Current Students

Informing your Professors

If you need classroom or exam accommodations and services, you need to inform your Professors. Please follow the process described below:

In your first semester

Meet with an Access Advisor to discuss your accommodations and services. The Access Advisor writes an Accommodation Memo which needs to be given to each of your Professors.

Continuing students

In the weeks before each new semester:

  • If you are satisfied with the accommodations and services you received in the previous semester(s) and you do not need any changes, use the online form to notify us that you need Accommodation Memos.
  • Pick up your Accommodation Memos from the front desk in Accessibility Services (Y201).
  • Make an appointment with each of your Professors to discuss the requested accommodations (see suggestions for approaching your Professors about accommodations).
  • Contact your Access Advisor if any of your Professors have concerns about the requested accommodations.

Talk to us about an an accessibility concern at Mount Royal University