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Artio is noted for being "Calgary's Premier exponent of collaborative, experimental choral theatre." - Stephan Bonfield (Calgary Herald)

The name Artio is derived from the Celtic word for "bear," and was the name of a Gallo-Roman goddess who often took the form of a bear. She represented creative, bold and emergent abundance — all qualities that describe the singers who make up Mount Royal Artio and what they do.

Artio specializes in choral music that is distinct, demanding, diverse and innovative. They explore a variety of genres from early music through to innovative creations being crafted by today’s composers. They re-imagine and re-invent music of the past and embrace the avant-garde music of tomorrow while continually seek to push the boundaries of choral music and performance. In addition Mount Royal Artio has been involved in a number of collaborative events including performing on stage with Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield in 2016 and Tanya Tagaq in 2017.

Mount Royal Artio presents a final choral music performance each year that fuses music with innovative ideas and other art forms — “choral theatre” performances that highlight the season and give audiences exciting new performance presentations that draw upon the talent and imagination of the members.

If you are imaginative and keen to explore music and art in a variety of forms, explore membership in Mount Royal Artio.

Artio is a member choir of the Mount Royal Choral Association.

Choir Director: TBD

For additional information on auditions and the upcoming season please contact Jeff Tritthardt, Program Coordinator at jtritthardt@mtroyal.ca

Course CRN Day Date Time Room Fee
Mount Royal Artio Tuesday Postponed until 2023/24 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Nickle Theatre (V200) $630
Mount Royal Artio (Early Bird Registration April 19 - August 15 Tuesday Postponed until 2023/24 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Nickle Theatre (V200) $480



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Audition Interview

The purpose of the audition interview is to give us a chance to hear your voice and reserve your spot in the ensemble. Come prepared to sing a familiar song (O Canada, Happy Birthday, or any well-known hymn or tune), and to talk about music, other artistic activities, the types of music you like, and your musical goals. We love to explore and find opportunities for our members to share their particular talents and to help shape the group and the music we select for performances

Preliminary Auditions

To enquire or audition for Artio, please email Program Coordinator, Jeff Tritthardt, at jtritthardt@mtroyal.ca

Open Rehearsals

Interested singers are welcome to sit in on any of our rehearsals. This provides potential choristers an opportunity to meet other members of the choir, get a feel for the group, the music we sing, and have fun singing as part of Mount Royal Artio. Individuals can email the director to enquire about joining a rehearsal at the email above.


Mount Royal Choral Association 

The Mount Royal Choral Association is a parent and volunteer run organization that supports and helps facilitate enrichment programming for all of Mount Royal's children and youth choral programs.

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Upcoming Concerts 2021/2022


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