and Prem lived by a strict code of ethics firmly entrenched in their Christian faith. They gave of themselves selflessly to create opportunities for those less fortunate and inspired young and old with their guidance, care and friendship.

Amy, the eldest of seven children, spent her childhood in Patna Bihar, India, completing her Nursing training at the Women's Christian Medical College Ludhiana, Punjab and Midwifery training at Lady Harding Medical College Hospital, Delhi. Her cheerful demeanor instilled spontaneous confidence in her colleagues and patients. She retired as Head Nurse in Maternity from the Holy Cross Hospital in Calgary.

Early in her career Amy married the dapper A.G. (Prem) Phillip, a professor at the Punjab Agricultural College in Lyallpur, India. Work and family were important to Prem. Of his many accomplishments, the hybrid Kinno Mandarin/Orange and P1 and P2 strains of high grade cotton continue to be used and valued worldwide.

Amy and Prem had 25 years together until Prem's untimely death in 1965 at the age of 61. Amy then moved to Calgary to be closer to daughter Doreen and her family. Amy died in Calgary in 1991 at the age of 77.

To honour Amy and A.G. (Prem) Phillip, Doreen and Gary Tahmazian, along with their children, established a memorial scholarship at Mount Royal University.



A Andrea Eirikson

Andrea Eirikson Memorial Scholarship


Born in 1976, Andrea Eirickson enrolled at Mount Royal as a Physical Education student in the university transfer program. She spent two years as a guard with the Cougars Women's Basketball team and was a member of the provincial all-star team.

She enjoyed a variety of music, including The Doors and REM, and was also inspired by the words of Sir Winston Churchill and Albert Einstein. One of her proudest moments came as a dancer in the Opening Ceremonies of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games.

Sadly, Andrea died in an automobile accident in January 1996 at the age of 19. Her basketball team was 10-0 at the time of her death.


A AndrewKuntz

Andrew Kuntz Memorial Bursary


Andrew John Michael Kuntz was born on April 4, 1985 in Saskatoon, SK. He spent most of his childhood in Yellowknife, NT, a place he was proud to call home.

Full of energy and enthusiasm, Andrew loved athletics and trying out new sports. Yet, his true gift was writing. From a young age, he thrived on storytelling and creative writing with insight and maturity beyond his years.

Andrew cherished his family - younger brothers and best friends Spencer and Kole Kuntz and mom Pattie Pryma. He was predeceased by his father Michael Andrew Kuntz. Andrew also loved spending time with his grandparents - at the farm with grandma and grandpa Kuntz and at Candle Lake with grandma and grandpa Pryma.

Andrew passed away unexpectedly in April 2007, as a result of the genetic disorder Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD).

'If tears can build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and see your smile again.'


A Anne Crawford

Anne Crawford Memorial Scholarship


Anne Crawford was born on February 4, 1942 in Edmonton. Her family moved to Calgary when she was young. She grew up in a close-knit family who made many life-long friends in their community.

Anne and her three sisters loved horses and enjoyed this pastime at the family country home in Pump Hill and, later, in Priddis. Anne had a special place on the Priddis property - Anne's sanctuary - which she especially cherished.

Anne graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the University of British Columbia in 1963 and traveled to Europe where she met her future husband Anders Saether. They married and raised two children in Sweden and Norway during which time Anne also earned a Political Science degree from Stockholm University.

After returning to Canada in 1985, Anne enjoyed a successful career as a journalist at the Calgary Herald for over 15 years. She later worked as an independent media relations advisor with a particular passion for the preservation of the grasslands in Southern Alberta.

Anne passed away on November 10, 2010. Her wit, elegance and no-nonsense attitude towards life will be dearly missed by everyone whose lives she touched.

A AnthonyDevonshire

Anthony (Tony) Devonshire Memorial Bursary in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership


Anthony (Tony) Devonshire was born in 1980 to mother Diane and father Jim, and grew up with one brother, Mike. A driven mountaineer, Anthony travelled the world to pursue his passion for climbing. He was a born adventurer and the mountains were always the object of his desire, whether in France, Germany, Peru, Thailand, the western USA or, especially, the Canadian Rockies.

Anthony was a magnificent soul who lived a complete life in the short time he was granted. He passed away on November 5, 2006 at the age of 25 years. He will be greatly missed by his family and many friends:

"Another Alberta summer is here with its brilliant blue skies and long, welcoming days and evenings. The mountains, in full splendour, beckon. Mountain climbing season is here. We imagine, and dream, and maybe even know, that Anthony is scaling a peak yet again. We long to see his beautiful smile, feel his warmth and generosity of spirit, and share his intensity for life. We celebrate his life and we mourn his loss. He is in our thoughts and hearts, forever."

The Anthony Devonshire Memorial Fund was created by many of Tony's family and friends to celebrate his life and remember his spirit.

A Arthur Duncan McCue

Arthur Duncan McCue Memorial Scholarship


Born in Edmonton in 1931, 'Dunc' earned his B.Sc. (Agriculture) in 1955 and his B.Ed. in 1961, both from the University of Alberta. He began his career teaching Introductory Mathematics and Biology at Mount Royal in 1965. In 1969, he assumed an administrative role as coordinator of the Mount Royal's continuing education program. After obtaining his Master's in Education in 1974, Dunc returned full-time to Mount Royal, where he taught Biology until 1985.

Dunc McCue died in November 1985, following a courageous battle with cancer.


B Barbara Waksel

Barbara Waksel Nursing Memorial Award

Born in Schweibus, Germany, Barbara Waksel moved with her family to Alberta at the age of five. In 1964, she graduated from the Archer Memorial School of Nursing in Lamont, Alberta and, in 1973, began a distinguished career in long-term care nursing in Calgary.

Barb was a founding member of the Alberta Long Term Care Association (ALTCA) and co-founder of the Calgary Inservice Coordinators group. In 1983, she was appointed Administrator of Father Lacombe Nursing Home, a position she held until just prior to her death in 1994.


B Mona-Libin_image

Beth Tzedec, Three Cantors, Marvin Hamlisch Musical Scholarship in Memory of Mona Libin


Mona Libin was a generous philanthropist, volunteer and loving wife. Born on August 9, 1930 in Calgary, Mona attended Central High School where she met the love of her life and future husband, Alvin. They married in 1953. Mona and Alvin enjoyed the outdoors and loved fishing. golfing and skiing together in the Rockies.

In 1994, the Libins became part owners of the Calgary Flames. Mona was a committed hockey fan and a great supporter of the players, getting to know most of them on a personal level.

Throughout her life, Mona gave generously of herself. She co-chaired the Calgary Health Region's Partners in Health Campaign in 1996-97, helping to raise $51.6 million. In 2003, the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta opened its doors thanks to a gift from the Alvin and Mona Libin Foundation. In the words of her loving husband, Mona ttmade it her mission in life to make a better world."

The Beth Tzedec Synagogue created The Beth Tzedec, Three Cantors, Marvin Hamlisch usical Scholarship in memory of Mona Libin to honour her many contributions.



B MRU placeholder image 150x200

Bill and Jean Robson Memorial Scholarship


William (Bill) Trotter Robson was born in Yorkshire, England in 1915. At the age of 14 he emigrated with his parents who were homesteaders in a small farming community in northern Alberta. Georgina (Jean) Margaret Robson (née McDougall) was born in a small town close to Edmonton, Alberta, of second-generation Irish and Scottish-Canadian parents.

Bill and Jean married in 1938, and were inseparable partners until their deaths just prior to celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary in 1997. Companions in life, it is not surprising that they should rejoin one another in death, separated by less than one month.

Like so many of their generation, neither had much formal education. They valued education all the more, because they had so little opportunity to obtain one. They sacrificed themselves to ensure that their two sons had every educational opportunity available to them.

When they passed away, their sons, Gary and Ken established a memorial scholarship in their names to recognize their belief in the value of education. Mount Royal College was chosen, because it is the institution where Ken has spent three decades as an educator.

The Bill and Jean Robson Memorial scholarship is awarded to a full-time student, enrolled in a senior level English course. The student should have an interest in English, have completed two other English courses and demonstrate academic proficiency with a minimum 3.3 grade point average.



B MRU placeholder image 150x200

Bish Family Scholarship


Two distinctly different women, Pauline Bish and her daughter Jean Bish shared inner strength and determination that shaped their lives.

Pauline Bish was an entrepreneur, volunteer, wife and mother of two who approached every aspect of her life with tireless energy. Pauline embraced a variety of occupations and eventually became owner of her own business until retiring in 1980. A world traveler, she was also a devoted volunteer at several organizations including the Calgary Insurance Women's Club, Desk and Derrick Club, the Calgary Public Library Board and UNICEF. She was a member of Sandstone Rebekah Lodge #83 for more than 50 years, a president of the Women's Club and a life member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Pauline died on November 3, 1997.

Jean Bish, eldest daughter and sister, was a woman who loved to learn and had a tremendous will to live. At age 19 she was burdened with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. In her refusal to be defined by illness, she continued to work as an office manager until her body would no longer allow it. She then took up post-secondary studies and when the hardship of her illness kept her from attending, Jean continued to use her encyclopedic mind. As Jean liked to remind her sister, she was a great source of knowledge and information on any subject, from politics to polar bears. Jean died on September 16, 2006.



B Bob and Christel Charlton

Bob and Christel Charlton Memorial Scholarship


Bob and Christel met in Soset, Germany in 1958 while Bob was serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. Married for over 50 years, they lived in many communities both in Canada and Europe as the family was frequently transferred during Bob's time in the military. Arriving in 1977, Calgary became the place that they would finally call home. Not content to simply work and raise their children, Bob and Chris continually strived to make Calgary a better place live.

After serving his country for 25 years Bob started a new chapter in his life at Mount Royal, first as a security officer then as the manager of Security Services for 20 years. In his lifetime, Bob helped to raise over $100,000 for the Transitional Vocational Program and numerous other important initiatives for Mount Royal.

In 1989, Chris joined the Mount Royal family and became the head of housekeeping for student housing. She came to develop very positive relationships with the residents, especially with the international students. Chris would mentor these young adults and often provide cooking lessons for those away from home for the first time.

In their later years, Bob and Chris doted on their grandchildren and continued to be active in their community and raise money for worthy causes. Chris passed away on May 10, 2011 and Bob joined his beloved wife on April 22, 2014.


B Bob Day

Bob Day Memorial Scholarship


Bob Day was born in Toronto on August 27, 1946 to Gordon and Eileen Day. His father was noted as one of Canada's leading flutists, playing with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and, later, having his own CBC radio show. It didn't take long for Bob to develop a similar passion for music.

Bob spent time in the Vancouver area, where he quickly developed as a jazz artist. After settling down in Calgary, he taught jazz at Mount Royal for 20 years, and became what other musicians referred to as a "pillar of the Calgary jazz scene." He frequently performed at various venues around Calgary, often playing his original compositions. Bob also appeared as an "in-demand sideman" on numerous musical recordings. Living the dream was reality for him, especially when he found himself playing with world-famous jazz musicians, including Bob Brookmeyer, Rob McConnell Boss Brass, Paul Anka and Frank Sinatra Jr., to name a few.

Bob had a great passion for physical fitness, TM meditation, sports and spending time at his favourite coffee shop. He enjoyed the mountains and taking in the ocean air along English Bay in Vancouver. He passed away in 2007.

Bob was, and will remain, a true inspiration to budding musicians. His dedication to music drove him to continually improve and set new benchmarks for himself, his students and colleagues. Bob's legacy will never be forgotten and he will be forever missed by his daughter, son-in-law and many close friends whom he considered part of his family.


B Kirkman_image

Bob Kirkman Memorial Scholarship


Bob Kirkman was an accomplished student and dedicated pilot whose life was tragically cut short in a plane crash. Born in 1952, Bob attended Mount Royal from 1974 to 1976 where he completed the Aviation program. Upon graduation, he began flying for Northern Thunderbird in British Columbia.

On January 14, 1977, he was the co-pilot of a Twin Otter plane that took off from Prince Rupert, BC en route to Terrace with three crew members and nine passengers. Sadly, the plane crashed on approach, killing everyone on board.

Mount Royal established a scholarship in Bob's name to commemorate his love of flying.


B Bradon Pike

Bradon Pike Memorial Bursary


Bradon was born on May 2, 1988 in Fort McMurray, AB. Genuine, with an infectious smile and passion for life, Bradon touched the hearts of many.

Bradon first dreamed of becoming a pilot at the early age of five. He joined the Air Cadets at 13 and obtained his gliding license. After high school, he obtained his private pilot license at McMurray Aviation. He graduated from NAIT's Aviation program in 2008 with a commercial pilot license and went on to British Columbia to complete his float endorsement. Bradon joined McMurray Aviation in 2009 and accumulated 750 flying hours.

An active outdoorsman, Bradon enjoyed snowboarding, archery, fishing and hunting. His love for travel took him across the continents, including an African safari with his parents. He often visited his grandparents in Newfoundland. Bradon passed away unexpectedly on April 23, 2010 in an automobile accident, when a truck hit him after crossing over the median during a freak snowstorm. He was returning home after his aviation medical in Edmonton. Bradon's final resting place is at Saint Matthew's cemetery in St. Lawrence, NL, where his parents were born. He was loved by many and will never be forgotten. The Bradon Pike Memorial Bursary was established in his memory by his parents James and Margaret Pike with contributions from countless friends and family.


B BrianLudwig

Brian Ludwig Memorial Bursary in Business Administration and Brian Ludwig Memorial Bursary in Health and Physical Education


Brian was born on Sept. 7, 1970 in Banff, Alberta. Brian's life was tragically cut short on Aug. 26, 2012 as a result of one-punch homicide following a charity golf event.

Besides Brian's uncommon natural athletic abilities and mathematical genius, his most remarkable qualities were his human ones. He saw people as equals, always providing a profound sense of companionship. Brian loved people and was often described as someone who would "lift others up." He believed that human beings are born to love - and be loved by others.

An endowment bursary fund was created to embody Brian's inspiring philosophy to support young students in pursuing their dreams through education - to Brian, education was the key to establishing a stronger, worldwide charitable framework. The Brian Ludwig Foundation was established to encourage peaceful resolution to verbal disagreements.


B Brian E. Pitt

Brian E. Pitt Memorial Gold Medal Award and Brian E. Pitt Memorial Travel Award


Born in Winnipeg in 1946, Brian Pitt was considered a leader in the Calgary design community and a mentor to many top local designers. He set the stage for ethical, professional and creative design practice in Calgary.

After completing a Bachelor of Interior Design at the University of Manitoba, he worked for several interior design firms before becoming Principle of Domus Design Group Ltd of Calgary in 1977. Over his career he received numerous awards including the Award Design Merit from the Manitoba Design Institute, a Design Canada Award, and Interior Designers of Alberta Bronze Award in 1992.

Described as a man of great energy and enthusiasm, Brian belonged to several industry associations and shared his considerable expertise as a member of the Interior Design Advisory Committee at Mount Royal. Through his many contacts, he boosted sponsorship of the program and raised funds for AutoCAD equipment. He died of cancer in 1998.


B BryanStrilchuk

Bryan Strilchuk Memorial Scholarship for Broadcasting


Born in Calgary in 1963, Bryan Strilchuk graduated from Mount Royal's Broadcasting Program in 1986 and went on to work with CFCN-TV in Calgary. After a year with CFCN, Bryan took what he considered the trip of a lifetime to Australia where he worked in Australian television covering sports events. Upon his return, he landed a job with RDTV in Red Deer as Studio Director.

Bryan worked with RDTV until his untimely death in a plane crash near Fairmont, BC while returning from a golf outing with friends on August 8, 1993. He is described as a remarkable young man who loved to laugh and make other people laugh.


B Bunny McClintock

Bunny McClintock Memorial Bursary


Lily (Bunny) McClintock was a remarkable woman with extraordinary talents, especially in sewing and costume design. Born in Cypress Hills, SK, Bunny worked as an executive assistant for the provincial government in Saskatchewan, where she was known for her strong work ethic and great sense of humour. During the Second World War, she enlisted in the Women's Royal English Navy Service as an administrator distributing naval supplies. After the war, she married George S. McClintock and moved to Toronto where she raised four children.

In 1964, she started Flying High Costume Rentals providing struggling theatrical groups and dancing studios with fabulously detailed period costumes. Over 25 years, she estimated she had purchased and made over 100,000 costumes. She also participated in many community activities and was instrumental in organizing one of the first women's shelters in Etobicoke, ON.

The Bunny McClintock Memorial Scholarship was established in her honour by her son, Mount Royal professor Douglas McClintock.


C Cal Browne

Cal Browne Memorial Scholarship


Born and raised in Calgary, Cal Browne pursued his love of flying and entered the Aviation program at Mount Royal, graduating first in his class in 1987. He worked as a flight instructor and later flew for PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd. until 1992 when he decided to seek a career as an air traffic controller. He took his on-the-job training at Springbank Tower, west of Calgary.

Cal had many outside interests. He loved music, playing guitar, writing songs and singing. He was also an accomplished athlete, participating in amateur football and hockey.

Tragically, Cal was killed in an automobile accident in 1993. He was 30. He will be remembered as a giving and trusting person who was always willing to help a friend.


C W. Frank Johns

Calgary Real Estate Board/W. Frank Johns Memorial Scholarship


Frank Johns was born on November 19, 1917 in Toronto. After graduating from high school, he began his real estate career with Capital Trust.

He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1940. Due to outstanding service, he was presented to the Governor General, the Earl of Athlone, at Government House in 1945. He and his wife, Jeannette, moved to Calgary and Frank resumed his work in real estate in 1950.

As the first executive vice president of the Calgary Real Estate Board, Frank was instrumental in developing the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and in computerizing the board's services and activities. He became the Alberta Real Estate Association's first Honorary Life Member in 1968, was named an Honorary Member of the Canadian Real Estate Foundation in 1983, and was the 1987 recipient of the Mount Royal College Board of Governors Distinguished Citizen Award.

Dedicated to community service, Frank was an active volunteer with countless organizations, and was a long-time member of the Downtown Calgary Kiwanis Club. Throughout his life, he stayed active through his love of golf, curling and swimming. He was also an accomplished jazz musician who enjoyed performing on the piano, clarinet and saxophone.

Frank Johns passed away on May 30, 2012 at the age of 94.


C DouglasPurdy

Captain Douglas Gordon Purdy

Died Aug. 19, 1942

Douglas Purdy was born in 1920, attended Mount Royal College and enlisted into the 14th Army Tank, Calgary Regiment of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps. Killed in action during the Battle of Dieppe at the age of twenty-two, Captain Purdy is buried in the Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery in Hautot-Sur-Mer, France.

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C GarryFoster

Captain George Garry Foster

Died Aug. 9, 1974

Captain George Garry Foster attended Mount Royal from 1948 to 1952. The Varshicom Yearbook speculated that Foster would become a chemist "if his Chem I exploits are any forecast." After Mount Royal, Foster married and had two sons. He enjoyed a distinguished career in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Captain Foster earned the Canadian Forces Decoration, Memorial Cross ER 11 and United Nations Disengagement Observer Force. He died while flying from Beirut to Damascus with the "Buffalo Nine," named after the Canadian-made Buffalo airplane. In 2005, a monument was unveiled at Calgary's Peacekeeper Park to honour Captain Foster and the eight soldiers who died alongside him in the largest single-day loss of life in Canadian Forces peacekeeping history.

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C Vincent-Leslie-Schurman_Memorial-Wall.gif

Captain Vincent Leslie Schurman

Died July  22, 1993

Vince Schurman served as a Captain Pilot with #435 Transport and Rescue Squadron on CAF Peacekeeping duties. #435 Squadron’s mandate includes air to air refueling of fighter aircraft as well as transporting freight and passengers worldwide. Born in Ponoka on June 28, 1961, he enlisted in the armed forces January 7, 1987 following graduation as a pilot from Mount Royal College. Captain Schurman flew more than 100 missions during six tours of duty in war torn Sarajevo and flew supplies to isolated Kurds in northern Iraq. He was one of five Canadian airmen killed in action when their C130 aircraft crashed at CFB Wainwright during a low-altitude parachute extraction exercise. A meticulous craftsman, Vince was in the process of building his own 2 place high performance Q2 aircraft. He left behind his father, mother and brother Stan, Carol, and Brad; his wife Joanne and 3 year old daughter Lindsay.

