Early Support

Information for staff and faculty

Early Support allows faculty and staff to put forward the name of a student that may need additional support on campus. The system does not replace any referrals or student support already being given by faculty or staff, but rather acts as a safety net to ensure the student is reached out to in a variety of ways.

Current students can also submit a self-referral to Early Support.

Early Support FAQ

Early Support allows faculty and staff to identify their concerns about students sooner and in a more coordinated way. By doing this, students can be connected to the right resources and supports as early as possible, before difficulties become too overwhelming.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to use Early Support any time they recognize that a student may benefit from additional support on campus, but ideally within the first 4-5 weeks of the semester.

Reasoning for submitting a student’s name may include:

  • appears distressed
  • not attending class regularly
  • missed an assignment deadline
  • expressed difficulty with academic or non-academic issues (e.g. financial, social)
  1. A faculty or staff member notices a student is facing difficulties and identifies their concerns using the online Early Support Referral Form. The form is quick and easy, taking about 3 minutes to complete.
  2. The Office of Student Success reviews the referral and identifies the most appropriate resources for students in need of support.
  3. The Student Success Coordinator reaches out to the student and offers to connect them with resources and support to help them get back on track.

Information submitted through an Early Support Referral is in no way associated with a student’s academic record, transcript, or decisions related to funding or academic progress.

A student cannot “opt out” of Early Support, but they can choose whether or not they would like to accept support.

If possible, let the student know that you will be using Early Support before doing so. Stress that they are not in trouble, but rather that it is an additional resource on campus that can help aid them in their academic and personal success.

Faculty members are welcome to introduce Early Support information in their course syllabus as follows:


As your instructor I will do my best to support your success during the term. This may include identifying concerns I have about your academic progress or wellbeing through Early Support. Using Early Support, I can connect you with the Office of Student Success which offers students support and assistance in getting back on track to success. If this does occur, you will be contacted directly by the Office of Student Success. Early Support does not in any way affect or appear on your academic record or transcript.
If you find yourself in need of additional support throughout the semester, you can utilize Early Support through the self-referral process at mtroyal.ca/EarlySupport


For more information contact Sarah Rude, Student Success Coordinator at srude@mtroyal.ca


Faculty can also introduce Early Support in class using a few Powerpoint slides for guidance.
Mount Royal prides itself on creating a supportive, caring environment for students. Part of this involves reaching out and offering support when we notice signs of difficulty. It is not a disciplinary program, and is not meant to be a form of surveillance. The goal is to help provide students with relevant resources and support at the right time.

The Office of Student Success tracks all Early Support Referrals that are submitted. At the end of each semester overall statistics are compiled and available to any interested community members.

  • The Office of Student Success has worked with FOIP advisors to ensure all issues have been addressed.
  • Students receive a FOIP Notification Statement through the Office of the Registrar which encompasses Early Support. Faculty and staff can submit an Early Support Referral form without concern of FOIP issues.
  • Students will not be notified of who submitted their name to Early Support, but if they ask for this information it will be provided to them.
  • Information submitted is restricted to the Office of Student Success. If consent is received from the student, additional support areas on campus may be contacted to coordinate assistance.

Questions, Concerns, Suggestions?Contact Sarah Rude, Student Success Coordinator at srude@mtroyal.ca or 403.440.6544.