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Program Type Program Link Intake Application Open/Closed Keywords
Degrees Bachelor of Arts - Anthropology, English, History, Policy Studies, Psychology, Sociology, undeclared Fall Closed Psychology
Open all other majors
Degrees Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice Fall Closed crime, law, legal
Degrees Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting, Finance, General Management, Human Resources, International Business, Marketing, Supply Chain Management (applicants apply for General Management only) Fall Closed
Degrees Bachelor of Child Studies - Child and Youth Care Counsellor, Early Learning and Child Care Fall Closed Child and Youth Care Counsellor
Closed Early Learning and Child Care
Open Post-diploma option
childcare, children
Degrees Bachelor of Communication - Broadcast Media Studies Fall Open television, radio, print, magazines
Degrees Bachelor of Communication - Information Design Fall Closed
Degrees Bachelor of Communication - Journalism Fall Open broadcast, broadcasting, writing, news, reporting
Degrees Bachelor of Communication - Public Relations Fall Closed PR, promotions, communications
Degrees Bachelor of Computer Information Systems Fall Closed programming, php, java, asp, C#, css, html, javascript, bash, scripting
Degrees Bachelor of Education - Elementary Fall Closed teach, teaching, pedagogy
Degrees Bachelor of Health and Physical Education - Athletic Therapy, Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership, Physical Literacy, Sport and Recreation Management Fall Closed fitness, environment, health, wellbeing, well-being
Degrees Bachelor of Interior Design Fall Closed architecture
Degrees Bachelor of Midwifery Fall Closed birth, pregnant, pregancy, childbirth, baby, babies, B.Mid, prenatal, postnatal, newborn
Degrees Bachelor of Nursing Fall Closed nurse, hospital, clinic
Degrees Bachelor of Science - Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, General Science, and Geology Fall Closed Computer Science major
Closed Biology major
Open all other majors
University Transfer Bachelor of Science - Computer Science Fall Admission suspended
see NEW Bachelor of Science - Computer Science Major
programming, php, java, asp, C#, css, html, javascript, bash, scripting
Diplomas Aviation Fall
Closed flying, flight, aircraft, pilot
Diplomas Social Work Fall Closed families, immigrants, elderly, youth, offenders, mental health
Certificates Advanced Studies in Critical Care Nursing Fall
Open nurse, hospital, clinic
Certificates Athletic Therapy Fall Closed fitness, wellness, wellbeing, well-being
Certificates Bridge to Canadian Nursing Fall
Closed nurse, immigrant, new canadian
Certificates Business Administration - Advanced Accounting Fall Open auditing, finance, CPA
Certificates Business Administration - Human Resources Fall Open
Certificates Business Administration - Marketing Fall Open
Certificates Environmental Science Fall Admission suspended green
Degree/Diploma Access Routes Academic Upgrading Fall
Open academic upgrading, equivalent, equivalency, transfer, open studies
Degree/Diploma Access Routes Open Studies Fall
Open Fall
Closed Spring
academic upgrading, equivalent, equivalency, transfer
Degree/Diploma Access Routes University Entrance Option Fall Open equivalent, equivalency
Degree/Diploma Access Routes Indigenous University Bridging Program Fall
Closed aboriginal, indigenous
Degree/Diploma Access Routes International Pathway Program (applicants from outside of Canada/US) Fall Open International, pathway, upgrading
Degree/Diploma Access Routes English Language Program (ESL/EAL) Fall
Open ESL, EAL, English as a second language, English as an additional language
Occupational Diplomas and Certificates Embalmer Certificate - Credit-free Fall
Open funeral
Occupational Diplomas and Certificates Funeral Director Certificate - Credit-free Fall
Occupational Diplomas and Certificates Funeral Service Diploma - Credit-free Fall
Occupational Diplomas and Certificates Massage Therapy Diploma - Credit-free Fall
Open health, wellness, fitness, circulation, pain
Occupational Diplomas and Certificates Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma - Credit-free Fall
Open fitness, environment, health, wellbeing, well-being, wellness