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C CarolDacyk

Carol Pullen Dacyk Memorial Scholarship


Carol Dacyk was a woman of extraordinary spirit who did a lot of living in her 62 years on earth. She was a pilot, a nurse, an officer, a farmer, an artisan, an athlete, a musician, a wife and a mother - bringing her intense passion to all activities and roles she embraced.

By the age of 16, Carol obtained her pilot's license and later added her Multi-Engine Class Rating before being grounded by a minor heart murmur. Unfazed by the health setback, she earned a nursing degree. She later joined the Canadian Armed Forces, rising to the rank of captain, and flew medevac flights from Germany to Canada - a role that combined her two passions of flying and caring for those in need.

It was in the service where Carol met and married her husband, David Dacyk, and became a devoted mother to their daughters Amanda and Valerie. At the time of David's retirement, he and Carol took over the Dacyk family farm in northern Alberta. This award was made in loving memory of Carol by her mother, Kathleen Pullen.



C CarollAnneTaylor

Caroll A. Taylor Memorial Scholarship


Caroll Anne Taylor died suddenly on December 24, 2004 at the age of 49. She was enthusiastic, kind and generous. Caroll defied traditional gender roles by pursuing an education in science and then starting her career as a technical buyer. She worked on everything from satellites to rowboats, but mostly enjoyed the oil industry's pumps, compressors and valves. Caroll moved from her home in Ottawa to Calgary, then to Edmonton, and back again to Calgary.

She loved to discover new things and learned how to bake and decorate cakes. Her kitchen often resembled a chemistry lab combined with an art studio. From cake art Caroll grew to folk art and, from there, to Mount Royal where she took a series of fine art courses. Even in her hobbies she applied scientific methods and researched every aspect of her activities. She had an impressive 500 cookbooks in her collection.

With her love of learning and generous spirit, Caroll would have been honoured to see a scholarship established in her name.


C Chuck and Bev Newmarch

Charles and Beverly Newmarch Memorial Scholarship


Charles B. (Chuck) Newmarch was born in 1919 in Whitehorse, YT and grew up in Victoria, BC. He pursued his undergraduate degree in Geological Engineering at the University of British Columbia and earned Masters and PhD degrees in Geology from Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. 

Beverly Farnsworth was born in Edam, SK in 1922. She moved to Calgary to attend the Calgary General Hospital School of Nursing, graduating in 1944. She worked as a nurse in Taber, AB when she met the love of her life, Chuck. Together, they settled in Calgary and raised sons Keith and Bruce and daughter Marion.   

A distinguished geologist, one of Chuck’s great achievements was the geological mapping of the Crowsnest Coal Basin, which led to the establishment of the first open pit mine in Crowsnest Pass. Bev was an active Brownie leader and Calgary Stampede volunteer. Later in life, she went back to school to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work degree at the University of Calgary and graduated in 1977. 

Passionate about geology, Chuck continued to prospect for gold and diamonds into retirement. He and Bev travelled extensively and volunteered with the Canada Executive Service Organization (CESO) in Ireland, Colombia and India. 

Before their passing, Chuck and Bev created the Charles and Beverly Newmarch Scholarship in Geology to give a world of possibilities to Mount Royal students. 

C CharlotteIllerbrunParsons

Charlotte Illerbrun-Parsons Interior Design Memorial Scholarship


Born in 1960 in Regina, SK, Charlotte graduated from the Interior Design program at Mount Royal in 1988. In her first year of study, she won the Most Improved Student Award, which greatly inspired and encouraged her.

Two years after graduation, Charlotte started her own freelance design business. A year later, however, she lost her battle with pancreatic cancer and passed away in 1991 at the age of 31.

The Charlotte Illerbrun-Parsons Interior Design Scholarship was established in 1992 to help Interior Design students gain the confidence they need to follow their dreams.


C Cheryl Lightbound

Cheryl Lightbound Memorial Scholarship


Cheryl was enrolled as a student in the computer science program at Mount Royal from 1982 - 1985. Upon graduation she entered the University of Victoria and graduated with a Degree in Computer Science in 1991.

Her work eventually took her to the United States where she was employed as a Database Analyst with Virginia Power. In 2000, Cheryl decided to go on a world tour and visit 17 countries where she could enjoy underwater photography, kayaking and scuba diving. Despite her exotic experiences, her favorite food was still an A&W teen burger and a glass of chocolate milk.

The Mount Royal memorial scholarship was created to recognize Cheryl as an independent adventurer and a free spirit in the universe. Her personal motto for life was: Live for today because no one is promised tomorrow.

Cheryl died on October 8, 2001 during a hurricane while on a scuba diving adventure in Belize.


C Christine Kelly

Christine Kelly Memorial Scholarship


Christine Kelly, a severe juvenile diabetic, tried for many years to enter the field of nursing but, due to her illness, received many rejections from nursing programs. In 1971 she was accepted as a nursing student at Mount Royal. She excelled in her studies and made the President's Honour Roll. Christine graduated with an Associate Diploma in Nursing in 1973 and later became a registered nurse with her first position at the Colonel Belcher Hospital.

She joined the Scouting Movement to become more involved in community activity. Even after she lost her eyesight and became wheelchair bound in 1982 she remained active with Scouts. In 1989 she was awarded the Medal of Merit by Governor General Jeanne Sauve for her service to the community and the Scouting Movement. Christine passed away in 1990.



C CidMuniz

Cid Muniz Barretto Memorial Scholarship


This scholarship, designed to recognize excellence in the geological sciences, celebrates the life of Mr. Cid Muniz Barretto, an accomplished geologist, civil engineer, and businessman. It is being offered by his second wife, Mrs. Selma Corradini, and their two daughters, Giselle Muniz Barretto and Nina Connors, who have lived in Calgary since the late 1990s. They offer this scholarship along with their brother, Nelson Muniz Barretto, who lives in Brazil.

Cid Muniz Barretto was born in 1917 in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated in civil engineering from the University of São Paulo and was a self-taught geologist. Throughout his life, Mr. Muniz Barretto embraced the geological sciences and was a successful entrepreneur in the Brazilian mining industry. He started his career establishing mining operations aimed at producing raw material for the ceramic industry. In 1959, he started his own company, Mineração Jundu, which supplied quartz sands and other raw materials for the foundry and glass industries. Mineração Jundu is currently part of the Group Saint Gobain, a large French conglomerate in the mining sector.

Mr. Muniz Barretto was passionate about the outdoors and embraced field work, taking on any opportunity he had to personally guide mining operations. At the same time, he was devoted to the protection of the natural environment and implemented leading reclamation practices in his businesses.


C Colleen Griffin

Colleen Griffin Memorial Award for Innovations in Internationalization and Colleen Griffin Memorial International Exchange Scholarship


Colleen (Devine) Griffin was born in North Bay, ON in 1924. In 1948, she and her husband moved to Jamaica, West Indies, where their five children were born.

Living overseas gave Colleen appreciation of the importance of education in the development of young people all over the world. She shared her enthusiasm and support for international pursuits with her family and friends. After she passed away in 1996, in her honour, they established the Colleen Griffin Memorial Scholarship to support international students wishing to study in Canada and Canadian students wishing to study abroad.


C ConstanceMaryRymes

Constance Mary Rymes Memorial Scholarship


Constance Mary Rymes, widely known as "Connie", was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1927. She attended the University of Manitoba, where she met and married her husband John, and graduated in Interior Design. Connie and John lived in Fort William, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec before moving to their new and permanent home in Calgary. During this time, Connie became the mother of five children; Laura, Howard, Elizabeth, Martha and Andrew.

In the early 1960s, Connie became one of the founders of the Interior Design program at Mount Royal College. After leaving the College, Connie continued to combine her love of interior design with that of her family, and in her later years, became an accomplished water colour artist. At her passing in 2002, Connie and John had been happily married for over 52 years.

The Constance Mary Rymes Memorial Scholarship, funded by the Rotary Club of Calgary West, is awarded annually to a full-time student who will be enrolled in the third year of the Bachelor of Applied Interior Design program in the upcoming fall semester. The student must also have completed all of the previous years of the Interior Design program curriculum at Mount Royal and must be a Canadian citizen and a full-time resident of Canada. The student must also demonstrate academic merit, financial need and involvement in extracurricular activities.


C Corporal-Nathan-Hornburg

Corporal Nathan Hornburg Memorial Scholarship

Died Sept. 24, 2007

Nathan Hornburg was born in Calgary on June 19, 1983, the son of Michael Hornburg and Linda Loree, and brother of Rachel Herbert. From 2004 to 2006, Hornburg was a University Transfer student at Mount Royal College. On June 27, 2001, Hornburg joined the Calgary Kings Own Regiment. On September 24, 2007, while serving on a NATO mission in Afghanistan, Corporal Hornburg was killed while helping to rescue a disabled tank in Panjwai District, Kandahar. In his honour, the Corporal Nathan Hornburg Memorial Scholarship was created. It is awarded annually to a student in Mount Royal University's Faculty of Arts.

Warm and irresistibly funny, he made and inspired many friends. He was tough and loved to challenge himself physically and mentally. He appreciated his education, read widely, conversed articulately, and wrote poetry. He could name every country in the world and find it on a map.

His sense of responsibility and fair play led him to deploy to Afghanistan as operator of a Leopard II Armoured Recovery Vehicle with the Lord Strathcona Horse Regiment. Proud to be the first reservist to drive a tank since the Korean War, he hoped to help restore security in Afghanistan, especially so that Afghan children could attend school. On Sept. 24, 2007, he was killed while rescuing a disabled tank in Panjwai District, Kandahar.

Click here to learn more about Military Memorial Bursaries


C WilliamFox

Corporal William Rolfe Fox

Died April 14, 1917

William Fox was born in Edmonton, the oldest son of Sarah and Henry Fox. A talented athlete, Fox attended Mount Royal College in 1912-1913 and played on the lacrosse and rugby teams. The latter won the Intercollegiate Championship in 1913. He enlisted with the 10th Battalion, Canadian Infantry Alberta Regiment, served and died from wounds received at the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Corporal Fox is buried at Étaples Military Cemetery in France.

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D Daniel-J-Rahn

Dan Rahn Memorial Scholarship


Staff Sergeant Daniel Joseph Rahn (1946-2002) was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for 36 years. A founding member of the Northwest Bloodstain Pattern Association and, later, president of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, Dan was widely regarded as one of Canada's finest forensic identification technicians and bloodstain pattern analysts. A principled free-thinker who often challenged the status quo, Dan was a born leader and mentor. His contributions to the science of bloodstain pattern analysis are unmatched.

An outdoorsman and handyman at heart, Dan enjoyed woodworking, fishing, hunting, boat building, metal working, home renovating, horseback riding and annual motorcycle trips with friends.

Yet, most of all, he loved spending time with family. He cherished his wife Jewel, son Mark, daughter-in-law Tammy and grandchildren Ben and Olivia. Youngest grandkids Jacob and Gabriel didn't get a chance to meet their "Papa," yet he lives on in their hearts through photos and stories.

Dan's unexpected passing was a devastating loss and he is greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.


D Dave-Tallman

David G. Tallman Memorial Scholarship


David Gordon Tallman passed away in 2001 at the age of 36 after a courageous battle with cancer. David is survived by his wife Debra, a former Mount Royal student, and son Alexander.

Always passionate, thoughtful and generous, David will be remembered for his leadership and strength, his commitment to excellence, his contribution in the workplace and the support he provided to the teams he worked with, as well as his involvement in the community. His unique ability to make others laugh will be missed by all.

One of David's colleagues wrote: "It was obvious that Dave understood the intrinsic value of being 'in the moment', the value of treating others as you would want to be treated, the value of being real with people and never apologizing for being who you really are: a truly genuine and sensitive soul who took so very little but gave so very much."

During the last month of his life, David said it had been a great journey. While his life was short, his list of accomplishments was long.


D Dave-Oldford

Dave Oldford Memorial Scholarship


David (Dave) William Oldford was one of the early graduates of the Mount Royal Aviation Diploma program - graduating in 1974 - and for many years worked as a corporate pilot for Amoco Petroleum. In 1995, he returned to Mount Royal initially as a Flight Training Simulator instructor, later assuming responsibility as the Aviation Program Manager. David was an active and vocal supporter of the Aviation Diploma Program and its students and pilots.

In 2000, he left Mount Royal to pursue an opportunity to work with the pilot training program at WestJet Airlines.

Besides flying, David had a passion for cycling, hiking, competitive shooting and motorcycles. He passed away tragically at the age of 51 in August 2002.


D David-Banks

David H Bankes Memorial Scholarship


David Harry Bankes was born in Calgary on August 24, 1968. He received his primary and secondary education in the city. After some uncertainty, he decided to join the Canadian Armed Forces so that he could become a pilot. The Forces ultimately rejected his application for flight training and he ended up in their music training program.

Eventually, David decided that music was not for him and he returned to his first choice by entering the Aviation program at Mount Royal in 1993. He did exceptionally well in Aviation, excelling in both the academic and practical components of the program. When he graduated in 1995, he received the Air Canada Award for "outstanding performance in the aviation course".

David died alone in an airplane crash, caused by an on-board fire, near Thunder Bay, ON while on duty on October 22, 1996.


D DaynaBrons

Dayna Brons

Dayna Marie Brons was born on May 21, 1993, in Humboldt, Sask. and grew up on a farm near Lake Lenore, Sask. Dayna was the athletic therapist for the Humboldt Broncos; she tragically passed away on April 11, 2018, following the bus crash that occurred on April 6, 2018. This bursary is awarded to honour Dayna and to assist others in their pursuance of a career that Dayna loved.

Dayna's adoration for athletics began at a young age through participation in many sports including, but not limited to, hockey, cross-country, basketball, soccer, fast-ball and track. While Dayna was in high school at Lake Lenore, it was suggested she pursue a degree in Kinesiology and Human Studies at University of Regina and a certificate in Athletic Therapy at Mount Royal University. Dayna attended St. Peter's College in Muenster, Sask. from September 2011 to April 2012, before transferring to the University of Regina from September 2012 to April 2015. Dayna would go on to attend Mount Royal University from August 2015 to April 2016 to achieve her Advanced Athletic Therapy certificate. During this time, Dayna would gain experience working with a number of MRU's sports teams, primarily in hockey and soccer. A number of Dayna's professors described Dayna as a quiet individual with a smaller stature than many of her peers; however, her determined work-ethic and booming smile set Dayna apart. Dayna would graduate in 2016 before moving to Saskatoon, which would see her working with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Saskatchewan SWAT Lacrosse and Humboldt Broncos.

While Dayna was passionate about athletics, she also enjoyed other things. Dayna played saxophone in school and continued to play at church occasionally. She was in dance (jazz, tap and ballet). While in high school Dayna was a member of the SRC.

In describing Dayna her spouse stated, "She is opinionated, yet always listens to others. She is the most reserved, outgoing individual out there. Hilarious, but professional; active but always in the mood for ice-cream. She is the most supportive person imaginable, but rarely asks for much in return. She rests on equilibrium, resulting in an individual no one could dislike."

Dayna's great sense of humour, easy smile and sunny, loving personality endeared her to everyone who came into her life. People of all ages and animals were drawn to her fun-loving nature. Dayna's passion for athletics and her independent, tenacious spirit earned the respect of colleagues and teammates wherever she played or worked. Dayna will be dearly missed by every person who knew her.

D Dean-Ott

Dean Ott Memorial Bursary


Dean Ott's contribution to the theatre community began at the age of 14 as a shop carpenter at the Sunshine Theatre in Kelowna, BC. Later, he worked as Stage Carpenter at Theatre Calgary, Technical Director at Alberta Theatre Projects and Project Manager at F&D Scene Changes. In 1990, Dean became Production Manager at The Canadian Stage Company in Toronto, then was appointed Associate Producer and Director of Production, finally becoming General Manager of Young People's Theatre in 1996.

Dean also served as Vice-President of the Toronto Theatre Alliance, Treasurer of the Dora Awards board, and Regional Associate on the PACT board. He was also known as a mentor of theatre technicians. Those who knew Dean described him as energetic, ambitious, clever, responsible and fun. He died of a heart attack on January 30, 1998 at the age of 34.


D Debbie-Mazar

Debbie Mazar Memorial Scholarship


Debbie Mazar believed a person should find something they enjoyed doing and then go for it. Writing was her passion and that's what attracted her to Mount Royal's Journalism Diploma Program after completing a degree in English and history at the University of Calgary. She impressed her instructors with her writing skill and made the Dean's List in 1991.

Described as an independent spirit, Debbie enjoyed playing golf and softball as well as travelling. While on a summer holiday road trip, she was killed in a car accident in Colorado Springs, Colorado on September 4, 1992. She had recently graduated from the Journalism Program and was about to embark on a promising career as a reporter with the Okotoks Western Wheel newspaper. She was 24.


D Diane-Demers

Diane Demers Memorial Scholarship


Diane Hofstede was born July 25, 1957 in Edmonton, the third of four children born to Dick and Willy Hofstede. Diane loved reading and going for long walks. When she was young, she wrote, directed and starred in her high school Christmas play.

Diane married Marc Demers in October 1976 and together they had six children: David, Michael, Katherine, Carolyn, Ellen and Jeanine.

Diane's dream was to travel extensively. She was intrigued by the splendor of the world and fascinated by the history of many civilizations.

Diane put her pursuit of education on hold in order to raise her children. She was in her forties when she started taking anthropology courses at Mount Royal. Despite health setbacks due to four years of battling cancer, Diane was a good student, admired by classmates and instructors alike.

Diane passed away on November 5, 2005 before she could fully satisfy her thirst for knowledge. Friends and family remember Diane for her generosity, her kindness and wonderful sense of humour.


D Donna-Cox

Donna Cox Memorial Award


Born in 1961 in Calgary, Donna Cox initially pursued a career with Canada Safeway and went on to become the first female Safeway store manager in Calgary. In 1991, she decided to return to school and enrolled at Mount Royal, where she discovered a love for learning and knowledge. She excelled in all of her courses, especially French.

In 1992, Donna received a summer language bursary to study French at Laval University. At the end of the summer, she decided to stay on and enroll in full-time courses towards a BA in French, which she obtained in 1996. In 1997, she returned to Calgary and successfully completed her B.Ed. at the University of Calgary. Following graduation, she started teaching French at Branton Junior High School, where she gained reputation as a very hard-working and inspiring teacher and debate coach.

Donna passed away on April 10, 2007, following a lengthy illness. She is fondly remembered by her former French instructor and fellow students from her Mount Royal days, as well as by her colleagues, and students and their families from Branton Junior High School.


D Doreen-Tahmazian

Doreen (nee Phillip, Mayadas) Tahmazian and Garabed (Gary) Alexander Tahmazian Scholarship


Doreen Phillip (Mayadas) Tahmazian was born in March 1941 in Layallpur, India, the only child of the late Col. Prem and Ameline Phillip (Mayadas). She was the beloved wife of 46 years to Garabed (Gary) Tahmazian, loving mother of Siroun, Phillip, Rafi and Lucene, and adoring grandmother of seven treasured grandchildren.

'Teeno', as she was affectionately called, earned a B.A. in Interior Design from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, after she moved to North America as an international student in 1958.

Destiny brought Gary and Doreen together in Pullman from two different continents and cultures. They married in 1962 and moved to Calgary in 1965, embracing Canada as a country full of opportunities where Gary could pursue a thriving career as a petroleum geologist.

