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Registration for FALL CLASSES opens on Monday, June 12 at 8:30 a.m.    

Since 1980 the Transitional Vocational Program at Mount Royal University has been providing a variety of post-secondary programs for adults with developmental disabilities. Following is a listing of available part-time classes for adults:

Fall 2017

FUNCTIONAL LITERACY & MATH COMBO II:  Improve your reading, improve your writing skills and use appropriate technology to express your ideas, learn math skills in numeration, learn money management skills, increase your awareness of community resources (this is a full year course, class resumes on Jan 3 - April 27) .

 CRN tba Sept 20 - Dec 8 Wed. and Fri. 10 - 12 pm$950*
 CRN tba Sept 20 - Dec 8 Wed. and Fri. 1 - 3 pm$950* 
 CRN tba Sept 7 - Dec 7 Thu. 7 - 9 pm$475* 


COMPUTER CREATIONS:   Create your own personal learning goals while working at your own pace.  Through the use of computer programs and the internet, you will improve your functional reading, writing, listening, speaking and viewing skills in a learner centered small group.  You will create and share blogs, make moves, and create PowerPoint presentations (this is a full year course, class resumes on January 4 - April 11).

CRN 90392Sept 6  - Dec 6               Wed.        7 - 9 PM$475*


COMPUTERS, TABLETS AND SMARTPHONES:  This course helps you use programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, keyboarding and typing software programs. You will explore tablets and smart phones and find ways to use them in your daily life.  Learn basic computer terminology, explore the accessibility features and a variety of apps in tablets and smart phones, learn to successfully and safely use the internet to search for specific information. Register and utilize a web based email program such as Gmail or Hotmail.

CRN 90079Sept 19 - Nov 23Tue. and Thu.9 - 11 amFULL
CRN 90416Sept 19 - Nov 23Tue. and Thu.12 - 2 pmFULL
CRN 90558Sept 20 - Nov 24Wed. and Fri.9 - 11 amFULL

LIFE SKILLS: Increase awareness of self and self-confidence, understand the aspects of trust and risk taking, practice skills for efficient teamwork, develop and demonstrate effective communication skills, differentiate passive, aggressive, and assertive behaviour.  Identify encouraging and negative behaviours and attitudes required for success in the work place, evaluate the amount of choice and control in their life and identify ways they give up control, implement strategies for conflict resolution. Explore and utilize methods for stress management, utilize the journal as a tool for self-reflection that aides in the identification of learning and growth, explore different ways of looking at problems and practicing creative strategies for problem solving and decision making.

CRN 90789
              Sept 7 - Dec 7                                     Thu.1 - 3 pm                     $475*    

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY Be able to describe the basic functions of a digital camera, demonstrate the proper care and handling of a digital camera, demonstrate the ability to take good photos with and without the flash, demonstrate the ability to take good photos using the zoom lens and the basics of composition when taking digital pictures including balance, lighting, point of interest and the rule of thirds, successfully download pictures from the camera to the appropriate storage device and develop a file storage system on your personal storage device and how to share photos safely using digital albums, email, websites, Facebook and/or blogs.

CRN 90645Sept 5 - Dec 5Tue.7 - 9 pm$315*


FINANCIAL LITERACY:   This course will help you to manage your money and plan for your future financial security.  Topics covered include assets, budgeting, banking, credit, and consumerism.

CRN 90788                      Sept 6 - Dec 6                                       Wed                                       7 - 9 pm                                                FULL         


  The Financial Literacy course is generously funded by    ce_tvp_img_financial_literacy_logo

LEARNERS LICENCE TEST PREP:  This clear language course is for adults with developmental disabilities and will help you to prepare to write the Alberta Learner's License test with a higher degree of success.  Find and apply information from the Alberta Driver's Guide, demonstrate safe driving techniques using models and diagrams, engage in fun and interactive learning activities, learn study skills and test taking skills, gain confidence in your knowledge of driving rules.

CRN 90643Sept 5 - Dec 5Tues7 - 9 pm FULL


The Learners License Test Preparation course is generously funded by    ce_tvp_img_lltp_logo

EATING RIGHT, LIVING RIGHT:  Participate in hands on learning activities, go on an interactive tour of a grocery store with a Registered dietician and learn about healthy eating, learn from a Pharmacist about medicine use and safety, create personalized nutrition, fitness and health tools to help you achieve your goals and stay on track.

CRN 90644                         Sept 7 - Dec 7               Thu.                                  9 am - 12 pm FULL    


The Eating Right Living Right course is generously funded by     ce_tvp_img_lltp_logo

 *Tuition includes GST

FIRST AID TO SUIT YOU:  This accommodated, non-certificate course will help you recognize an emergency, demonstrate how to contact 911 and other available help, engage in fun and interactive learning activities, list 10 personal daily risk management practices, gain confidence in your ability to keep yourself safe and help others respond to bleeding, seizures, shock, heart attacks. (NOT BEING OFFERED FALL 2017)Part-Time Courses Information, Schedule and Registration Forms**

Download and print the Registration Instructions and Schedule.  Review the new payment procedures and schedule of classes.

Download and print the Fall Part-Time Courses Registration Form. Check the courses you are registering for and fill out the form.

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