Getting to Mount Royal University is easier than ever. In addition to both day-rate parking and permit parking, the university is easily accesible by Calgary Transit and has secure bike storage for students, staff, faculty and visitors.



Effective May 1, 2024

Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) is increasing existing parking enforcement measures to improve our operations, alleviate traffic congestion and add to parking space availability on campus.

We are stepping up what we presently do in order to have a greater impact including: 

  • Ticketing those who do not pay for parking, and those who back into/pull through stalls. 
  • Implementing vehicle-mounted mobile licence plate recognition (LPR) technology, which will improve enforcement capabilities.
  • Towing any vehicle that has two or more tickets associated with its licence plate that are past the 30-day payment window to the new on-campus impound lot located in Lot A.

We are committed to supporting our community through these changes by issuing courtesy tickets for backing into or pulling through stalls during this transition period. A maximum of two courtesy tickets for backing into or pulling through stalls will be issued for the first two weeks after implementation (May 1 to 15). After two courtesy tickets, regular violations will be issued. As of May 16, all parking violations will be enforced and ticketed. 

Payment for parking is still required at all times. 

The impound lot is located in Lot A and takes up 20 stalls. The remaining stalls will remain open for regular parking. Having a localized impound means people won’t have to commute off campus to collect their vehicle. We are also offering extended hours for vehicle pick up and it is less expensive than the Calgary Parking Authority impound lot.

Unpaid tickets, impound and tow fees can be paid at the Parking & Transportation Services office in K105, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After hours, on weekends or on statutory holidays, impound and tow fees can be paid at Security Services at West Gate using Debit, Visa, or Mastercard only. Note: Any vehicle with outstanding parking tickets following impound pick up are subject to further impounding. Pay parking tickets online, at the PTS office in K105 or by mail via cheque

Our intent is not to be punitive. Rather, increasing enforcement measures will make PTS more equitable by better supporting those who are already paying for parking on campus. For example:

  • If someone does not pay for parking in a permitted lot, they are taking a spot away from a permit holder who did pay for a spot.
  • As Alberta issues a sole licence plate that is mounted at the rear of a vehicle, if someone backs into/pulls through a stall we cannot use vehicle-mounted LPR technology to issue a ticket for non-payment, decreasing enforcement efficiency.

We will work one-on-one with those who have several outstanding tickets and provide reasonable payment plans. Contact for more information.

Read the FAQ page for more information.

Parking Bylaws

The Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta (“PSLA”) gives the Board of Governors the authority to make parking and traffic bylaws to facilitate the orderly conduct of parking and parking services while on University Property. Parking regulations are detailed in the Mount Royal University Parking and Fines Bylaw.