Doreen was a devoted Christian and dedicated herself to her lifelong passions for art, music, international travel, volunteerism, her vast community of friends and, above all, her family. With an invigorating zest for life, giving spirit and catching smile, Doreen had the capacity to instantly light up the room wherever she was. A free spirit who loved the simple things in life, Doreen lived in the moment and for those whom she cherished most. She passed away unexpectedly in March 2009 at the age of 67.


D Donna-Hinde

Donna B. Hinde Memorial Scholarship in Gerontology


A 1967 graduate of the Calgary General Hospital, Donna Hinde received a B.Sc. in Nursing from the University of Alberta and her M.Ed. and M.Sc. from the University of Calgary.

Her career at the Mount Royal included positions as Chair of the Nursing and Allied Health Department, Acting Dean of Community and Health Studies, and Planning Co-ordinator of the Calgary Conjoint Nursing Program.

Donna received the Mount Royal's Distinguished Teaching Award in 1983. She was nominated for the YWCA's Woman of the Year award in 1984 and received the Alberta Heritage of Service Award in Nursing in 1986.

Donna Hinde passed away in 1995.


D Doris-Attwood-Bergman

Doris Attwood-Bergman Memorial Scholarship


Born in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1916, Doris Attwood came to Mount Royal in 1942, where she taught mathematics for one year before joining the Canadian Armed Forces.

She rose to the rank of Lieutenant before returning to Calgary in 1946 to teach a condensed high school matriculation course to veterans. About this time, she returned to the Mount Royal to teach Mathematics while she earned her B.Ed. from the University of Alberta.

In 1950, she married Frank Bergman and moved to Oregon, where they raised seven children. Doris continued to teach students with reading difficulties until her retirement at age 64.

In 1995, she received Mount Royal's Distinguished Teaching Award in recognition of her contributions. She died on August 16, 1998.


D Doug-Dunwoody

Doug Dunwoody Memorial Bursary


Douglas (Doug) Dunwoody was born in Vancouver, BC, in January 1953, to Bill and Irene Dunwoody who, from early on, taught him and his two siblings to enjoy life to the fullest.

Still in BC, Doug met the love of his life, Jane, at a racquetball tournament. They were married in 1981 and had two daughters, Jennifer and Erica. The family moved to Calgary in 1988 and in 1999 Doug joined Mount Royal as Director of Information Technology. After a decade of many personal and professional accomplishments at Mount Royal, he was recognized for exceptional achievement and service in 2008.

Doug passed away in June 2008, at the age of 55, doing what he loved: riding his motorcycle with friends in the hills of Montana and Wyoming. He was a loving husband, doting father, best brother, dearest son, faithful friend and a professional businessman. A warm-hearted and compassionate man, Doug had a large circle of family and friends and was highly respected and admired by his peers and co-workers. He was the "go-to guy" for everything.

Doug's greatest love and pride were his wife and daughters. His legacy in life, poise and determination will continue to live through them. Doug's gentlemanly manner, integrity, enthusiasm, positive nature and joyful smile will always inspire his family and friends.


D MRU placeholder image 150x200

Downey/Kostek Memorial Scholarship in Aviation


David Downey and Michael Kostek, both born in 1972, graduated from Mount Royal's Aviation program in 1994. The two friends showed promising careers as pilots and found work immediately upon graduation. In addition to their enthusiasm for flying, both young men enjoyed a variety of sports and outdoor activities.

Their lives came to a tragic end in 1995 when their float plane crashed at Shadd Lake, near LaRonge, Saskatchewan. Their positive outlook and zest for life remain an inspiration to all who knew them.


D DonaldBlack

Dr. Donald B. Black Bursary in Education


Dr. Donald B. Black was a born and raised, dedicated Calgarian. An outstanding philanthropist, Don generously contributed to his generation, all without ever asking for recognition or marked distinction. Don proudly served with the Canadian Military and believed that contributing to his surrounding community was his responsibility as a Canadian. He earned his bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees with a dedicated focus on education.

Don was a master of the 'shaggy dog story,' loving to share long, humorous jokes and tales to anyone who was needing companionship. He found great joy being with his family, friends and fellow community members. A devoted family man, Don is survived by his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, all of whom he loved dearly.


D Fred-Miles_image

Dr. Fred A. Miles Memorial Scholarship


Fred Miles spent more than 23 years at Mount Royal as an instructor in the Behavioral Sciences Department and as a counsellor. A graduate of Queen's University (BA), Fred earned degrees in theology from Queen's Theological College and Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ. He also became an ordained minister of the United Church of Canada.

Fred had an insatiable interest in self-development and personal growth and greatly admired the work of Carl Jung. He continued his studies while working in the Counselling Department at Mount Royal and earned an M.Sc. and PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Calgary.

Fred Miles died suddenly in January 1994.


D George-Kerby_image

Dr. George W. Kerby Memorial Scholarship


Rev. Dr. George W. Kerby, founder and first principal of Mount Royal College, was an evangelist and an educator. Born in southwestern Ontario in 1860, Kerby received his education at Cobourg Collegiate and Victoria College. Ordained in 1888, Kerby came to Calgary five years later as minister of the Calgary Central Methodist Church and was appointed to the principalship of Mount Royal in 1911.

Kerby visited 65 colleges and universities to gain ideas for the new institution. The curriculum was designed to prepare students for all aspects of life: physical, social, mental, moral and spiritual. Kerby also served as chairman of the Calgary public school board, president of the Canadian Federation of Home and Schools, and was an active member of many service clubs. He died in 1943.


D Leona-Paterson_image

Dr. Leona Paterson Memorial Scholarship in Speech Arts


Born in Calgary on December 22, 1912, Dr. Leona Paterson became a nationally celebrated authority on speech arts and drama: teacher, lecturer, administrator, author, adjudicator, examiner, radio and television personality, and concert artist and performer.

Dr. Paterson founded the Speech Arts and Drama Department at the Mount Royal Conservatory in 1944, where she worked for 33 years. She spent her summers teaching at the Banff School of Fine Arts and the Universities of British Columbia and Alberta. She was a senior examiner for the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and was renowned as an adjudicator of performing arts festivals. Dr. Paterson was a founding member and past president of the Canadian and Alberta Speech Associations.

Dr. Paterson received an honorary doctorate from the University of Calgary in 1974, and an honorary fellowship from Trinity College of Music, London, in 1984. The Canadian Speech Communicators Association named her "Speaker of the Year" in 1983, and she is featured in the book 200 Remarkable Alberta Women, published by the Famous 5 Foundation. Everything she undertook was graced with her genuine interest in people and her willingness to give of herself, with dedication, expertise, elegance and eloquence.

Dr. Paterson died in Calgary on April 4, 2004, at the age of 91 years.


D Lisa-Elson_image

Dr. Lise Elson Memorial Scholarship


Dr. Lise Elson was a master violin teacher, whose teaching and example were influential in the lives of many people. Born in France in 1917, Dr. Elson (née Blum) attended the Conservatoire Nationale de Paris before immigrating to the US during World War II. She played professionally with the Pittsburg Symphony, the Fort Wayne Indiana Symphony, and with husband Joseph Elson, a violist. The Elsons had two children, Rebecca and Richard. Dr. Elson received her Doctorate of Music from Indiana University, and taught at Eastern New Mexico University, Texas Tech, Georgia State University, and the University of Calgary.

Dr. Elson was an important contributor to the establishment of the Conservatory's Academy program at Mount Royal in the early '80s. Annalee Patipatanakoon, violinist with Canada's acclaimed Gryphon Trio, who studied with Dr. Elson for nine years, says: "Dr. Elson was my most important mentor and one of the most generous people in my life."

Dr. Elson passed away on January 11, 2004. We remember her as a wonderfully gifted teacher with an uncommonly generous spirit.


D MarthaCohen

Dr. Martha Cohen Memorial Scholarship


Martha Ruth Cohen, CM, LL.D, was born in Calgary on Oct. 14, 1920. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta and Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto. Martha was a passionate philanthropist, volunteer and community activist, spending most of her career as a social worker. She received an honourary doctorate from the University of Calgary in 1982 for her outstanding accomplishments.

Martha's achievements remain an intrinsic part of her legacy as an uplifting leader in the community. She was the chairwoman of the board for the Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts, the first female board chair of Mount Royal College, the founder and past executive director of the Jewish Family Services Calgary, and many more outstanding honours.

As an exceptional role model within the community, Martha received numerous awards including the Order of Canada, The Alberta Achievement Award and the Scopus Award from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As part of Arts Commons, the Martha Cohen Theatre is a gift of inspiration to those who experienced her bright, invigorating and generous spirit.


D Roger-J-Tierney_image

Dr. Roger J. Tierney Memorial Scholarship


Roger Tierney was a man of great passion, energy, humour, warmth, and integrity. He started as a counsellor at Mount Royal in 1971, immediately following the completion of a M.Ed. in Educational Psychology at the University of Calgary. Besides helping thousands of students and employees, he was also active on College committees and served two years as President of the Mount Royal Faculty Association.

Outside of work, Roger refereed football for 20 years, served as assistant timekeeper for the CFL at McMahon Stadium, played guitar and sang, won two tennis tournament trophies, and collected over a hundred model cars. He was a devoted and caring family man with many friends. Roger gave unconditional love and was loved in return.

In 1980, Roger and three partners created a suicide prevention and intervention company known as RTTL. His passion led him to complete a PhD in the area. The company, now known as LivingWorks, is active from Canada and the United States to Australia and Norway. In May 1996, while training practitioners in suicide prevention in Australia, Roger fell ill. He died of cancer on May 7, 1997.


D Dr-Yusuf-Umar

Dr. Yusuf Umar Memorial Scholarship


Born in Palestine, Dr. Yusuf Umar came to Canada in 1972 after earning a BA in Economics and Political Science from the American University in Cairo and his MA in Political Science at the American University of Beirut.

In 1988, he earned a PhD in Political Science from the University of Calgary, for which he won the prestigious Leo Strauss Award. That year, Dr. Umar joined Mount Royal as an Instructor in Economics and Political Science, where he was active in the development of a new program in Political Economy for his department.

Dr. Umar died after a brief illness on March 9, 1991 at the age of 43.


E Judy-Wainwright_image

Early Childhood Wainwright Scholarship


Judy was born in Calgary in 1947 and grew up in Manitoba. She completed a Bachelor of Home Economics and Bachelor of Education at the University of Manitoba. Passionate about working with children, she went on to complete her Masters in Early Childhood Education (ECE) at the Merrill Palmer Institute in Detroit.

Judy's role as a Professor and Faculty Advisor in ECE at Mount Royal University allowed her to share her knowledge and love of children with countless students. While there, Judy represented Canada in China, studying their ECE and daycare, was nominated for a YWCA Woman of Distinction Award and was President of the Canadian Association of Young Children.

Judy raised 5 children - 2 sons and 3 daughters. She provided a loving home when her daughters' natural family was unable to care for them. Five grandchildren remember her with joy and deep gratitude.

Judy's commitment to her community inspired those around her to do more, give more and love more.

She had an amazing memory and viewed life with positivity. Judy approached everything with humour, passion, class and grace. In August 2014 she left to fly with the angels and will be dearly missed by those who knew her.

Judy Wainwright was a mother, sister, aunt and friend to many. To her students she embodied the characteristics of a true mentor. She loved her students and would have been honoured to meet you.



E Elayne-Oliver_memorial-wall.png

Elayne Louise Oliver Memorial Bursary

Elayne Oliver learned to play the piano as a young child. In her teens she played the pump organ at Church in a small Okanagan town. Elayne shared her talent and love of music over the years, but her one goal was always to obtain her ARCT. After diligent practising for several years, in 1962 she finally received her ARCT (Piano Solo Performer) from the Toronto Conservatory of Music, when her children were the ages of 2, 4, and 6.
Elayne taught piano for many years and was also a sought after accompanist, particularly through Mount Royal Conservatory students. She was gifted with perfect pitch and because of her expert accompanying skills, she was often complimented by the adjudicators and examiners of the students. 

Elayne played organ or piano for many weddings and for different organizations through the years. 

Sadly she passed away in her early 60's after a brief illness. 

The Elayne Louise Oliver Memorial Bursary was established to carry on her legacy. It is awarded to a student of the Conservatory who demonstrates musical talent with a commitment to Keyboard Music.
E ElizabethParnham

Elizabeth Parnham Memorial Speech Arts Scholarship


Elizabeth Parnham was a distinguished teacher and coordinator for the Mount Royal University Conservatory speech arts program from 1972 to 1990. She was a leader in the speech arts community and made significant contributions to the Conservatory's prominent reputation in Calgary. Elizabeth received both Distinguished Faculty and Distinguished Administrator awards during her 18 year career at Mount Royal.

Elizabeth taught speech arts and public speaking for the Conservatory, Continuing Education and other post-secondary programs. She commenced her role as Conservatory speech arts coordinator in 1979. She instituted many new class offerings, including Readers Theatre, Exploring Speech Through Drama, Public Speaking for Teens and introductory classes for children.

Elizabeth will be poignantly remembered for her wisdom and grace, determination, wonderful sense of humor and beautiful shoes. Elizabeth set a high standard in all she did. Many of her students now follow in her footsteps, providing leadership in speech arts and drama programs across the country.


E Ellen-Krempien_image

Ellen Krempien Memorial Scholarship


Ellen Malina Krempien was born in 1921. She received her BA (Education) from the University of Alberta and, later, her Master's in Educational Psychology from the University of Calgary. She was employed as a Counsellor at Mount Royal from 1964 until her death in 1979.

In addition to her counselling duties, Ellen served as International Student Coordinator and ran an educational program for 75 inmates of Drumheller Penitentiary. She was the founding president of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary and a board member of the John Howard Society.


E Eva-Reid_image

Eva Reid Memorial Scholarship


Eva Reid, a Calgary journalist for half a century, never studied journalism. Born in 1905, Eva studied Nursing at Mount Royal before joining the Social Credit movement during the Great Depression. She began writing for the Social Credit Chronicle and, then, The Albertan, where she became provincial editor. After the Second World War, she worked as a police court reporter, an unprecedented position for a woman, as well as the society/women's editor.

Eva remained active - and addicted to news - even after her retirement. She died in Calgary at the age of 83.

The Eva Reid Memorial Scholarship is sponsored by the Calgary Foundation in her honour.


E Eva-Rosenberg

Eva Rosenberg Memorial Scholarship


Eva Rosenberg was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1942. She and her parents lived through the Holocaust and the subsequent Communist regime, and finally escaped to Switzerland - and freedom - in 1956. Eva earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in Zurich and subsequently completed a second master's degree at the University of Calgary, focusing on second language acquisition. Eva was fluent in Hungarian, German, French, Swiss-German and Hebrew. Her early life and education in Europe formed a solid foundation for her career as a professor of languages at Mount Royal.

Eva taught French and German at Mount Royal for 20 years. She took great pride in her position and always maintained that Mount Royal was an ideal workplace; she appreciated her colleagues, the students and friendly environment.



E Evelyn-Herauf_image

Evelyn A Herauf Memorial Scholarship


Evelyn Herauf was born and educated in the small Mediterranean island of Malta and came to Canada in 1986. She held a BA from the University of Malta and earned her M.Ed. from the University of Manchester. Evelyn was fluent in English, Italian and Maltese. Before coming to Canada, she worked as administrator of the medical school at the University of Malta.

During her eight years at Mount Royal, Evelyn was Secretary to the Dean of Continuing Education and Extension and later worked as an Administrative Assistant in Academic Affairs. She was loved and respected by everyone who knew her. Evelyn passed away on Feb. 28, 1997 after a long battle with cancer.


E Evelyn-Fraser-Delaney_image

Evelyn Fraser Delaney Math Help Award


Born in Alexandria, Ontario, in 1928, Evelyn Delaney began her education in a one room school house. After finishing high school, she moved to Montreal to pursue nursing at Queen Elizabeth Hospital which enabled her to carry on with her education. Throughout her career Evelyn was committed to broadening her knowledge and expertise on patient care with new methods and treatments. She strongly believed in the pursuit of higher education and continuous learning throughout one's life.

After raising three daughters with her husband, Leo Delaney, Evelyn returned to the workforce. Still passionate about taking care of others, she discovered that the profession of nursing had evolved. Always ready for a challenge, Evelyn embraced the opportunity to further her education on the job.

Evelyn passed away in 2001 after a courageous battle with cancer. She is lovingly remembered by her family, friends and colleagues, and is deeply missed.

Her family established a scholarship in her name to encourage continuous learning students with an interest in math or math tutoring.


F MRU placeholder image 150x200

Fellows-Henry Medal Award


William (Bill) was born and raised in the High River and Blackie areas, moving to Calgary and later Langdon making friends and memories wherever he went. Bill met Trish Dickinson in 1991, they married and had two sons, in whom he took immense pride watching grow into amazing young men.

Bill's biggest passion was golf, and was thrilled to have been able to golf the great courses at St Andrews in 2010, when, "luckily" the volcano hit and he HAD to stay an extra week and play more golf. He had three holes-in-one in his lifetime of which he was very proud.

He put himself through Mount Royal University, graduating in 1989 at the age of 33. Bill treasured his time at Mount Royal and wanted to pay it forward to the next generation of students, so he and his favorite Economics professor Mike Fellows, formed the Fellows-Henry Medal Award in 2011.

Bill had many professions in his life, but none made him prouder than starting Trimet Building Products Inc. in 2002, and watching it grow to the amazing sheet metal company it is today. In 2011, he sold Trimet and retired to Vancouver Island to golf and garden full time.


F MRU placeholder image 150x200

Flight Sergeant Douglas Oliver Bevan

Died Dec. 25, 1942

Douglas Bevan was born in 1920, the son of a Methodist minister and his wife. Bevan attended Mount Royal College in the 1930s and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941. Flight Sergeant Bevan died on Dec. 25, 1942 at the age of twenty-nine while serving with the Bomber Command flying out of Montreal. He is remembered on the Nanton Cenotaph in Alberta but is buried at the Ottawa Memorial Cemetery in Ontario.

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F GeorgeHansen

Flight Sergeant George Quist Hansen

Died April 28, 1944

George Hansen was born in 1916, the son of Danish immigrants who came to Canada from the United States and eventually settled in Alberta. His father, a successful merchant, served as mayor of Standard from 1926 to 1935 and sent George to Mount Royal College. Flight Sergeant Hansen was the first person from Standard to enlist. He joined the 431 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force and was killed when the Lancaster bomber on which he was a crew member was shot down near Antwerp, Belgium. Hansen is buried at Schoonselhof Cemetery in Antwerpen, Belgium. Three of his brothers also served in the war: Walter in the RCAF, Rudy and Severin with the Calgary Highlanders.

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F BenEhnisz

Flying Officer Benjamin Emil Ehnisz

Died Feb. 13, 1943

Benjamin Ehnisz was born in 1921 and came to Mount Royal in 1938 from Burstall, Saskatchewan. The Chinook Yearbook describes Ben as "a very amiable lad whose ambition on completing his education is to return to Saskatchewan and rehabilitate the drought area." Flying Officer Ehnisz joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and died on Feb. 13, 1943 at the age of twenty-two. Ehnisz is buried at Hillside Cemetery in Medicine Hat. Ehnisz Island at Kakabigish Lake in northern Saskatchewan is named in his honour.

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F HaroldCrowe

Flying Officer Harold James Crowe

Died March 12, 1943

Harold Crowe was born in Calgary in 1919. He attended Earl Grey School, Western Canada High School and Mount Royal College. In May 1941, Crowe enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in Calgary, and received his training in camps across Western Canada. Crowe graduated as an Air Observer from No. 7 Bombing and Gunnery School in Paulson, Manitoba. Flying Officer Crowe was killed on March 12, 1943 at the age of twenty-four and is commemorated at the Gibraltar Memorial in Gibralter.

