Conservatory Student Scholarships and Bursaries

Financial assistance is available for many Conservatory programs for students showing merit and/or financial need. Please check with your instructor or program administrator to see if you are eligible for financial aid before submitting a Scholarship and Bursary Application Form.

The Conservatory draws student scholarships and bursaries from a number of named scholarship, award and bursary funds. They include:

Agnes Peebles-Weweler Memorial Bursary for Morningside Music Bridge

Barbara Wanner Memorial Scholarship

Beth Tzedec, Three Cantors, Marvin Hamlisch Musical Scholarship in Memory of Mona Libin

Bob Day Memorial Scholarship

Brett / Burgess Memorial Award

Celebration of Literature Award

Choral Music Association Scholarship

Chris Reimer Legacy Award

Conservatory Music / Speech Bursary

David and Elaine Watt Bursary

Denay Stash Semkuley Memorial Bursary

Dr. George W. Kerby Scholarship

Dr. J. E. Cheal Memorial Bursary

Dr. Leona Paterson
Memorial Scholarship in Speech Arts

Dr. Leona Paterson Scholarship

Dr. Lise Elson Memorial Scholarship

Elayne Oliver Memorial Bursary

Elizabeth Parnham Memorial Speech Arts Scholarship

Emerging Young Musicians Bursary


F. Richard Matthews Family Bursary

Ginny Paterson Music Bursary

Jack and Patsy Steen Scholarship in Music Performance

Joan C. Snyder Academy Scholarship

Kaede Cultural Society of Calgary Bursary

Kawai Canada Music Scholarship

Kawai Canada Music Academy Scholarship

Leonard Leacock Scholarship

Marion Knight Memorial Scholarship

Mary Buckley Music Bursaries

Mikhail Kassam and Ariana Bharwani Bursary in Music

Ninth Decade Scholarship

Nolana Baillargeon Award

Pachkowski Family Bursary

Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
Band (PPCLI) Bursary

Ron and Blanca Gibson Music Bursary

Ryan Miglierina Memorial Bursary

Sandvoss Lutherie Viola Bursary

Sandvoss Lutherie Viola Scholarship

Stanley E. Ray Bursary



For their demonstrated belief in the future of the arts, the students, faculty, and administrators of the Conservatory are grateful to those who have donated and continue to contribute to these funds.

We sound better with you

MRU Conservatory provides world-class music and speech arts instruction for every stage.

We enrich the lives of our students and community through the performing arts. With your donation, we can support students in need of financial assistance, help reduce registration costs for ensembles, maintain and upgrade our facilities/instruments and identify other operating needs as we grow.

Thank you for your support.


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