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COVID-19 Safety Measures and Support Information

Wellness Services continues to operate with a steadfast commitment to health and safety. Our operations follow directives from Alberta Health Services and relevant colleges and associations for our registered healthcare professionals. 

Masks or face coverings are mandatory
Anyone coming to Wellness Services, located in U216, must wear a mask or face covering at all times when others are present (in private and public spaces). This applies to students, employees, contractors and visitors.

Please bring your own mask or face covering. Review how to safely use a mask. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our services

Your health and wellness matter. We offer a wide range of services to help support your mental, physical and overall well being. Explore our services below and find the support that’s right for you.


Student counselling and mental health services

Take care of your mental health and book an appointment with our physicians, psychiatrists, mental health nurses and counselling services. 

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Medical care

Get access to physicians, nurses, chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, athletic therapists and our student immunization programs.

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Dating, domestic and sexual violence

Book an appointment with our Advocate who provides specialized, confidential, trauma-informed support for anyone who has been impacted by dating, domestic and sexual violence. 

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Support groups, workshops and events

Meet with like-minded individuals and register for our on-going workshops covering a wide range of topics.

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Health and wellness resources

Health and wellness support at your fingertips. Select a topic below to explore the campus, community and online resources that are available to you along with tips and tricks you can start using right away. View the full list of resources.


Substance use

Being educated on substance use can help keep you safer and help you support those around you. Find resources relating to various substances, addictions support and tools that can help you help others.

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Addressing symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges

If you’re dealing with mental illness, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Explore campus, community and online resources to help manage, maintain or improve your mental health.

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Unmanaged ADHD can negatively impact well-being and academic performance. However, there are many student-related practices and external supports that have a positive impact on grades, prevent the need for repeating courses and improve graduation rates. 

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Dating, domestic and sexual violence

Working through the impacts of dating, domestic and sexual violence can feel overwhelming. Find out more about what resources and information are available to support you or someone else.  

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Food and nutrition

Eating well and properly fuelling your body can help keep your mood, energy and concentration levels up. Learn more about what good nutrition looks like and what it can do for you.

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Helping others

Being able to reach out and help someone is an extremely meaningful step that can make a huge difference to people that are seeking support. Learn more about what helping others can look like and different strategies you can use to support those around you. 

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Managing stress and building resilience

Learning how to manage stress early in your academic career will serve you for a lifetime. Since resilience is something each of us can develop, look for opportunities to stretch yourself just a bit beyond what is comfortable and gradually build your resilience.

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Managing your money

Being a student is a big investment, but your finances shouldn’t be negatively impacting your health and well being. Discover resources and supports for managing your money and reducing financial stress.

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Physical activity

There are plenty of reasons to get moving including elevating your overall health, battling stress and improving your mood! Explore resources for starting, maintaining and making the most of an active lifestyle.

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Making social connections

While there’s no one-size-fits-all guide for relationships, there are steps you can take to help nurture trust and respect. Explore tips and resources for building healthy relationships, including those with partners, peers and yourself.

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Sexual health

Sexual health encompasses a wide-range of topics from healthy relationships and pleasure to sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy prevention. Find resources and supports for these sexual health topics and more.

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Sleep is a vital part of life, but getting the rest you need can be difficult. If you’re struggling to catch enough z’s, explore our tips and resources to help you achieve better sleep.

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CampusWell is your free online wellness magazine. Connect, learn and get tips from other MRU students on managing stress, eating healthy, workouts and much more. Head to CampusWell today.


About Wellness Services

Wellness Services promotes individual and campus well-being by empowering the MRU community to create a place where people can learn, work, play, love and live well. We provide comprehensive services and programs to support campus members’ health. Meet our team and learn more about our initiatives and collaborations.


How to reach us

Contact us at or at the Wellness Centre in room U216.

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