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F GeorgeKeith

Flying Officer George Noel Keith

Died Aug. 4, 1942

Noel Keith was born in Cardston, Alberta but lived in Taber before coming to Mount Royal in 1938. Keith served on Students' Council as the Men's Athletics representative. The Chinook Yearbook said he was "interested in everything around the college" and that he "hopes to be a doctor but will probably end up as a faithful husband." Flying Officer Keith joined the Royal Canadian Air Force serving with the 402 and 72 Squadrons. He received a Distinguished Flying Cross for destroying seven enemy aircraft and damaging two others before being shot down by anti-aircraft fire. Flying Officer Keith was killed in action at the age of twenty-two and is buried in Agira Canadian War Cemetery in Sicily.

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F Frank-Anderson_image

Frank Anderson Memorial Scholarship


Born in 1919, Frank Anderson was raised in Brandon, MB. He received a BA in History from the University of Saskatchewan and both a BSW and MSW in Criminology from the University of Toronto.

Frank came to Mount Royal in 1962, working as a part-time faculty member and head of social welfare. He left in 1971 to work at the University of Calgary, until he was seconded to the National Parole Board's regional office in Saskatoon in 1974, where he remained until his retirement in 1979.

Frank Anderson passed away in April 2008.


F Frank-Speakman_image

Frank Speakman Memorial Scholarship


Frank Speakman was born in Dundee, Scotland in 1886 and his family immigrated to Penhold, AB when he was four. As a young man he worked as a farmer, developing a love for nature and recognizing the need for its conservation.

A keen mind, Frank was interested in everything. He read about philosophy, nature, psychology, music, even Shakespeare, by candlelight at night while he worked the farm by day. With only three years' formal education, he studied to become a teacher and, eventually, became principal of Victoria Pre-vocational School in Calgary. Later, he spent 19 years as principal of Connaught School.

Frank loved fishing. He used to tie flies for his buddies because he could tie a smaller knot with one hand than they could with. He had lost his left hand in a farm accident, but that didn't handicap him one little bit. Faced with challenges, Frank embraced the risks and feared nothing. He was an existentialist who believed he was responsible for everything he did.

Frank passed away in the late 1950's. The Frank Speakman Memorial Bursary was established by his son, Frank G. Speakman, to celebrate his father's passions for nature and fishing and his belief that learning is a way of life.


F Frank-Durrant_image

Fred Durrant Scholarship in Aviation


Fred Durrant began his 26-year career with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 1937. A Second World War Lancaster Bomber pilot stationed in England, Fred earned his wings in 1943 and received seven medals for heroic service, including the Distinguished Flying Cross.

After the war, Fred returned to Canada as a flight instructor and later transferred to the mobile equipment unit, where he developed a tracked vehicle-mounted control tower and tracked crash rescue vehicles. In 1963, he retired from the RCAF as a Squadron Leader and entered the tracked vehicle industry. Fred Durrant passed away in 1994 at the age of 78.


F Frederick-Kampel-Sierolawski_Image

Frederick Kampel-Sierolawski Memorial Bursary


There are twenty-six chapters in the book of Fred - chapters full of adventure, struggle, excitement, exploration, romance, disappointment, expectation, tragedy and love.

A friend and confident to many feeling alone or misunderstood, at any time of day or night he offered his encouragement, emotional support, a shoulder to cry on, or one great big comforting "Freddy" bear hug.

Bright, with an encyclopedic memory and eclectic range of interests, especially music, Fred was an enthusiastic student at Mount Royal University. Connecting the dots that would leverage his natural caring and understanding nature but also feed his intellectual curiosity and interests, the path was taking him toward a career in social work.

The chapters of Fred's book are filled with margin notes, underlined passages and folded over corners, highlighted insightful thoughts, reflections on important occasions and cherished experiences. It is a book that will be read and re-read, sometimes with tears, sometimes with laughter, always with affection, and perhaps with a quest to extract deeper meaning and understanding of a life lived without compromise or regret.

The epilogue of Fred's book will be written by those of us that he knew and by those of us who will come to know of him through the generosity of his memorial bursary. A stone dropped in still water, his unconditional caring for and about others and passion for inclusiveness will reverberate over time as we keep his precious values alive, holding him close in our memories and in our hearts.

G Gail-Montgomery_image

Gail Montgomery Memorial Scholarship for Excellence & Creativity in Televison Commerical Writing


Gail Montgomery-Masonchuck was a beloved instructor in communications and broadcasting at Mount Royal for over 20 years.

Born in 1952, Gail Montogmery was an award-winning writer/producer and creative director at a number of television stations in Lethbridge, Calgary and Vancouver, before arriving at Mount Royal in 1980.

Gail was passionate about teaching and was awarded for teaching excellence and innovation for developing and introducing a new course into the existing framework of the Broadcasting Program.

Gail passed away unexpectedly in August 2006. In honour of her memory and legacy at Mount Royal, her family created the Gail Montgomery Memorial Scholarship for Excellence and Creativity in Television Commercial Writing.


G Virginia-Ginny-Paterson_image

Ginny Paterson Music Bursary


After her family, Ginny Paterson's life and passion were focused on two areas: education and music. E. Virginia (Ginny) Paterson (Oct. 9, 1943 - Oct. 26, 2007) was an elementary school teacher for most of her adult life, often giving children support that helped them learn in a manner previously foreign to them. Her ability to instill confidence through communications with young students often changed their future learning patterns and attitude.

Her second passion was music. Ginny held a degree in Performance Piano. She could easily have been a concert pianist and was to perform in the 2007 Honens Grand Slam Fundraising Event, if cancer had not cut her life and passions short. It was, therefore, only fitting that any legacy would include these two important elements in her life.

In Ginny's final days, while she was still cognizant, her permission was sought to establish a music scholarship at Mount Royal. She not only gave permission but participated in the planning of the scholarship. In her mind, she was going to depart this world and leave financial help for students to pursue the passions she had been able to enjoy: education and music.

The flood of generous donations from family and friends from across North America exceeded expectations. Today, the fund provides meaningful support to music students year over year in perpetuity. Ginny would be very pleased.


G Gordon-Laing_image

Gordon and Kathy Laing Memorial Scholarship


With a love for travel and a keen spirit of adventure, Kathy Laing enjoyed life to the fullest. She was a passionate reader, an exemplary student, and a kind and thoughtful person with a distinct flare for colour and design.

With a degree in Home Economics from the U of A, Kathy took a position as a social worker in Slave Lake. Frequently visiting remote communities as part of her work, she met the love of her life in the air ― the pilot Gordon Laing. They moved to Calgary and married in 1982. Education remained a priority for Kathy and she returned to university, earning a degree in Social Work.

Whether flying model airplanes, hang-gliding from Cochrane Hill, or piloting a jet, Gordon's passion for flying determined his path in life. After graduating from the Mount Royal Aviation Program in 1978, he spent two years in northern Alberta gaining bush pilot experience. Back in Calgary, he became chief pilot for Skocdopole Brothers. In 1986, Gordon and a business partner founded SunWest International Aviation Services. Kathy joined him in this endeavor as director and account manager, playing an integral role in the building and growth of the company.

A director of the Calgary Airport Authority and advisor to the Mount Royal Aviation Program, Gordon believed the future of aviation hinged on honouring the past. In 1992, he flew the first commercial charter north through Alaska and into Siberia, retracing the supply route of WWII American warbirds. His passion for aviation history led him to restore a 1953 Expeditor Beech 18.

Tragically, on August 15, 1998, Gordon and Kathy lost their lives in a plane crash north of Cochrane.

G Gordon-Lingenfelter_image

Gordon Lingenfelter Memorial Scholarship


Gordon Robert Lingenfelter was born in south-west Saskatchewan in 1940 and grew up on a farm north of Shaunavon with his parents Robert and Veronica Lingenfelter and eight brothers and sisters. He had a restless spirit which could not be contained by the farm or school and left home at the age of 16 to work on oil drilling rigs in Alberta. He was part of the first wave of young men from the farms and small towns of Saskatchewan who went to Alberta to help build the oil industry and the province.

Gordon relocated back to Saskatchewan in the late 1950s, and in 1961 moved from drilling rigs to oilfield service work with Marathon Oil near Frontier. In 1973 he returned to farming in partnership with his brother Dwain. Gordon married Pat after his return to Saskatchewan and together they raised four children. Cancer brought an early end to his life on March 27, 1992.

Gordon lived to the fullest during his too short time among us and cast a wide glow from a burning inner light. His zest for life touched all those who knew him.


G Grant-P-Spiro_image

Grant Spiro Memorial Scholarship


Grant Spiro devoted his entire life to working with, and enjoying people. He found young and old equally interesting and challenging. He was dedicated to understanding human nature and was able to instill his sense of humour in every situation, no matter how difficult. He was happiest when teaching and learning with his students. He was a man of his word and expected no less from those with whom he worked and whom he taught.

Grant was born in Lethbridge and moved to Calgary at an early age. He received his Master's in Social Work from the University of British Columbia and worked for a time for BC Social Services. He opened the Calgary Parole Service Office as District Director in 1966 and taught as a sessional instructor in Mount Royal's Correctional Career Program from 1967 to 1993. He retired from the Parole Service in 1986 and from Mount Royal in 1993.

After retirement, Grant became involved in a wide array of volunteer work, but his favourite pastime was cooking and, at this, he excelled. He passed away on December 14, 2000 after a brief but courageous struggle with ALS.



G KennethBell

Gunner Kenneth Beaumont Bell

Died May 29, 1944

Kenneth Bell was born in 1916 in Gleichen, Alberta. He received his early schooling in a one room school and came to Mount Royal at the age of twelve. In 1929, he returned home to work on the family farm. Bell was a strong athlete. He played hockey in the winter and, after he enlisted in 1943, Bell became a star pitcher for the fastball team at training camp in Manitoba. During the war, he served as a gunner with the 2nd Field Regiment of the Royal Canadian Artillery. Gunner Bell was killed in 1944 at the age of twenty-eight at the Battle of Ortona, Italy. He is buried at the Cassino War Cemetery in Italy.

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G GulshanDharamshi

Gulshan Madatali Dharamshi and Gulzar Bharwani Memorial Award in Education


Gulshan Madatali Dharamshi was born in 1936 in Gujarat, India and was the eldest of eight children. When she was a toddler, her parents relocated to Africa where Gulshan spent the next 35 years. Her maternal instincts became apparent at an early age; growing up, she was like a second mother to her younger siblings.

After she married in 1956, Gulshan became a mother herself. Already a mother of three, she found out she would also be blessed with triplets. Life in Africa was challenging, but during the reign of Ugandan President Idi Amin and his "economic war," the situation quickly worsened. Gulshan and her young family fled Uganda and immigrated to Canada as refugees.

Gulshan lived a quiet life, treasuring her family and friends. She was especially thankful for the friends that made her transition to Canada a little bit easier. Gulshan loved to entertain and relished family gatherings. Not long after she celebrated her 60th birthday, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed shortly afterwards. Deeply missed, Gulshan remains constant in the thoughts of the family. The Esmail & Safana Bharwani Charitable Foundation wishes to honour her spirit and preserve her memory by establishing this award in her name.


H MRU placeholder image 150x200

Hans Peder Madsen Memorial Scholarship

Born in 1874, Alberta pioneer Hans Peder Madsen emigrated from Denmark in 1901. He lived in Iowa for 10 years and moved to Standard, Alberta in 1912, where he became part of a large Danish community.

After working as a farm laborer for five years, he purchased his own farm, where he settled until retiring at the age of 72, in Calgary.

When Hans died in 1975, Mount Royal was one of the beneficiaries of his sizable estate, which he donated to benefit physically-challenged children, as well as the needy.


H Harry-Schaefer_image

Harry G. Schaefer, FCA Scholarship and Bursary


Harry G. Schaefer was born and lived most of his life in Calgary. He attended the University of Alberta and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1957. He became a chartered accountant two years later and joined TransAlta Corporation in 1963. He continued to work for TransAlta in numerous financial roles culminating in Chief Financial Officer. He also served as Chairman of the Board for TransAlta for five years ending in 1996.

Harry served as a director and committee chair of many prestigious boards, including TransCanada Corporation, Telus, Agrium, Fording Coal, Sun Life and Mount Royal University. In addition, he received a number of awards recognizing his achievements in accounting and finance.

Together with his successful business career, Harry had a fulfilling personal life and a cherished family. He and his wife, Joanne, had three children and seven grandchildren.

Harry had a drive to learn, improve and increase his knowledge of everything that interested him, and he encouraged others to do the same. His hobbies included golf, tennis and cycling. He had a passion for photography, was a keen computer user and impressed many with his abilities for both. A mentor and friend to countless people, his integrity, honesty, and compassion left an enduring impression on everyone he knew.

Harry passed away on October 23, 2011.


H HughLouis

Hugh Louis Memorial Bursary

Hugh was born in Regina, Saskatchewan on July 20, 1927, the fourth child of six. He moved to Calgary at a young age, attending James Short School, and graduating in 1946 from Western Canada High School. Hugh attended SAIT and obtained his diploma in Radio Technology. He took his newly acquired knowledge and established Commercial Radio and Sound in February of 1952. A family business, which is still operating, now in its 66th year.

Not only did his new business bring him financial success, it was here that he met the love of his life! Shortly after starting his business, a pretty young lady brought in her landlord's radio for repair. That lady was Annie, and in Hugh's words "the Best Woman in the World." Despite being smitten, they dated for five years before they married. Annie would be his soulmate for the next 56 years, partnering in business and raising four wonderful children, who, with their spouses, would enrich Hugh with eight grandsons.

Hugh enjoyed sports. He was a loyal supporter of the Stampeders and Flames, attending games to cheer them on. He liked duck hunting, curling and especially fishing.

Hugh also gave back to the community, giving generously of his time. He was a respected leader in the Chinese community having served as President and Director of the Sien Lok Society, which he co-founded to save Calgary's Chinatown and to preserve Asian heritage. He also served as President and Director of the Calgary Chinatown Development Foundation and as Director of the Sue Yuen Association. He was an active member of the International Order of Odd Fellows and served in a number of positions with the Electronics Retail Service Dealers of Alberta.

Hugh passed away Oct. 10, 2014, surrounded by his family. He leaves a legacy that will survive him; a lifetime of personal achievement and a legacy that includes four wonderful children and eight loving grandsons; all instilled with his strong ethical and moral virtues.

H Hughie-Olsen_image

Hughie Olsen Memorial Award


Warm, genuine, caring and ever so joyful, Huelda (Hughie) Olsen was Mount Royal Coach Reid Olsen's better half. They met when he was a young athlete and became inseparable from that moment on. Hughie's passion was her family. Her beloved husband, daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren came first, but the student-athletes Reid coached came a close second.

Hughie was Reid's right hand (wo)man and "manager," as he always called her. For nearly 40 years, she cheered on the Cougar women's basketball team. She had front row seats at every game, at home and away, staunchly supported Mount Royal's women athletes and encouraged them to play at their best. She hosted countless team dinners after the games, serving up home-cooked meals with lots of motherly love.

In 2008, Mount Royal recognized Hughie and Reid with the Thomas L. Wood Award for their tremendous generosity, invaluable contributions to Cougar Athletics and unwavering belief in the ideals of intercollegiate sport.

Hughie Olsen - the ultimate team mom - passed away in June 2008, at age 77, after a brave battle with cancer. The Mrs. Hughie Olsen Memorial Award is a perfect extension of her life's work as it will continue to 'take care' of student-athletes in perpetuity - exactly what Hughie would have wished.


R ReynJohnson

Reyn Johnson & Jeff Bird Memorial Bursary

Reyn grew up in Lethbridge, Alta., attended local schools and was in the Lethbridge Swim Club where he made lifelong friends. At the University of Lethbridge he competed in judo, including at the Canadian Nationals, and he also met his wife Brenda (Leahy). They married in 1977, and farmed with Brenda's parents for two years before settling in Lethbridge. Reyn worked on obtaining his commercial pilot's license in Edmonton and Lethbridge. His first flying job was crop spraying and then he taught at the Lethbridge Flying School. He and Brenda moved to Calgary in 1985, and he continued his aviation career working at Jordon Flight Training, Business Flights and then as a First Officer and Captain at Time Air (which became Canadian Regional Airlines and then Jazz Airline). After retiring from Jazz, Reyn began instructing aviation students at Mount Royal in September 2016. Reyn's career in aviation spanned over 34 years in total and he logged over 20,000 hours.

Reyn was proud of his aviation career, but even more important to him was his family - his wife, Brenda, his son, Lucas (born in 1988) and his daughter Maryse (born in 1991). In 2012, Reyn became a devoted grandfather to Isaac, then Abigail in 2013 and two days before his death he welcomed Jacob into the family.

Reyn lived life to the fullest throughout his 64 years. He was a man of faith and active in St. Michael's Catholic community, and he was a devoted friend to many. He was warm, kind and welcoming to all. Reyn also loved to golf, ski, swim, travel play guitar and piano, ride his Harley and create woodworking projects. He competed at two World Masters Games in swimming events. Most of all, he loved to entertain family and friends.

Reyn is survived by his wife Brenda, son Lucas Johnson, daughter Maryse (Peter) Doner, three grandchildren (Issac, Abigail and Jacob), his brother Clifford Johnson (Louise) and their sons James and Nick. He is predeceased by his mother Dorothy and his father Jim. Reyn was greatly loved and respected by his family, friends and colleagues and he is deeply missed.

H TheHumphreys

The Humphreys Memorial Scholarship in Archaeology


James (Jim) Humphreys' name was synonymous with Archeology in Alberta. Born in 1918, he was a founding member of the Archaeological Society of Alberta Calgary Centre in 1964 and remained active within the organization for over 45 years, serving in a number of leadership roles. He was appointed a Lifetime Honorary Director and, in 1996, presented with the Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to Alberta Archeology. Jim was also instrumental in preparing the Alberta Heritage Act.

Married for nearly sixty years, Jim and Doris met while they were both studying at the University of Alberta. They raised two daughters, Marilyn and Allison, and enjoyed their four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Doris Mary Hewson was born in Red Deer in 1923 and grew up in Rockyford and Olds. She graduated in Arts from the University of Alberta and was interested in archeology, genealogy and malacology. Her passion was her family and, in her spare time, she volunteered as a reader for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and knit and donated mittens to the Alberta Children's Hospital. Doris died at 82 in September 2005. Jim passed away in January 2010 at 91.

The Humphreys Memorial Scholarship in Archeology recognizes the Humphreys' passion for and contributions to Archeology in Alberta.

I Jean-Guy-Meilleur_image

IATSE 212/Jean-Guy Meilleur Memorial Scholarship


Jean-Guy Meilleur, born in Manitoba in 1970, moved to Calgary with his family at age six. His life was a full one although, tragically, cut short by a skydiving accident in September 2000.

Jean-Guy demonstrated an artistic personality at an early age. His love of theatre developed through constructing sets at St. Francis High School, performing as an extra with the Calgary Opera and an apprenticeship with Alberta Theatre Projects that led him to Mount Royal's Theatre Arts Program. At Mount Royal he was awarded the Second Year Technical Theatre Scholarship and received his Theatre Arts diploma in April 1994.

Following Mount Royal, his education and experience gained him employment in construction at F&D Scene Changes, work in Set Decoration for various films and membership in IATSE Local 212, film and stage technicians Union. At the time of his death he was employed in the scenic carpentry shop at Theatre Calgary.


J Jack-Kenyon_image

Jack Kenyon Memorial Scholarship


Jack Kenyon had two loves in his life: basketball and mathematics; often combining the two in on-court strategy and in-class teaching.

He began his coaching career in 1963, taking Mount Royal to seven Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference titles. A former coach of Canada's Junior Basketball Team (1975-79), Jack was inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame in 1990.

He also published several papers on making mathematics more accessible to students.

After a 33-year teaching career, Jack Kenyon retired in the spring of 1994. He died tragically in September of that year.


J JE-Lovve_image

J. E. Love Memorial Bursary


James Love was born in 1883 in Charlottetown, PEI and graduated from Prince of Wales College before moving west. He came to Calgary in 1905 with the knowledge he had acquired from his family's tanning business and established J.E. Love and Sons Ltd., the largest independent hide dealer in western Canada. True to his entrepreneurial spirit, he later saw a lucrative opportunity with Alberta's growing livestock industry and established Love Feeds Ltd.

