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The Spring English Language Program will be delivered online through distance delivery starting April 14, 2020. Instructors will connect with each student with details. While not the same as in-person learning, we are committed to providing a positive and high-quality learning experience for every English language student. Read more. 

 COVID-19 UPDATE — MARCH 17, 2020

Field Schools

Are all spring 2020 field schools cancelled?

Yes. All spring 2020 field schools are cancelled including trips to: France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, India, Sri Lanka, the United States of America and Guatemala.

Should I cancel my flight?

Yes. students should contact the airline or agency to cancel their flights. Students are also encouraged to review their travel insurance policy to see if there is any allowance to claim costs, such as non-refundable flight fees, in this current situation. Due to COVID-19, many airlines and agencies have made adjustments to refund policies.


Will I receive a refund?

You will receive a refund of all field school program fee deposits paid to MRU as soon as possible. We’re working through this process and you will be contacted directly with next steps once they are known.


Am I required to repay the International Mobility Award of $1,350?

No. Students are not required to repay their award, helping students cover any non-refundable costs they may have already incurred such as the costs of flights, insurance, vaccinations, etc.


Will international field schools be rescheduled?

No. 2020 spring field schools will not be rescheduled in this academic year. 


Will my cancelled field school be offered for me to take next year?

Some instructors may look at the option of offering the field school in spring 2021. Decisions regarding 2021 options will not be made in this academic year.

Current international students in credit programs and credit-free English as a Second Langage program

I am planning to travel home (abroad) after my exams. Should I stay in Canada? Are there any visa restrictions I need to be concerned about?

Every student’s needs are unique and the global COVID-19 response is evolving. If you are concerned about remaining in Canada after your exams, and uncertain about the effect on your immigration status, please contact to discuss your options with an International Education Co-ordinator.


As a current international student, or a current student who plans to study abroad, where can I get support or who can I contact to answer my questions regarding my travel?

Current Mount Royal international students can contact or 403.440.5005. 

For more information regarding Mount Royal's response to COVID-19

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Learning has no borders. To ensure the richest education possible, Mount Royal University has built an international education program that is widely regarded as leading edge. Through the development and delivery of programs related to student mobility and faculty exchanges, and through the provision of specialized student supports dedicated to our international student population, our focus is to ensure Mount Royal students can have the opportunity to enrich their education and expand their understanding of the world.


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