Financing Your Education


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At Mount Royal, we want you to focus on your studies, not on paying your bills. Learn more about the many ways you can cover the cost of your education.



Scholarships & bursaries

Mount Royal offers hundreds of awards, providing students with more than $3 million in scholarships and bursaries. Learn more

Financial Aid

There are a number of forms of funding for full-time and part-time students available through the provincial and federal government, including student loans, grants and bursaries. Learn more.



Foundational Learning Assistance Funding

Grant funding for qualified Albertans who are unemployed, under-employed or transitioning into new careers.


Emergency Funding

If despite your planning, you experience short-term money concerns while attending Mount Royal, Emergency Funding may help. Learn more


Budget planning

Find the estimated program costs that you can expect to pay for the academic year. Find out more

Confirmation of Registration

Paying by RESPs or CPPs? Find out how to obtain documentation to access your funds. 


Jobs on campus

Getting a job on campus is a great way to boost your resume, gain skills and help finance your education. Visit the Student Job Bank for employment opportunities. 


Additional resources

Find information for money management resources and emergency funding.