James was an active supporter of Mount Royal for more than 25 years - including serving on the Board of Governors and as a committee member for the Conservatory - and remained so until his death in January 1962.


J James-Muretich_image

James Muretich Memorial Bursary


Born in Montreal on July 9, 1952, James Muretich completed a BA in theology and philosophy at Concordia University and an MA in journalism at the University of Western Ontario before heading west with dreams of writing for Rolling Stone. When he arrived in Calgary, he fell in love with the local punk-driven music scene and never left.

In 1979, James became the rock music critic for The Albertan (which later became the Calgary Sun), then wrote for the Calgary Herald for two decades starting in 1983. Music fans relished his eloquent writing, brutal candor and impeccable musical taste.

More at home in clubs and performance venues than he was sitting behind a desk, James frequently rubbed elbows with local artists and musicians. Through his writing and the radio show he hosted on CJSW, James became a well-respected personality. He treated local artists with the same ink and enthusiasm as he would acclaimed international bands, and his unwavering support of the Calgary music scene made him a pillar of the community.

James passed away in September 2006 at the age of 54.


J Jean-Mackie_image

Jean Mackie Award for Nursing


Jean Mackie was a pioneer in the development of nursing training programs outside of hospitals. She joined Mount Royal in 1965 as the first Chair of the Department of Nursing where she helped establish Alberta's first non-hospital two-year Diploma Nursing program. Jean subsequently set up similar programs in Ontario and British Columbia.

Born in Winnipeg in 1916, Jean received her BA in nursing from McGill University, then worked as a nurse and taught in Edmonton and Medicine Hat before moving to Calgary in 1954. Later, she earned her Masters of Nursing from the University of Washington. She is the author of The First Decade, a history of the Diploma Nursing program at Mount Royal. Jean died in 1997.


J JeffBird

Reyn Johnson & Jeff Bird Memorial Scholarship

Jeffrey Bird was a devoted husband, father, son, brother and friend. Jeff grew up in Calgary and attended Lord Beaverbrook High School. After high school he majored in mathematics at the University of Calgary. Upon graduating in 2005, Jeff enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force and began his training to become a pilot. During this time he met his wife Carly.

In 2009, Jeff became certified as a tactical helicopter pilot and was posted in Edmonton. As a member of 408 Squadron in Edmonton, Jeff made many good friends. In 2011, he served a six-month tour in Afghanistan.

Jeff was then posted to Moose Jaw, Sask. in 2012 where he spent three years working as a qualified flight instructor. While in Moose Jaw, Jeff and Carly welcomed their daughter Celeste in 2014 and their son Shane in 2016. In late 2016, Jeff released from the military and moved his family back to his hometown of Calgary, Alta. to pursue a career as a civilian pilot.

While Jeff's passion was for flying, his greatest love was for his family. He always put Carly, Celeste and Shane ahead of all else. He was fully enamored with his children, and he soaked up every moment he spent with them. Jeff seemed to enjoy every aspect of being a parent, and he always said that becoming a dad was his biggest dream in life come true.

Jeff was warm and friendly, and he was able to get along with everyone he met. His smile was infectious. He had many friends, and he enjoyed good food, good beers and good conversation. He was naturally athletic and enjoyed playing hockey, squash, golf and running. He loved adventures, travelling, meeting new people and seeing new places.

Simply put, Jeff loved life and he lived it fully during his short 35 years. He is missed dearly by his family, friends and all who knew him.

J Jeff-McClure_image

Jeff McClure Memorial Scholarship


Jeff McClure's passion was working with young people. He was a strong advocate for troubled youth and throughout his life empowered them to believe in themselves. Jeff's love for life endeared him to many young people.

Born in 1955 in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland, Jeff attended Mount Royal in the early 1970s and was involved in a variety of recreation programs with youth that focused on wilderness activities. He was a Child and Youth Care Worker for many years and in 1982 he co-established the Wellington Place Group Home for abused and neglected adolescents.

In 1988, Jeff and his wife Anita moved to the Okanagan Valley where they were therapeutic foster parents for a number of years. In August 1998, Jeff was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away on Sept. 7, 1998.

The Jeff McClure Memorial Scholarship, co-sponsored by the Wellington Place Group Home and Hull Child and Family Services was established in honour of his legacy.


J Jeffery-James-Stouffer_image

Jeffery James Stouffer Memorial Scholarship


Born in 1967, Jeffery Stouffer graduated from Calgary's Sir Winston Churchill High School, where he played on the AAA Provincial Championship Basketball Team.

A caring and generous young man, Jeff served a two-year mission, which he financed himself, in the Northeastern United States for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Jeff later attended Mount Royal and went on to study at Brigham Young University. He aspired to become a chiropractor.

Jeffery Stouffer died in January 1993 after a courageous battle with cancer.


J Jennifer-Pedersen_image

Jennifer Pedersen Memorial Scholarship


Jennifer Pedersen was in her last year of study majoring in History and Religious Studies at the University of Calgary after having transferred from Mount Royal. She was attracted to these subjects through her life experiences and natural curiosity in the diversities in the world around her.

Jennifer was born in Calgary on October 21, 1977. She loved all people, children and animals; she played softball and soccer; she was a collector of everything; she was very happy outdoors, camping, skiing and traveling; she was an accomplished tuba player and was a member of the Calgary Round-Up Band, Stetson Band and Westwinds Band. Most of all, Jenn had enormous love, loyalty and passion for her family and friends.

Jenn once composed a poem she called, I've Learned, the last stanza of which read "That the people you care about most in life, are taken away from you too soon." Jennifer passed away suddenly on June 7, 2003 at the age of 25. Through this scholarship, it is hoped others may be able to pursue studies similar to those that Jenn pursued.


J Jim-Burroughs_image

Jim Burroughs Memorial Bursary


Jim Burroughs, known as "Gentleman Jim" to his many friends, colleagues and peers, was born in Drumheller, Alberta in 1931.

At the age of 24, Jim began his flying career with a brand new commercial license and 200 hours of flying experience. He took his first job in The Pas, Manitoba, where he flew many mercy missions for the First Nations people of this region.

His love for bush flying took him to the Hamlet of Aklavik in the Northwest Territories where he worked for the only commercial air service at the time north of the Arctic Circle. In 1958, Jim started a flying service in Fort Nelson and Fort St. John, BC. His aircraft were the first twin-engine planes to land at oil rig drilling sites in northern British Columbia. After flying in the north for 16 years, Jim came to Calgary and started Chinook Jet Charter.

During his 50-year career as a pilot, Jim logged over 6 million air miles, more than 19,000 accident-free flying hours and flew 80 different aircraft before his last flight in April 2011.

Jim's passion for flying led him to build model, remote-controlled airplanes, which he flew with members of the Calgary R/C Club and, most especially, his grandchildren whom he adored.

Jim passed away on June 3, 2011.



J John-and-Patricia-Donahue_image

John and Patricia Donahue Memorial Scholarship


John Patrick Donahue, or "Doc", as his family and friends knew him, was born on August 14, 1914 in Scranton, PA. Patricia Evelyn Moodie was a second generation Calgarian, born on August 17, 1917. They met at the University of Toronto as Doc pursued pre-medicine and Pat studied arts and physiotherapy. They married in 1936 and moved to Calgary in 1937. Doc began a long career with Canadian Pacific Railway and remained with the company until his retirement in 1974.

Pat and Doc had a keen interest in sports as participants, spectators and as cheerleaders for their children's athletic endeavours. Doc was captain of the university water polo team, an assistant pro-golfer and lifelong player of the game. A true Calgarian, Pat served as president of the Southern Alberta Pioneers' Association for a number of years.

Pat and Doc always stressed the importance of education to their five children and to their many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. During their 57-year marriage they never stopped learning and shared a lifetime surrounded by family and filled with love, sense of humour and a real zest for life. The scholarship in their memory was created by their son, Jack Donahue.


J John-Petropoulos_image

John Petropoulos Memorial Scholarship


Born and raised in Calgary, Constable John Petropoulos obtained his University Transfer Diploma through Mount Royal's Department of Criminology. He completed his degree in British Columbia and returned to Calgary in 1996 to fulfill his lifelong ambition to become an officer with the Calgary Police Service.

Those who knew John as a Mount Royal student recognized his potential to be an exceptional police officer. He was an individual of character, determination, humour and high ethical principles. In the four short years that John served the citizens of Calgary, he received many commendations from both the public and the Police Service.

Tragically; John passed away on September 29, 2000, while investigating a break and enter incident when he stepped through a false ceiling and fell to the room below. There was no safety railing to warn him of the danger.

The John Petropoulos Memorial Fund, which created this scholarship, strives to eliminate preventable workplace fatalities and injuries to emergency responders by educating the public about its role in helping to keep these essential workers safe on the job.



J Joyce-Austin_image

Joyce Austin Memorial Scholarship


Joyce Marcella Austin and her twin sister Judy were born in Willingdon, AB in 1943 to parents Mary and Alex Hantiuk. They spent their childhood years on the family farm in Hairy Hill.

Joyce met and married John Austin in Edmonton. They and his two sons enjoyed living in the United States, Australia and South Africa. Joyce returned home to Alberta in 1990 and worked in the Premier's Office until 2007.

Joyce passed away in October 2009 after a courageous battle with cancer.

Joyce was predeceased by her parents and sister Judy Wish Hamilton. In honour of her beloved twin sister, Joyce left a bequest to the Judy Wish Hamilton Memorial Scholarship at Mount Royal. In turn, in memory of Joyce Austin, Mount Royal University created the Joyce Austin Memorial Scholarship.


J Joyce-Wontner_image

Joyce Wontner Memorial Entrance Bursary


Born in Calgary in 1934, Joyce demonstrated her love of learning and dedication to education early in life. An honour student through high school, she continued her studies at the University of Alberta and graduated with a degree in education. Her teaching career focused on the developmental years, where she taught young children to read and appreciate the power of books.

Joyce was also known for her gardening expertise. She would spend countless hours in her own yard as well as volunteering with planting and maintaining the Crescent Heights Community Garden. Known as the "Phantom Gardener", plants rescued by Joyce would often magically appear in neighbouring gardens.

Joyce was deeply rooted and committed to the Calgary community as evident with her lifelong participation and dedication to the Anglican parishes of St. Michael and All Angels and Holy Cross Anglican Church as well as her generosity to many different philanthropic interests. Before she passed in the summer of 2013, Joyce expressed a desire to continue supporting students with their education in the area of child and youth studies. This award allows her legacy to continue at the same time providing limitless opportunities for students to invest their future.


J Judy-Wish-Hamilton_image

Judy Wish Hamilton Memorial Scholarship in Communications and Judy Wish Hamilton Memorial Scholarship in Public Relations


In April 2002, Alberta lost a remarkable, pace-setting and courageous friend when Judy Wish-Hamilton lost her 3 ½ -year battle with cancer.

Throughout her life, spent mostly in Calgary and Edmonton, Judy was a dedicated mentor, particularly to young women entering their working years. In everything she did, she was an innovative leader.

During her career, Judy was Director, Public and Government Affairs for Petro-Canada and the Canadian Petroleum Institute. Earlier in her career she was Director, Government of Alberta Office in Ottawa, and Legislative Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to Premier Peter Lougheed.

Judy was a strong proponent of the arts. She was a successful president of Alberta Theatre Projects and board member of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. In 2006, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts dedicated AlphaBall Too, a unique welded steel sculpture by artist Tony Bloom, in Judy's name. AlphaBall Too is a contemporary commentary on the elements of written language. The sculpture can be found on the main floor of Kerby Hall on the Mount Royal campus.


K Karen-Miller-Tait_image

Karen Miller-Tait Memorial Award


Karen Miller-Tait was an exceptional individual who had many talents besides being visually creative. She was musical, athletic, intelligent and extremely well-rounded. Karen showed an early aptitude for art and music. She was also an avid skier and an accomplished tennis player.

Karen enrolled at Mount Royal to study Interior Design where she excelled. She continued on to Ryerson University to complete her degree in Interior Design. Upon graduation, Karen received the prestigious McCann Award for Excellence. Through her work, she was involved in a wide range of innovative design and marketing projects including displays for General Motors and the NHL.

Karen rejoiced in living and it was her sensitivity to beauty, her vibrant energy and her generosity that touched so many. Karen and her three-month-old son Tait were killed in a car accident on Dec. 21, 1997. She was 27.


K Kari-Maureen-Ozar_image

Kari Maureen Ozar Memorial Scholarship


Kari Maureen Ozar was born in Calgary in 1965. After graduating from Bishop Grandin Senior High School, Kari entered Mount Royal in 1983 as a Corrections student and soon enrolled in the department's university transfer program. Her family says she wanted to help people in trouble.

Outside of school, Kari was an artist who enjoyed working and creating with her hands. She was skilled in many crafts, especially ceramics and crocheting. Dancing and playing the piano were also among her hobbies.

After Kari was killed in a car accident near Airdrie on July 3, 1984, the Criminology Department at Mount Royal raised funds to establish a scholarship in her memory. Kari's parents made a significant contribution to the award in honour of their daughter.


K Kathleen-Matthews-Palmer-Bullinger_image

Kathleen Matthews Palmer Bullinger Memorial Bursary in Nursing


Kathleen Matthews was born in 1921 on Coulee Bank Farm, southwest of Lethbridge, AB. The eldest of five siblings, she attended the Coulee Bank School, a one-room school house situated on the farm.

In 1940, she married David Loyd Palmer. They had four sons - George, Lloyde, Percy and Gough. They purchased a farm near Enchant, AB in 1956 and continued farming until 1967, at which time they moved to Lethbridge. They divorced in 1970.

Kathleen graduated from SAIT as a certified nursing aide in 1965. She worked tirelessly at the Milk River hospital, the Lethbridge Municipal hospital and the Holy Cross hospital in Calgary until her retirement in 1985. She truly enjoyed her work and was fond of her patients and colleagues.

In 1979, Kathleen met Joseph Bullinger on a trip to Cuba. They married a year later and lived happily until his passing in 1986. They enjoyed travelling together, taking cruises and visiting family.

Kathleen had 11 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren whom she loved dearly.

Kathleen passed away in 2008. The Kathleen Matthews Palmer Bullinger Memorial Bursary was established by Gough, Susan and Sarah Palmer in honour of her memory.


K Kay-Kirby_Memorial-Wall.gif

Kay Kirby Pullen Memorial Scholarship


Kay Pullen grew up on a farm in Northern Alberta, thriving on her family’s homestead before moving to Edmonton after high school to start a business career. She then met and married Jack Pullen, a geologist from Ontario, and together, they raised four children. 

Kay always found time to give back to the community, doing things like providing first aide through St. John Ambulance, and volunteering in programs that introduced beginners to new sports and other pass-times. 

At the age of forty, Kay went back to school and graduated from Nursing at Mount Royal, bringing a special blend of life experience and book learning to emergency medicine and psychiatry at Foothill’s Hospital. 

Kay was a generous soul and honoured family members through scholarships for young people. (At Mount Royal, she established the Carol Pullen Dacyk Memorial Scholarship to remember her daughter Carol who passed away in 2016.) These gifts were Kay’s way of showing support for individuals who deserve the opportunity to achieve their dreams. 

Above all else, Kay was a kind and loving person, who found beauty and inspiration in the extraordinary and the everyday.

K Keith-Harrison_image

Keith Harrison Memorial Scholarship


Staff Sergeant Keith Harrison of the Calgary Police Service was first a student of Mount Royal's Criminal Justice program and, later, a teacher in the same program.

He enlisted with the police service in August 1960. Two years after his promotion to detective in 1970, Keith began teaching law to police recruits. He was considered a brilliant academic by his students and colleagues. In 1975 he was promoted to Sergeant of Detectives and, a year later, to Staff Sergeant.

An ardent sportsman, he loved spending his leisure time in the outdoors, particularly hunting and fishing. He also enjoyed playing fastball. Keith Harrison was killed during a shoot-out while responding to a hold-up alarm on March 12, 1976. He was 40.


K Kevin-Gillis_image

Kevin Gillis Memorial Scholarship


Kevin Gillis taught Economics at Mount Royal from 1985 until his death in April 1997. He was a coordinator with the Department of Economics and Political Science, a student advisor with the Arts faculty and a Vice-President of Mount Royal's Faculty Association. His colleagues described him as conscientious, professional, helpful and a team player.

Born in 1958 in Summerside, PEI, Gillis completed his PhD in International Economics at the University of Wales at Aberystwyth in 1996. He was active in student politics in both his undergraduate and graduate programs, receiving the "Gold X" from Saint Francis Xavier University in 1980 for his contribution to the university community.


K Kim-Johnston_image

Kimberley J. Johnston Memorial Research Fund


Born in Hamilton, ON, Kimberley attended Aldershot High School in Burlington. In 1983 she graduated from the University of Waterloo (B.Sc., Biology). A talented singer and actor, Kimberley performed in theatre, opera, television and film projects in Ontario, and was the founder of Dead Funny Productions (1989-1993), a Kitchener based dinner theatre company.

In 1993 she moved to Calgary with her children and continued her acting career, hosting the Access TV series Biologix and performing as Maria in Front Row Centre's 1997 production of Sound of Music. In 1997 she was awarded Woman of the Year, Calgary with her gold medal women's cancer patient dragon boat team.

Kimberley met her husband Paul professionally, in 1999 and grew closer in 2004 when they both found that they had a lot in common, including a love of fossils.

She later pursued studies in geology and in 2008 graduated from the University of Calgary (M.Sc., Geology). Thereafter, she worked as a contract research geologist with Statoil, Calgary before winning a scholarship to Imperial College London in 2012 to pursue a PhD. Her talents extended to quilting, knitting, drumming, belly-dancing, calligraphy, and scientific editing. Kimberley's warm spirit, keen wit and creative mind will be always be remembered by those close to her.


K Kristen-Deyell_image

Kristen Deyell Memorial Scholarship


Kristen Paige Deyell was in her second year of Mount Royal's Business Program and was participating in the International Education Exchange Program when she passed away in Guadalajara, Mexico, at the age of 20 years.

Kristen was born in Calgary on February 24, 1984. She enjoyed soccer, dancing, painting, drama, and music. She loved her time spent in Mexico, her host family, and the friends she made in Guadalajara.

The following are from a Box of Thoughts Maybe to Live By collected by Kristen throughout her life:

"The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on the porch with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had."

"Happiness waits for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched and those who tried, for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives."


L LellaLockhart

Lella (Dole) Lockhart Memorial Award in Nursing


Lella was born in 1907, the youngest of six children to Vulcan homesteader parents, J. Franklin and Birdie Dole. Lella graduated from South Calgary High School, and in 1925 enrolled in the Holy Cross Hospital Nurses Training School operated by the Roman Catholic Church. Discipline was strict and she was expelled for cutting her hair. She applied for admission to the White Hospital in Lewiston, ID, and graduated as an RN in 1929, later taking a course in Medical Laboratory Practices at the Portland Medical School in Oregon. She returned to work at the private Calgary Western Hospital and as a private nurse with polio patients in Vulcan.

In July 1931, the first rural Health Unit in Alberta was established in High River. After training as a Nurse Technician, Lella began working with Dr. Gordon Saunders.

In 1934, Lella married Bill Lockhart, who farmed west of High River. Lella encouraged all her children to become educated and to support their community. She was active in the East Longview and High River communities all her life. She died on April 24, 1994, and is buried in the Highwood Cemetery.


L MRU placeholder image 150x200

Lella (Dole) Lockhart and Rita (Powell) Haggarty Memorial Award in Nursing


Lella (Dole) Lockhart (1907-1994) was born in Vulcan, AB. She took her nurses training at the Holy Cross Hospital in Calgary and White Hospital in Lewiston, ID, graduating as an RN in 1929. Additional training included Medical Laboratory Practices and Nurse Technician. In 1931, Lella worked for the first rural Health Unit established in Alberta at High River. Being progressive and independent for women of the 1930s, she owned and drove her own car to visit her rural patients. Her efforts and sacrifices were also instrumental in nurses gaining the right to cut their hair.

Lella married Bill Lockhart in 1934 and raised four children. She was active in the Longview and High River communities all her life and was always a great supporter of education.

Katherine Rita (Powell) Haggarty (1908-1978) was born in Inverness, QC. At the age of two she moved west with her family who homesteaded on the prairies near Richdale, AB. She completed her high school in Trochu and trained at the Holy Cross Hospital in Calgary, graduating as an RN in 1932.

Rita was proud of her profession and put it to service caring for her husband Willard, her eight children and the people of Cluny and district. She was called upon at any hour of the day or night to meet the needs of others. This she did for 35 years, freely and with a generous heart.


L CampbellMunro

Lieutenant Campbell Stuart Munro

Died Dec. 16, 1943

Lieutenant Campbell Stuart Munro attended Mount Royal before joining the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI), serving as Lieutenant with the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. Lieutenant Munro was killed on Dec. 16, 1943 and is buried at the Moro River Canadian Way Cemetery in Italy. In Alberta, Lieutenant Munro is remembered at Lake Munro, which was named in his honour, and at a cairn on Rich Lake, east of Lac La Biche. In Calgary, the PPCLI Memorial Hall also honours Lt. C.S. Munro.

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L MRU placeholder image 150x200

Lieutenant Denis Frederick Harvey

Died Feb. 16, 1945

Denis Harvey was born in Calgary, the only son of Lillian Patterson Harvey, a native Albertan, and Irish-born Brigadier General Frederick Harvey, a distinguished and decorated veteran of the First and Second World Wars. Denis Harvey attended Mount Royal College in 1940, and served on the executive of the Science and Mathematics Club. Known to his friends as "Red" Harvey, he joined the Royal Winnipeg Rifles and was killed near Germany on Feb. 16, 1945. Lieutenant Harvey is buried in the Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery in the Netherlands. Within the cemetery stands the Groesbeek Memorial, engraved with the words Pro amicis mortui amicis vivimus - "We live in the hearts of friends for whom we died."

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L EverettFallis

Lieutenant Everett Boyd Jackson Fallis

Died April 9, 1917

Everett Fallis was born in Ontario and came to Calgary when his father, Rev. Dr. Samuel Fallis - a personal friend of Mount Royal College founding Principal Rev. Dr. George W. Kerby - became the minister at Central Methodist Church. In 1911, Fallis attended Mount Royal College and stayed until 1915, when he enlisted with the 102nd Battalion, Canadian Infantry, Central Ontario Regiment. While living in Ontario, Fallis had been a lieutenant with the Toronto cadets. Lieutenant Fallis served in France and was killed during the Battle of Vimy Ridge. He is buried at the Villers Station Cemetery in Pas de Calais, France.

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L GeorgeLewis

Lieutenant George Lloyd Lewis

Died Sept. 16, 1916

George Lloyd Lewis was born in Ontario in 1895, came to Calgary with his parents, and attended Mount Royal College during its first two years of operation. Lewis loved sports and played on the 1911/1912 Mount Royal hockey team and the 1912 rugby team. Before enlisting with the Royal Canadian Regiment in 1915, he spent six months with the 103rd Regiment of Calgary. Lieutenant Lewis was killed at the age of twenty-one years during the Battle of the Somme. Like many other Canadian soldiers, his body was never found, but his name and memory are preserved at the Vimy Memorial in Pas de Calais, France.

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L GordonWilkin

Lieutenant Gordon Shaw Wilkin

Died Sept. 11, 1918

Gordon Wilkin was born in Saskatchewan and came to Alberta with his family, entering Mount Royal College in 1911. Before joining the Flying Corps in Toronto in March 1917, Wilkin worked as a bookkeeper for the Calgary Gas Company and developed a wide circle of Calgary friends. In England, he served as an instructor on the Handley-Page aircraft. At the time of his death in 1918, Flight Lieutenant Wilkin was serving with the No. 2 Auxiliary School of Aerial Gunnery with the Royal Air Force. Wilkin is buried in the Ipswich Cemetery in the United Kingdom.

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L HaroldMusgrove

Lieutenant Harold Stone Musgrove

Died Aug. 9, 1918

Harold Stone Musgrove, a native Albertan, was born in Canmore in 1895. He attended Mount Royal College before enlisting in August 1915 as a 2nd Lieutenant with the Canadian Corps Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Musgrove later served briefly with the Royal Air Force, founded in April 1918, and was killed five months later in France. Musgrove is buried and commemorated in Arras Flying Services Memorial in Pas de Calais, France and commemorated on the Canmore Cenotaph in Alberta.

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L Linda-Singleton_image

Linda Singleton Memorial Scholarship

Linda Ann Singleton's 24 year career in communications and public affairs was epitomized by her exceptional leadership, hard work and commitment to excellence. While working as Vice-President Public Affairs with TransAlta Corporation, and prior as Director of Public Affairs for the Government of Alberta, and prior as Director Public affairs for TransAlta, with the support of her 25 year marriage to Richard R. Singleton, she volunteered countless hours with several professional associations and community organizations, including  service on the Foothills Hospital Board, Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada, Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta and the United Way. For five years she also served as a member of Mount Royal's Public relations Program Advisory Committee. 

Linda passed away December 11, 1995.   

In 1996 she was posthumously awarded an Honorary Bachelor of Applied Communications - Public Relations from Mount Royal.


L Lorne-MacDonald_image

Lorne MacDonald Memorial Award


Born in Merritt, BC, Lorne MacDonald loved to fly. After earning his degree in Business Administration from Okanagan College in 1984, Lorne entered the Aviation program at Mount Royal. He worked hard at his studies but still found time to be active in college sports. An avid outdoorsman, Lorne enjoyed skiing, hunting, fishing, hockey and boating. He was well liked by his classmates and is remembered for his conscientiousness and determination.

After graduating from Mount Royal in 1987, Lorne headed north to put in the flying hours needed to qualify him for commercial pilot status. Tragically, he was killed, along with four others, in a plane crash at Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories in 1989. He was 25. He had logged 2,300 hours of flying time.



M Mabel-Goodman_image

Mabel Goodman Memorial Scholarship


Mabel was born in Langenburg, SK on December 2, 1917, to parents Andrew and Veronica Rausch. She married Frank Vrabec in Toronto in 1943 before he shipped overseas. Their married life was spent in Rocanville, SK and Virden, MB. Frank died in 1952. In 1955, Mabel married Lorne Goodman. They farmed in the Rocanville area for many years. Lorne passed away in 1994 after a lengthy illness.

Mabel lived in various places but spent most of her life in Rocanville before moving to Moosomin, SK in the summer of 2005. She passed away in February 2006. She always enjoyed her time with family and friends and loved to record in her journals all the events of her days - be they large or small.

Mabel always put the needs of others before her own. She was a loving, caring woman who will be greatly missed.


M Mac-Bell_image

Mac Bell Memorial Scholarship


Mac Bell was a pioneer radio broadcaster in Calgary. His career began in the late 1940s at CFAC radio and he became one of Calgary's best known media personalities. Mac loved classical music and, though he had no formal training, his reputation as a musicologist was formidable.

When CFAC announced it was changing to a country music format in the early seventies, he joined CBC radio as a music producer. Many of his recorded concerts of the philharmonic orchestra were broadcast nationally.

In 1977, Mac left the CBC to take a teaching position at Mount Royal. He was the instructor of radio operations in the Broadcasting program. He remained at Mount Royal until 1981 when ill health forced his retirement.


M ManmeetBhullar

Manmeet Bhullar Inspire Award


A leading figure in Alberta for child welfare and education, Manmeet Singh Bhullar was an outstanding citizen within his community. As a former student of Mount Royal University, Athabasca University and the University of Windsor, Manmeet earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Law. He dedicated his career to serving his community and those most in need.

Manmeet was elected as MLA for the northeast constituency of Calgary- Greenway in 2008, becoming the youngest member to be elected to Alberta's 27th legislature. In 2010, Manmeet became the parliamentary assistant to Municipal Affairs and proudly served as minister of Service Alberta, minister of Human Services and minister of Infrastructure.

As minister of Human Services, Manmeet was a passionate advocate for the children and families of Alberta. He believed in the value of education and the importance of instilling optimism and courage in young people - Manmeet played an intrinsic role in designating Mount Royal College as Mount Royal University. He held many awards to his name, including the Alberta Centennial Medial and the Centennial Medallion.


M johnursulak

Major (Ret'd) John Ursulak Memorial Scholarship

John Ursulak was born July 4, 1927 in Inglis, Manitoba. He completed high school in Timmins, Ontario before joining the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 1949.

During the course of his military career, John flew a variety of aircraft including the Harvard, P-51 Mustang, B-25 Mitchell, Vampire, CF-100 Canuck, T-33 Silver Star and Canadair F-86 Sabre and was stationed in Canada, Europe and the United States. His RCAF career highlights include leading the winning team in the 1957 Aerial Gunnery Competition within the 4th Allied Tactical Air Force, beating out the American and French Air Force teams. John retired from the RCAF after 25 years of service to fly commercial passengers with Air Transit which flew Twin Otters out of Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.

After Air Transit, John moved on to flying corporate jets like the Gulfstream II and Learjets for various companies including Canadair and Ranger Oil. He had a productive retirement spending many hours volunteering for the Aero Space Museum, Sarcee Fish and Game and the Grandparent program at Ranchlands School.

John, beloved husband of Margrit, passed away in Calgary, Alberta, June 27, 2016 at age 88. He had two children and five grandchildren that he loved dearly.

M MansurBharwani

Mansur Bharwani Memorial Award in Accounting


Mansur Bharwani was born in 1948 in Musoma, Uganda. Having graduated at the top of his class with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Patna, India, he travelled to London, England to pursue employment.

Mansur immigrated to Canada in 1974 where he established an accounting practice with his brother under the name of E & M Business Consultants Ltd. He later joined an oil company to broaden his accounting knowledge. While in Calgary, Mansur met his wife, Farida, and they had two children, Rehana and Aleem. Mansur's entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him and his family to settle in Royston, BC and operate a supermarket.

Mansur died tragically in a motor vehicle accident at the young age of 36. His kindness, generosity and genuine ability to connect with people of all walks of life were celebrated when the community came together at his memorial service.

Mansur is lovingly remembered by his family and friends. The Esmail & Safana Bharwani Charitable Foundation wishes to honour Mansur's memory with an award in his name to help Mount Royal business students realize their education dreams.


M MRU placeholder image 150x200

Marion F. Cole and Kate L. Fast Memorial Bursary in Nursing


Marion, born in Bethune, SK loved music and although she took piano lessons as a child, her real love was the violin and Don Messer - her idol. She was among the first to join the Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC) when the first office opened August 29, 1941 on the Esquimalt Base near Victoria, BC. She was discharged in 1945.

Marion enjoyed all sports; she was a softball pitcher in her teens and an enthusiastic Calgary Stampeder fan. Reading was also a hobby from childhood. If she was not watching or listening to sports she had a book in her hand.

Kate immigrated to Canada in 1912 from Kent, England. Like everyone in 1930's Saskatchewan, the community was very important to her - neighbour helping neighbour regardless of race, colour or creed, forming friendships that lasted a lifetime.

Kate worked for years as a midwife in Bethune and Porcupine Plain, SK. She loved music and dancing and, like Marion, was an avid reader. She also enjoyed all sports including wrestling.


M Marion-Knight_image

Marion Knight Memorial Scholarship


Marion Knight was one of the founding members of the Bonavista Players community theatre group. She was involved in various roles from its founding in 1984 until her untimely passing in the summer of 1999.

During the early years of the Bonavista Players, Marion was responsible for the sale of thousands of tickets, which helped build a solid and loyal audience base for the theatre group.

Community theatre is a starting point for many actors, directors, and backstage crew. Marion took people under her wing and made sure everyone felt welcome and valued. She had a vision of what community theatre should be and the enthusiasm and energy to make it happen.

The Marion Knight Memorial Scholarship in Theatre and Speech is inspired by Marion's engagement and dedication to community theatre.


M Marjorie-McNeil_image

Marjorie McNeill Memorial Scholarship


Marjorie McNeill grew up on a farm near Admiral, SK. In 1937, when she graduated from the Medicine Hat School of Nursing, the cap with the black band was worn as a symbol of professional competence and over the years, her dedication to the nursing profession proved to be extraordinary. Shortly after graduation, she married Ross McNeill, an automobile and aircraft mechanic.

Marjorie's nursing career was life-long; it enriched the lives of her extended family and her many friends. She worked at Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary in the late 1940s and during the1950s. Night shifts were common because she stayed home during the day with her youngest, daughter who was born in 1950. Working as a nurse during a polio epidemic was especially stressful because she feared that her own family might, through her, come into contact with the highly contagious disease.

Marjorie was nursing director at Sarcee Auxiliary Hospital before retiring in 1968. She continued to volunteer as a nurse after moving to the Okanagan with her husband. Marjorie's later life was enhanced by a generous legacy from Sid Kahanoff. She died at 88 on November 25, 2001. Her sense of humour, practical wisdom and genuine love for all leave a wonderful legacy for all who knew her.


M Marnie-Wyatt_image

Marnie Wyatt Memorial Scholarship


Marnie Wyatt was born in Moose Jaw, SK in 1921. She was raised and educated in Regina and Eyebrow, SK, where she met her husband, Hal Wyatt. After graduation from business school, she and Hal married and, together, they travelled extensively all over the world. Thirsty for knowledge, Marnie enjoyed visiting and familiarizing herself with other cultures.

Learning and knowledge were very important to the couple - Hal is a long-time, dedicated member of the Mount Royal University Foundation Board.

Marnie had a love of music - and her passion lives on in Wyatt Hall - a performance space named after the Wyatt family. The excellent care she received when she was afflicted with cancer gave Marnie a strong appreciation for the excellence, compassion and dedication of members of the nursing profession. Consequently, it was her wish that contributions be made in her name to Mount Royal's Nursing program towards scholarships for worthy candidates.


M Mary-Prossak_image

Mary Prossak Memorial Scholarship


Mary Prossak was born on July 17, 1912 in Winnipeg, the eldest child of Catherine and John Prossak. In the Prossak home, school and music were very important. Mary learned to play the mandolin and developed a life-long love for the classics.

Upon graduating from East Kildonan Collegiate in 1930, Mary faced bleak prospects for employment and took advantage of an opportunity to go east. For the cost of a $5 train ticket, Mary reached Toronto and Welland, and became a self-described 'Jill of all trades', doing bookkeeping and general office work. She eventually moved to Montreal to work in the needle trade. Throughout her time in the east, Mary advocated for the disadvantaged and powerless.

In 1957, Mary moved to Calgary to care for her ailing parents. At the original city centre campus she established Mount Royal's first bookstore. She oversaw the bookstore's move to the Richmond Park campus and continued as manager until her retirement in 1977. During her life in Calgary, Mary supported the Ukrainian Cultural Centre as both a volunteer and donor. She also volunteered as a docent at the Glenbow Museum. In 2000, Mary established scholarships for social work and nursing students at Mount Royal, dedicating the latter to her sister, Pat. Mary passed away after a long and friend-filled life on December 21, 2003.



M Maureen-Kermack_image

Maureen Kermack Memorial Scholarship in Advanced Studies in Critical Care Nursing and Maureen Kermack Memorial Scholarship in Midwifery


Maureen Shannon was born in Burnaby, BC in 1932, and passed away in Victoria in 1991. Maureen was educated in Vancouver and White Rock. She completed her training as a Registered Nurse at the Kingston General Hospital in 1953.

Maureen returned to the West Coast and worked as a Pediatric Nurse at the Vancouver General Hospital in early 1954. Later that year, she joined Canadian Pacific Airlines as a flight attendant on flights from Edmonton into Northern Canada.

She met and married George Kermack in 1955. They settled in Calgary, raising five children. Maureen considered making a home for her family her most important job. The Kermacks moved to British Columbia in late 1988.


M Merv-Anderson_Memorial-Wall.gif

Mervin (Merv) Alexander Anderson Bursary for Journalism

Merv Anderson was born February 22, 1928 in Fort William, Ontario, present day Thunder Bay. Merv’s reporting career began at the Port Arthur News Chronicle in Thunder Bay and after a break from the newspaper business in 1950 he accepted a job at the Portage la Prairie Graphic in Manitoba.

In 1953 Merv and his young family moved to Trail B.C. to work at the Trail Times newspaper. The prairies called once again in 1956 and Merv, his wife Mary and their two children, moved to Calgary, AB for a position at the Calgary Herald.

The Anderson era at the Calgary Herald spanned more than 30 years. Merv held a variety of roles over his time at the Herald as a reporter, city editor, editorial writer and finally as the city hall columnist. His beat was City Hall from where he felt all the newsworthy stories came.

During Merv’s tenure in the newsroom his training forte was focused on the importance of answering the “why” portion of journalism’s Five W’s.  He had a tremendous flair for words and was well known for implementing the administration of a vocabulary test upon hiring new recruits.  

Merv’s achievements were recognized when he was awarded a Southam Fellowship at the University of Toronto in Ontario from 1973-1974.

Merv was a talented journalist with great integrity, who recognized the power of precise language and the importance of truth, both of which are even more critical in our current era of misinformation.

Although Merv retired from journalism in 1987, he continued to follow domestic and international politics at all government levels and maintained his diverse vocabulary with the daily crossword puzzle.

Merv’s love of journalism was preceded by his love and adoration for his family and seconded by his passion for golf.  Even after his death in October 2008 he has continued to be a source of inspiration for family and friends.

This bursary is in loving memory and a tribute to a remarkable journalist, husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather who was and will always be a legacy for future generations.

M Michael-Huras_image

Michael Huras Memorial Scholarship


Michael was born on April 2, 1993 in Calgary, Alberta. He loved people from the time he was a toddler, engaging everyone in his vicinity with a happy "Hi!" Friendships meant a lot to Mike - he truly cared about people and was always there to listen. He was known among friends as a guy who had a big heart. He also loved to share his opinion, and debate with anyone who had a different one.

Sports were also a large part of Mike's life, especially football, basketball, and snowboarding. He spent many fun days with his friends and family at the cabin on Lake Windermere. Working at Queen Charlotte Lodge, a fishing camp in Haida Gwaii, was his favorite summer job. He worked hard to buy his much loved Jeep Rubicon.

Mike was going into his fourth year at the Bissett School of Business and was focusing on a career as a Financial Planner. He was always trying to organize activities and make sure people had fun, and this was reflected in his involvement at Mount Royal University. He was one of the founders of the MRU Ski Club and the Recreational Coordinator for the Mount Royal flag football league.

While he was taken far too soon, he left a lasting impression on many, and will never be forgotten. The Michael Huras Memorial Scholarship was established by the ski club co-founders, with contributions by countless friends and family members. This award will carry on Mike's spirit of helping others.


M Mirriek-and-Anthony-Fisher_image

Miriel and Anthony Fisher Memorial Scholarship


Miriel and Anthony Fisher met at the tender ages of five and six, respectively, in front of the gates of Central School in Palmerston North, New Zealand. This meeting marked the beginning of a life committed to reading, learning, thinking and debating-or, in another word, education.

Born in Palmerston North, Anthony always desired a career as an educator but when the local teachers' colleges closed in the Depression, he went into, and eventually ran, the family monumental stone mason business. His capacity for understanding and empathy was evident as he helped counsel families through their grieving process. Also born in New Zealand, in the city of Dunedin, Miriel was very involved in the arts community. Through her handcraft business she developed close relationships with many local artisans, helping to sell their hand-made pottery and other crafts.

Together for 67 years, Miriel and Anthony lived a full life and were dedicated to their family and their community. They were highly involved in the peace movement and also served their church, in particular its large social service centre. Their commitment to teaching and learning was passed on to their three children, Robin, Wendy and Shona, all of whom followed careers as teachers before going on to senior administrative positions in education. Shona eventually became the principal of the school where Miriel and Anthony met.

After Anthony's passing in 2006 and Miriel's in 2010, their children, along with the Mount Royal University Faculty Association, created this scholarship to help open a world of possibilities to Aboriginal students.


M Myrna-McCann_Memorial-Wall.gif

Myrna McCann, RN

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, nurse and philanthropist extraordinaire.

She loved to laugh, to tease, to play.

She lived her life with awareness and gusto and life returned in kind.

She loved beauty and saw it in almost everything.

She believed in the dignity of all people and dedicated her life to bringing love and kindness to all.

She loved to be in the company of friends in serious conversation or at a party in light fun conversation.

She shared herself and all she possessed.

She recognized God in everyone and everything.

A life well lived.

N Nathan-Bennor_image

Nathan Bennor Memorial Scholarship


Nathan Bennor was a charismatic and talented young athlete who died tragically on October 12, 1995 at the age of 21. Over 1,100 family members and friends attended his funeral - testimony to how beloved he was among all those who knew him.

Nathan attended Mount Royal for one year and had plans to transfer to the University of Calgary. As a Mount Royal student, he played on the Cougar Men's Volleyball team and won the 1994/95 CCAA National Championship. Nathan not only excelled in volleyball, but also played basketball, hockey and soccer. He enjoyed skiing, swimming and golf. Nathan played Junior Dino volleyball at U of C for several years, and in high school, was voted volleyball and basketball MVP. He was a member of the Alberta Provincial Volleyball team and attended Junior Nationals in Los Angeles, CA and Junior Olympics in Albuquerque, NM with an all-star team.

Through his love of sports, Nathan enjoyed travelling. While playing with the Alberta provincial team, he travelled across Canada and spent time in Hawaii, which was his father's family home. Nathan also went to San Francisco with the Calgary Blizzards, and was voted top goalie in that league.

Nathan was the "program director" who organized get togethers and social outings with his myriad of friends. He will always be remembered for his infectious personality and laugh, awesome sense of humour and smile.


N Neil-McGillvray_image

Neal McGillivray Memorial Scholarship


Neal McGillivray was born and raised in Westlock, AB. His passion for aviation developed early in life. Through hard work and perseverance, he financed his own education at Mount Royal and graduated from the Aviation program in April of 1977.

He began his career as a bush pilot in Alberta's north, where he flew supplies and personnel in and out of northern oil fields. Neal was soon hired by Air Canada and moved east where he raised a family and built his career. With Air Canada, he had the opportunity to fly the DC9, the L1011, B727, B767 and A320. Neal's leadership skills, natural ability, enthusiasm for aviation and for life made for a professional, respected and much-loved individual.

Captain Neal McGillivray was just 50 years old and at the peak of his career when cancer took his life in September 2003.


O Olive-Mae-Mueller_image

Olive Mae Mueller Memorial Bursary


Olive Mae Beare was born on December 17, 1907 in Condie, SK. She received her education in California, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, as her family customarily traveled throughout the winter. Even with this frequent travel, Mae was an excellent student.

As she grew older, Mae began working in the fashion industry as a buyer, manager and designer, eventually moving to Ontario to live with her sister Vera and family. In the early 1940s, Mae moved west to Calgary and joined the writing staff at CFAC radio. At CFAC she wrote, produced and brought to life her delightful real-life stories in the program Something Old, Something New. On her program, Mae became known as "Molly" and was voted the "First Lady of Radio" for Alberta in 1947.

Molly produced the radio program until late in 1947 when she married Walter C. Mueller. She took on the Vice President role at her husband's steel company, conducting business throughout Canada. Molly's volunteer commitments included work with the IODE, the Daughters of the Nile, and the ladies branch of the Shriners. Molly passed away on December 5, 2005.


O Otto-and-Lydia-Deutsch_image

Otto & Lydia Deutsch Memorial Bursary in Science and Otto & Lydia Deutsch Memorial Scholarship in Environmental Science


Otto and Lydia Deutsch were a devoted couple who enjoyed more than 50 years of marriage.

Otto and Lydia emigrated from Europe to Canada as children with their respective families. Both overcame numerous obstacles becoming successful in their lives and careers. Lydia was one of the first female lawyers in the province graduating from the University of Alberta in 1944. Otto spent his teenage years on a farm in rural Alberta, completed his high school by correspondence, and pursued his education at the University of Alberta as well, receiving both a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Education. Otto taught Math and Physics at Mount Royal from 1954 to 1985. He later obtained his Master of Education from the University of Calgary.

Otto and Lydia shared a love of classical music, travel and the mountains. Their highest priority was always their family. Lydia passed away in June of 1999. Their two children, Allan and Nora, felt that Mount Royal had been a cornerstone of the family's life and established two scholarships in memory of their parents after Otto's passing in 2006.


P Paul-Ciaschini_image

Paul Ciaschini Memorial Bursary


A native of Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Paul Ciaschini planned to pursue his career dreams in Alberta from the moment he saw the Rocky Mountains. As a young man, Paul worked summers in Banff and Lake Louise as an accounting clerk at various major hotels.

He was committed to his education, taking courses in Hotel Administration (1974-75) and Business Administration & Accountancy (1975-77) at Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology.

At the time of his death, Paul was on his way to obtaining his Certified General Accountant (CGA) designation through a program at Mount Royal.


P Phylis-Lee_image

Phylis Lee Memorial Scholarship


Phylis Lee came to Mount Royal in 1980, retiring in 1992 after 12 years at the Mount Royal Bookstore. Prior to coming to Mount Royal, Phylis owned and operated her own fabric store and, for several years, commuted to Carseland to teach sewing classes.

An active community volunteer, Phylis donated her time to several charitable organizations, including the Canadian Cancer Society and Meals on Wheels. She was also an avid golfer and loved to travel.

Phylis Lee died in August 1995 at the age of 67.


P ArthurPolley

Pilot Officer Arthur Beverly Polley

Died June 11, 1942

Arthur Polley was born in 1913, lived in Calgary with his family, and attended Mount Royal College in the 1930s. When he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force as a Pilot Officer, Polley left behind his young wife, who was living in Strathmore, Alberta. Pilot Officer Polley died on June 11, 1942 and is buried at Burnsland Cemetery in Calgary.

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P DouglasAitken

Pilot Officer Douglas Spencer Aitken

Died March 8, 1942

Spencer Aitken came to Calgary from Lethbridge to attend Mount Royal College in 1937/1938, joining the hockey and rugby teams as well as serving as art editor of the 1937/1938 Chinook Yearbook. The yearbook congratulated him on being "outstanding in College sports" and noted that Aitken made many friends at Mount Royal. Pilot Officer Aitken joined Unit 403 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force, was killed on March 8, 1942 and is buried in the Runnymede Memorial Cemetery in the United Kingdom.

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P WODouglass

Pilot Officer Douglass Smith Kirkwood Memorial Bursary

Pilot Officer Douglass Smith Kirkwood was with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) when his plane was lost during a raid over Germany in 1944. He was 22 years old at the time. He was born in Calgary and attended Mount Royal for five years before enlisting in the RCAF. We are humbled to have the opportunity to honour WO Douglass S. Kirkwood's sacrifice by creating an endowed Military Memorial Bursary in his name.

P EdwinAnderson

Pilot Officer Edwin Graham Milton Anderson

Died Sept. 1, 1941

Edwin Anderson, the first Mount Royal student to be killed in action during the Second World War, was born in 1920 and attended Mount Royal in 1940, when he was elected president of the High School class. The Chinook Yearbook called him "a modest and shy student" and remarked he was "a loyal enthusiast of the air force after the Christmas Exams." Upon leaving Mount Royal, Anderson enlisted as a Pilot Officer in the 102 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force and was killed on Sept. 1, 1941. Pilot Officer Anderson is buried in Schaffen Communal Cemetery in Diest, Belgium.

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P LloydHinch

Pilot Officer Lloyd George Hinch

Died March 19, 1945

Lloyd Hinch was born in 1923. A native Calgarian, he attended Mount Royal College in 1942. The Varshicom Yearbook emphasizes that Hinch had a fondness for dramatics: "At formals he's a second Fred Astaire / A dapper gent with never a care." Pilot Officer Hinch joined the 425 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force and, at age twenty-two, he was killed on March 19, 1945, near the end of the Second World War. Hinch is buried at Hotton War Cemetery in Belgium.

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P CecilDuke

Private Cecil Wallar Duke

Died May 19, 1916

Cecil Wallar Duke was born in Ontario in 1895 and lived in Banff before attending Mount Royal College during its first two years of operation. A well-known and popular athlete, Duke was the star player on the Mount Royal hockey team in 1911/12 and the lacrosse team in 1912/13. After leaving Mount Royal, Duke worked as a brakeman on the CPR line from Calgary to Edmonton. He joined the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles, British Columbia Regiment and was killed in France at the age of twenty-two years. He is buried in Belgium at the Menin Road South Military Cemetery. Private Duke is also remembered on the Banff Cenotaph erected by the Mount Rundle Chapter IODE.

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P HansRaskesen

Private Hans Raskesen

Died Oct. 24, 1917

Hans Raskesen was born in 1890 and attended Mount Royal College before joining the 50th Battalion, Canadian Infantry Corps, Alberta Regiment. Like fellow Mount Royal student Private James Arnell, he had trained in Alberta with the 191st Battalion. Private Raskesen was killed at age twenty-seven at Passchendaele. He is buried at the Menin Gate (Ypres) Memorial in France.

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P JamesArnell

Private James Alexander Arnell

Died Sept. 30, 1915

James Arnell was the first Mount Royal College student killed in battle during the First World War. Born in Springbank, Arnell came from a pioneering Alberta family. Arnell enrolled at Mount Royal in 1912 and played on the rugby team. Upon graduation, he joined the 10th Battalion, Canadian Infantry Corps, Alberta Regiment. He served and died in France at the age of twenty years. Private Arnell received the 1914-1915 Star, a medal awarded to soldiers by the British government for service between Aug. 1914 and Dec. 1915. Private Arnell is buried in Berks Cemetery Extension in Belgium. At the Calgary Military Museum, James Arnell's name also appears on the 1st Overseas Unit Roster, No. 1 Company.

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P JohnRoss

Private John Hawley Ross

Died April 24, 1916

John Hawley Ross was the second Mount Royal student killed in the First World War. Born in Toronto, Ross attended Mount Royal from 1912-1913 and later worked as a clerk. He enlisted on Aug. 23, 1915 in Halifax, Nova Scotia with the Royal Canadian Regiment. Serving less than a year, Private Ross was killed in France and is buried at the Brandhoek Military Cemetery in Belgium. Along with fellow Mount Royal student Private James Arnell, he received the 1914-1915 Star, a First World War medal awarded by the British government. This bronze fourpointed star was given to soldiers for service between Aug. 1914 and Dec. 1915.

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P MRU placeholder image 150x200

Private Roswell Jay Shantz

Died Nov. 4, 1918

Roswell Jay Shantz was born in Ontario in 1899 and came to Carstairs, Alberta with his Methodist family, who sent him and his brother to attend Mount Royal College in 1911. After leaving Mount Royal, Shantz remained in Calgary, working as a mechanic and eventually joining Lord Strathcona's Horse, Royal Canadian Armoured Corps. Private Shantz died on Nov. 4, 1918 - just days before an armistice was signed to end the First World War on Nov. 11, 1918.

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R R.B.-Horrey_image

R. B. Horrey Memorial Scholarship


Bruce worked at Mount Royal for 35 years in the Faculty of Science and Technology. Upon his retirement in 2002, = his colleagues honoured his invaluable contributions to the faculty by establishing a scholarship in his name. He was loved and remembered for his incredible work ethic, generous nature, and sense of humour. He was an expert in diplomacy and mediation, a compassionate and caring friend and colleague.

Born in 1942, Bruce grew up in the small community of Nakusp on the Arrow Lakes in B.C. Working in his father's hardware business, he learned how to use practically every tool in the shop. His summer jobs spent logging and working on tugboats nurtured a love of the mountains which endured all his life. He died in August 2008 while hiking in the Kootenay Mountains with friends from his outdoor seniors' group.

His wife, son and daughter always came first in his life. He was devoted to them, spending countless hours at hockey arenas, casino fundraisers, church clean-up days, choral concerts, and orthodontist waiting rooms.

Bruce was very proud to have Mount Royal establish a scholarship in his name. Passionate about education, one of the things he enjoyed most about his job was the opportunity to meet and work with young people.


R Ralph-Klein_image

Ralph Klein Memorial Scholarship


Ralph Klein was Premier of Alberta for fourteen years. Prior to holding this office, he was Alberta's Minister of the Environment for three years and Mayor of Calgary for nine. After his retirement from political office in 2006, he became the first holder of the Ralph Klein Chair in Media Studies in the Faculty of Communications Studies in 2007. This was the first-ever fully-endowed Chair at Mount Royal funded entirely by donations from Mr. Klein's friends and supporters. Holding the position for two years, Ralph shared his wisdom and insights on the role of journalists, broadcasters and public relations practitioners in society with students studying for careers in these areas. This was an easy task for Mr. Klein since he had performed all those roles prior to becoming involved in politics.

During his time at Mount Royal, it was a common sight to see Ralph standing in the hallways talking to an always eager group of students both from within and without the Faculty of Communication Studies. Ralph left an indelible mark in the province of Alberta prior to his passing in 2013. He would have been proud that his legacy gives future Mount Royal students the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and pursue careers in Communications.



R RanjitSidhuNew

Ranjit Sidhu - Calgary Grizzlies Wheelchair Basketball Memorial Scholarship


Ranjit Sidhu began his studies at Mount Royal in 1999 and then transferred to the University of Calgary where he earned a degree in Kinesiology. He continued his academic pursuits at Essex University in England, obtaining a master's degree.

Ranjit joined Mount Royal Recreation in May 2008 as a personal trainer specializing in training individuals living with spinal cord injuries. Passionate about his work, he inspired his clients and colleagues to believe in themselves and motivated them to excel. Spurred on by a class demonstration at Mount Royal Ranjit became involved in wheelchair basketball. For over 10 years, he played locally with the Calgary Grizzlies as well as at the provincial and national levels. The sport took him around the world, travelling to the Paralympic Games in Athens and Beijing and the World Championships in Amsterdam and Birmingham. In July 2012, at the age of 31, Ranjit's life was tragically cut short while pursuing another of his passions, mountain climbing.

This scholarship honours Ranjit in the best way - benefiting students driven by the same values, passion and determination to follow their own path. Ranjit often said, "the destination didn't matter; it's the journey itself that is most important".


R Ray-Sloan_image

Ray Sloan Memorial Scholarship


Raymond William Sloan died suddenly of a brain aneurysm on December 31, 1996 at the age of 55. Ray was a man devoted to his family and filled with a passion for life.

An instructor at Mount Royal for 30 years, he was active in environmental education and was an avid outdoorsman who was dedicated to protecting our wilderness and wildlife. He was past president of the Alberta Wilderness Association and spent two years conducting a research program in fisheries enhancement on the Ghost-Waiparous rivers.

Ray will always be remembered as a kind and generous man with a wonderful sense of humor whose laughter filled the hearts of many.


R Richard-Collier_image

Richard Collier Memorial Scholarship


Richard (Rick) Collier was an activist, environmentalist and political candidate who stood for social justice and making our community a better place to live. Rick came to Mount Royal in 1967 as a Vietnam War draft dodger and spent nearly 30 years as a faculty member in the English department. He established the student magazine Skylines, developed a freelance writing certificate program and was instrumental in building the foundation for Mount Royal's Bachelor of Arts degree, which launched in 2008. Dedicated to making a difference, Rick was involved in organizations as diverse as the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and Amnesty International.

Rick was also an avid outdoorsman and long distance runner who had climbed over 1,300 mountains and cycled the circumference of the continental United States. Looking back at his numerous accomplishments, he told the Calgary Sun in 2012 that he was most proud of having explored "thoroughly most of Alberta's magnificent mountain and prairie wild lands, while simultaneously working for their responsible use and preservation."

Tragically, in August 2012, Rick was killed in a climbing accident in the mountains that he loved and where he spent so much of his time.


R Richard-Wallace_image

Richard (Dick) Wallace Memorial Scholarship


Dick Wallace was a person who dedicated his life to the study of people and their humanism. He based his position on principles and demanded that his students do likewise. He loved to teach and engage others in exploration of life's meanings and contradictions. He also enjoyed archeology, photography, fine foods and buying and selling antiques.

Born in Toronto, Dick was educated at St. Patrick's College, graduating in 1952 with a Bachelor of Social Work. He worked with the John Howard Society, later was a probation officer, then served twelve years as parole officer and agency supervisor for the National Parole Service of Canada in Toronto, Hamilton, and Prince Albert, SK.

Dick came to Mount Royal in 1967 to help launch the first justice-related Diploma program in Canada. As Head of the Correctional Career Program, Dick quickly established a reputation for developing graduates that were action oriented and progressive in nature.

Dick retired from Mount Royal in 1980, and passed away on August 7, 1992 after a lengthy battle with respiratory complications.


R Richard-Anco_image

Richard S. Anco Memorial Scholarship


Richard (Dick) Anco enjoyed two successful careers in journalism and public affairs. Born in Toronto in 1931, Richard graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA in political science and economics, then spent a year studying law at Osgoode Hall. He joined the Canadian Press wire service in 1954 and, for the next 20 years, worked as an editor and reporter in Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

In 1974, Richard left journalism to pursue a career in public affairs with Shell Canada, where he remained until his retirement in 1991. As manager of communications, Richard received many awards for his corporate publications.

Richard was an active volunteer with the Alberta Children's Hospital Society, John Howard Society, Salvation Army Food Bank and PALS. He passed away in 1997 at the age of 66.


R Richard-Sonnenberg_image

Rick Sonnenberg Memorial Scholarship


Constable Richard (Rick) Sonnenberg's life was taken in the early hours of Oct. 8, 1993 at the age of 27. He was struck by a stolen vehicle while placing a spike belt on Deerfoot Trail in Calgary.

The awards and commendations Rick earned during his three-and-a-half years with the Calgary Police Service mirrored the enthusiasm with which he lived his life. He was dedicated to his dream of making Calgary a safer community. This spirit and commitment inspired the fundraising drive which helped purchase HAWC1, Canada's first municipal patrol helicopter. HAWC1 was gifted to the Calgary Police Service in Rick Sonnenberg's memory on June 30, 1995 and continues to serve the Calgary community.


R Rob-Davidson_image

Rob Davidson Memorial Bursary


Mount Royal Political Science instructor Rob Davidson was extremely popular with colleagues and students alike because of his solid grasp of political and historical issues and his endearing sense of humor.

His degrees included a BA (Political Science) from the University of Calgary and a Master's in International Relations from the University of Western Ontario. He later earned his law degree and a second post-graduate degree in Public Administration from the University of Calgary.

Rob Davidson died suddenly in 1993 at the age of 39.


R Robert-Sutherland_image

Robert B. Sutherland Memorial Bursary in Insurance


Bob was born and raised in Toronto and Hamilton. As a youngster, he loved the outdoors, spending time boating and fishing. As an adult, he was a hard-working man of integrity who enjoyed travelling and entertaining.

Bob started in the insurance industry at 18 and soon realized this was a field that could offer a fulfilling career. He was working in Toronto when he met his future wife Jeannette. They married in 1969.

Bob quickly advanced in the business and in 1974 jumped at the opportunity to relocate and open the new Gerling Insurance Company office in Calgary. A pioneer at heart, he quickly recognized the unmet need for oil and gas underwriting and worked tirelessly to establish his company's leadership in this market. By 1981, he had advanced to Vice-President responsible for the company's Alberta and Saskatchewan business.

Bob deeply valued honesty, which allowed him to form many satisfying and long-term business relationships during his 48-year career in insurance, and he was a mentor to many entering the field.

He passed away in 2008 after a courageous battle with cancer.


R RobertBruce

Robert L. and Irene Bruce Memorial Bursary


Robert and Irene Bruce were both devoted educators, inspiring several generations of young people who were fortunate to benefit from their guidance and instruction.

In the 1920's, Robert received a BA from the University of Manitoba and a B.Ed. from the University of British Columbia. He began his teaching career in small communities around Southern Alberta, eventually becoming a principal who travelled to problem schools to "straighten them out" during the Great Depression.

He later married a young art teacher, Irene Banks of Forestburg, AB. Irene was the eldest of eight children and had worked hard to obtain her education. She imparted her great love of learning to all of her students.

During World War II, Robert served in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a flight training instructor. After the war, he and his family moved to Nelson, BC, where he taught English until his retirement in 1966.

Robert and Irene enjoyed 48 years of companionship until Robert's death in 1979. Irene's long and accomplished life ended in 1998 at the age of 93. They leave behind three family members who are also in the teaching profession.


R Robert-McNarmara_image

Robert L. McNamara Memorial Scholarship


Robert (Bob) McNamara was born in 1910 in Wetaskawin, AB, one of three children of William James and Ida Lee McNamara. As a teenager, he moved with his family to California. During the Depression, from 1932 to 1937, he worked a variety of jobs - from life guard to short-order cook - to finance his education at the University of California at Berkeley, where he majored in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Bob returned to Alberta with his wife and three children in 1949, at the beginning of the oil industry boom. He worked as a landman for a major oil company before he established his own leasehold business in the mid 1950's focusing on fair farmers representation.

A successful entrepreneur, Bob was honest, hardworking, generous and fair. He had high principles, a great sense of humour and compassion for his fellow man. He passed away in 1976.


R Rocky-Tretiak_image

Rocky Tretiak Memorial Scholarship in Insurance


Rocky Tretiak loved teaching and his students loved his enthusiasm and sense of humour. A successful independent insurance adjuster, Rocky taught in the General Insurance and Business Administration (GIBA) program at Mount Royal as well as for the Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta. Rocky was one of the few people recognized as a Chartered Loss Adjuster (CLA) by the Canadian Independent Adjusters' Association in 1992.

An ardent volunteer, Rocky worked his way up through various positions in the Institute, becoming president in 1998. He was a member of the Board of Governors of the Insurance Institute of Canada and a past-president of the Alberta Association of Insurance Adjusters. He founded the Annual Adjuster's Association Harvest Ball as a fundraiser for the Mount Royal program. In 1998, Rocky's peers honoured him with the Insurance Institute of Canada Award of Merit. In 1999, GIBA alumni posthumously recognized his significant contributions as an instructor.

Rocky passed away on October 19, 1998, at the age of 48, following a brief illness.


R RomeoCalosing

Romeo Calosing Memorial Scholarship


Romeo Calosing taught Chemistry at Mount Royal from 1965 until retirement in 1995. Always dedicated to teaching and committed to the interests of students, Romeo was a Science Advisor for many years. He was instrumental in establishing the Chemistry study area, an invaluable resource for students.

Romeo earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at the University of San Agustin in Iloilo City, Philippines and his Master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Alberta (Calgary).

Romeo passed away in early August 2001. His family and friends remember him for his warm heart, compassion and wisdom.


R RoyCunningham

Roy A. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship


Roy A. Cunningham devoted his professional career to Aboriginal students and Aboriginal education, employment and training programs. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Aboriginal Education Program at Mount Royal.

Born on January 1, 1939, in Drumheller, AB into a large Metis family of ten children, Roy graduated from Mount Royal in 1960 with a certificate in accounting. In 1973, he transitioned into education as an Aboriginal high school counsellor at Matthew Halton High School in Pincher Creek, AB. He studied part time at the University of Lethbridge, obtaining a B.Ed. degree in 1974. From 1974 to 1985, Roy was the Academic Counsellor for the Native American Studies program at U of L. He went on to work with various other Aboriginal communities and programs, with key contributions resulting from his work with Petro-Canada, Tsuu T'ina First Nation, Treaty 8 North Eastern BC, and the Kaska Dene Tribal Council.

Roy was a trusted mentor for many who aspired to work for the betterment of the education, economic and social status of Aboriginal people. He strove to ensure that Aboriginal people were represented in boardrooms and at all levels of the employment sector. He was a gifted Native orator and was blessed with humour and generosity. Roy passed away of a heart attack on May 20, 2000. In 2001, he received an honorary citizenship award from Mount Royal posthumously, in recognition of his contribution to Aboriginal education.


R Roy-Deyell_image

Roy V. Deyell Memorial Scholarship and Roy V. Deyell, Q.C. 90th Anniversary Scholarship in Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice


The Honourable Roy Victor Deyell, Q.C. served as Chair of the Board of Governors of Mount Royal from 1981 to 1987.

A former Justice of Alberta Court of Queen's Bench and member of the Pension Appeals Board, Roy enjoyed a long and vibrant law career as a senior partner at McLaws and Company/Parlee McLaws. He also served as a director of Petro-Canada and chair of the Alberta Blue Cross and the Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada.

More than just a judge and a professional, Roy's acute sense of service led to his involvement with countless groups and organizations including the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve, Metro Calgary and Rural General Hospital Board District 93, Alberta Hospital Association, Calgary's Heritage Park Society, Calgary Real Estate Board and the Kiwanis Club.

Earlier in his career, Roy was elected president of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party - at 33, the youngest in its history - and also served as a Calgary Alderman (1963-65). His outstanding record of service was recognized with the Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal (1977), Alberta Achievement Award (1986), and the City of Calgary Centennial Award of Merit (1987).

Above all, Roy was dedicated to his family - his loving wife of 61 years Barbara, daughter Colleen, sons Brian and Bert, daughter-in-law Johanna and four grandchildren. Roy passed away in March 2011, nearing his 86th birthday.


R Ryan-Miglierina_image

Ryan Miglierina Memorial Bursary


Ryan L. Miglierina was born on April 18, 1980 in Calgary, Alberta. He was an accomplished musician and a creative and energetic composer whose abilities and experience included working as a producer, arranger and orchestrator. Ryan studied music composition at Mount Royal under the direction of John Abram. He was also awarded a scholarship to study piano performance at the Mount Royal Conservatory under the direction of Marcel Bergman.

Ryan was the founder, curator and content coordinator of and founder of music and multimedia production label Port One Studios. His main interest with his music was film scoring and Ryan's goal was to work in the film industry. He composed and performed the music for the documentary film Kilimanjaro: The journey. His group, Critical 7, released their first disc Critical Path with songs played on a European Dance compilation CD in Europe. Critical 7 also received significant play time in Europe on radio, in top clubs and Sony's Gate Crasher CD.

Ryan lost his life in a car accident on July 14, 2004 near Hope, British Columbia. His love of music will always be remembered.


S Sandra-Botting_image

Sandra Botting Memorial Bursary in Midwifery


Sandra Botting was a pioneer in the establishment and growth of midwifery as a recognized, valuable and highly sought after profession in Alberta and beyond. A radiologic technologist, midwife, mother of four and beloved wife, Sandra dedicated 25 years of her life to advancing the status of midwifery, proliferating the practice of safe, alternative birthing options for Alberta families, and demonstrating the spirit of community leadership.

Founder of the Alternative Birthing Group of Calgary, which later became the Calgary Association of Parents and Professionals for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth (CAPSAC) and then Birth Unlimited, Sandra also led the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) and worked tirelessly with the Alberta Midwifery Task Force and the Midwifery Regulation Advisory Committee to promote the legalization of midwifery and establishment of education and practice standards.

Sandra succumbed to cancer in 1999 but she knew that the future of midwifery was going to be bright. She would have been immensely proud to know that her life's work has led to so many milestones in the years after her passing culminating with the launch of Alberta's first Bachelor of Midwifery degree at Mount Royal University.


S SandraDurrant

Sandra F. Durrant Memorial Bursary in Nursing


Sandra Fae Durrant was a treasured Alberta champion whose commitment to community leadership will forever be remember. Sandra spent much of her early life between Ottawa and Calgary, learning and understanding the importance of duty and hard work. In her professional life, Sandra held key positions at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Trizec, Knowlton Realty, Gulf Oil and the Government of Canada.

Sandra realized her lifelong commitment to justice and related social issues as a member of Alberta's Department of Justice Judicial Council, Solicitor General's Criminal Injuries Review Board, HAWCS (Helicopter Air Watch for Community Safety), Rick Sonnenberg Memorial Society and Elizabeth Fry Society.

The depth, caliber and lasting impact of her commitment to Calgary and to Alberta are reflected in three rare acknowledgments: Honorary Life Memberships in the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, the Calgary Olympic Development Association and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Whether strategizing, planning, organizing or just lending a hand, Sandra accepted every role because she knew that somebody, somewhere, needed her help.


S Sandra-Nault_image

Sandra Nault Memorial Scholarship


Born in 1948 in Bonnyville, AB, Sandra Marie Nault enrolled in Mount Royal's Nursing Diploma program in 1968. Tragically, in the summer of 1969, just three months before graduating, she was killed in a motor vehicle accident.

Sandra was described as a very patient and caring person who enjoyed her studies at Mount Royal. The faculty believed that she would have been a great asset to her profession. Although Sandra passed away before completing her studies, she is still considered part of the Class of 1970.

The Sandra M. Nault Memorial Scholarship was established in 1996 to help Nursing students interested in specializing in psychiatric mental health in the completion of their program.


S FrederikBoalch

Sergeant Frederick Ernest Boalch

Died Feb. 12, 1945

Frederick Ernst Boalch attended Mount Royal College where he kept his fellow students entertained with his band, performing at the February Hockey Club dance. According to the Varshicom Yearbook, Freddie's pastime was "his own lit' orchestra" and not surprisingly his ambition was "to become a great band leader." Sergeant Boalch left Mount Royal to join the Royal Canadian Air Force and died on his twenty-first birthday, Feb. 12, 1945. Boalch is buried at the Ottawa Memorial in Ontario.

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S Scott-Armstrong_image

Scott Armstrong Memorial Scholarship


Scott Rollo Armstrong of Calgary passed away peacefully at the age of 19 after a gallant battle with cystic fibrosis. Scott was a remarkable person who, in nineteen short years, touched the lives of all he met.

Scott joined Mount Royal in the fall of 1999. He loved drama and music and was a member of the Calgary Round Up and Stetson show bands. He was very involved in a number of school activities such as school plays, the debating team and student council.

He lived and enjoyed life to the fullest. Scott had an incredible sense of humour, wit and a profound knowledge beyond his years, with an ability to find the lighter side of life's challenges.


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Sharon Kienas Memorial Award


Sharon Diane Kienas was born in Winnipeg on July 17, 1952 and moved to Kelowna when she was fifteen years old. A wonderful and prolific artist, Sharon loved sculpture, pottery, sketching, painting, and textile art. She wanted to make a career of these beautiful art forms and attended Mount Royal for Applied Interior Design in 1973-75.

She left her family and friends behind, and bereft, when she died in an avalanche in BC's southern interior in January 1976. She was only 22. At that time, she had returned to Kelowna from Calgary and began the search for her first full-time job in design.

Sharon is remembered as a blithe spirit who brought friends together, provoked fits of giggles by noticing the zaniness in everyday events, found magic in small, intimate moments and cared deeply about her family and friends. She surrounded herself with people she admired - people who brought out the best in her. She had a remarkable talent in art that sustained her and expanded the ways she could express her creativity. Sharon was also deeply connected to nature - she grew up outside, on her family's farms and ranches and summer cottage in Big Whiteshell Park, MB, and took numerous fishing, skiing and other trips in the great Canadian outdoors.

The Interior Design Students' Society at Mount Royal established the Sharon Kienas Memorial Scholarship in 1976 as a lasting tribute to Sharon that celebrates her love for art and design.


S Sharon-Ord_image

Sharon Ord Memorial Scholarship


Following a career in senior office administration, Sharon joined the Calgary legal community as Director of Administration for a national law firm.

During her seven years in legal administration, Sharon was an active executive member of the Calgary Association of Legal Administrators, and served as Regional Vice-President for the Association of Legal Administrators (International).

Sharon was a member of Mount Royal's Secretarial Arts Program Advisory Committee for two years.

She passed away in December 1991, following a lengthy battle with cancer. She was 48.


S Sophia-Jones_image

Sophia Patricia Jones Memorial Scholarship


Sophia Patricia Jones, best known as Pat, was born in Winnipeg on March 23, 1914. As a child, Pat was playfully energetic and mischievous. She loved sports, playing baseball and tag with the neighbourhood kids. She was adventurous and, occasionally, to her own detriment! Pat showed an inclination for music and the family's piano was enjoyed by her and visitors alike. She learned to play the mandolin and joined the school orchestra. She also danced with the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Winnipeg.

Pat graduated from Lord Wolsely High School with top honours. She attended nursing school at Winnipeg's Misericordia Hospital, graduating in 1936. Pat worked at the University of Michigan Hospital, later taking on private duty in Toronto until 1950. She joined Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto for nine years, and finally retired from Queensway in 1979.

In 1959, Pat married Frank Jones. Together they enjoyed travelling and spending time at their summer cottage in Orillia until Frank's passing in 1982. Pat continued to play golf and enjoyed the outdoors, eventually moving to Calgary to live with family. She was exceptionally generous, making many contributions to health charities. She passed away on November 4, 2010 after a long illness. Pat's life will forever be etched into the memories of her family and friends.


S Suzanne-Grant_image

Suzanne Denise Grant Pomeroy Memorial Scholarship in Anthropology


Suzanne, "Susan," daughter of Alan and Joy Grant, was born in Edmonton on May 4, 1964. She was married in 1983 to Campbell Pomeroy and had two sons, David (1983) and Zackary (1986).

Susan was a passionate spirit, full of energy and catching enthusiasm. She enjoyed dancing, swimming, skiing, camping, wrestling, scuba diving, and spending time with friends. She loved animals - dogs, cats, horses, all living creatures. Creative at heart, she took great pleasure in knitting and sewing and often made sweaters for her family and friends or special outfits for her pets.

She loved working with kids, encouraging them to be active and enjoy sports. As a teenager, she taught disabled children how to ski. She was very proud of their progress. Later in life, as her own sons started playing sports in school, she volunteered on the sidelines, with her first aid kit and a fresh batch of cookies. Football, wrestling, hockey or lacrosse - Susan never missed a game.

Susan had a very strong interest in education and after her children were in school, she earned a degree in Computer Science at Grant MacEwan College and a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in Psychology, at the University of Alberta. She was pursing her interest in anthropology when she passed suddenly on December 19, 2006. Susan will be remembered for her love of family and friends and her sheer enthusiasm for further education, knowledge and travel.



T Tatiana-Roupp_image

Tatiana Roupp Memorial Bursary in Social Work


Tatiana Katerina Roupp was born on August 27, 1998. Her mother Tamara, brothers Eric and Brandon, and her sister Oksana remember Tatiana as a special angel with infectious laughter who brought joy to all those whose lives she touched.

Tatiana attended Mount Royal's daycare in 2002/03 and graduated from kindergarten at McKenzie Lake Elementary School. She was a feisty little girl who loved animals and animals, in turn, loved her. She was particularly fond of ladybugs. Tatiana loved playing and spending time with her many friends.

Tatiana passed away peacefully on July 25, 2004 at Alberta Children's Hospital.

Tatiana's organs were donated to five other children whose lives were saved thanks to her generous gifts.


T Ted-Soskin_image

Ted Soskin Scholarship in Communications


Known as a "small man with a big voice", Ted had a long and distinguished career in radio that took him across Canada and the United States. He held practically every position, including announcer, writer, advertising sales, assistant manager and, finally, founder and president.

Ted's career began in British Columbia in 1941. In the last two years of World War II, he was in charge of all military radio broadcasting for the Canadian Army in the Maritimes. He joined CKXL in Calgary in 1950 as one of the station's announcers. During this time, he travelled to Los Angeles and opened an office there so he could interview Hollywood personalities. His show became so successful it was syndicated across Canada. He met and married Sybil Soskin in 1953 and together they had twin daughters.

With experience in almost all facets of the radio business, Ted had a dream of owning his own radio station. That dream came true in 1964 when AM station CHQR - which stood for Calgary Has Quality Radio - signed on the air.

Ted's passing was announced on CHQR in 1985. He will be remembered as a talented and consummate professional, loving husband, father and grandfather.

The Ted Soskin Scholarship in Communications is a lasting tribute to Ted's legacy of his contributions to the radio industry in Calgary.


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Toby Trowbridge Memorial Scholarship


Toby Trowbridge taught Radio Operations in the Broadcasting program at Mount Royal until his death on October 15, 1973 at the age of 42 years. Trowbridge was well known as an air show announcer throughout Canada and the United States. He worked at air shows in Las Vegas, Washington, Abbotsford, BC, and Springbank, AB.

Trowbridge received a general arts degree in Psychology from the University of Calgary. In 1972, he was instrumental in setting up the press facilities at the Western Economic Opportunities Conference, receiving a plaque from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in recognition of his work at the conference.

He was popular with his faculty colleagues and students alike. The radio station at Mount Royal, CMRC, was dedicated in his name. Students and faculty banded together to raise money for a scholarship to honour his memory.


V Vi-Flanagan_image

Vi Flanagan Memorial Scholarship


Vi Flanagan (nee Skjei) was born in 1919 in Saskatchewan. When Vi was three years old, her mother died. Her father passed away eight years later. Raised on the family farm, with two sisters, by an older brother, she graduated from high school in 1936 and, in 1939, entered nursing training at Medicine Hat General Hospital. Vi spent her life in service to others.

She graduated in 1942 with honors, obtaining her Registered Nursing designation. Until 1968, she worked at the Baker Memorial Sanatorium. While a working single parent, Vi completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 1969.

She became Director of Nursing at the Aberhart Hospital and later served as Nurse Consultant of Alberta, bringing tuberculosis education to rural and northern Alberta. She retired in 1979.

Vi was a kind generous person, with a great sense of humour. She believed in education and was a proponent of social justice. In the 1960s, she strongly supported the principles and implementation of Medicare. Vi suffered from Alzheimer's disease and died on January 25, 2000.


W FrankHarveyBarker

Warrant Officer II Frank Harvey Barker

Died Jan. 9, 1943

Harvey Barker came to Calgary from Carbon, Alberta to attend Mount Royal College in 1938. He returned in 1939 to be elected president of the High School class. The Chinook Yearbook gives this portrait of Barker: "a Badminton player deluxe. One of the best-liked fellows of the Boys' Dorm, and always ready with a bright comeback to the would-be wit of the school. Studies hard, often working far into the night on his stamp collection." The next year, Barker joined the Royal Canadian Air Force as Warrant Officer, Class II, 4189 Squadron and was killed during a raid over Germany. Warrant Officer Barker is buried in the Runnymede Memorial Cemetery in the United Kingdom.

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W William-F-Gold_image

William F. Gold Memorial Scholarship


Bill Gold began a 43-year career in journalism at the age of 16 with precious little by the way of formal education. He walked into The Ottawa Journal on a lucky day and got a job as a cub reporter, a member of the last generation to do so on the basis of such scant credentials.

Calgary soon beckoned and, with it, an association with the Calgary Herald that was to last for decades. He became the nationally respected Editor of the Herald, 1976-82, but decided to return to his first love, writing.

For many years, Bill's columns were a staple of local journalism. They originated from virtually every part of Canada, and from as far afield as Cairo and Beijing. The Calgary Herald created the William F. Gold Memorial Scholarship as a tribute to Bill.


W MRU placeholder image 150x200

Wing Commander Albin Laut

Died Oct. 3, 1943

Wing Commander Albin Laut attended Mount Royal in the 1930s before transferring to the University of Saskatchewan, where he earned an engineering degree. He subsequently returned to Alberta and enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force, eventually serving with the #113 Bomber Reconnaissance Squadron. He died on Oct. 3, 1943 when the Ventura aircraft he was in crashed near Sydney, N.S. In 1948, Mount Laut, near the headwaters of the Athabasca River, was named in his honour.

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