Psychology Honours

BBPsychBannerWhat is the Psychology Honours Program?An Honours degree provides a more extensive exposure to the knowledge and practice of the discipline. In addition to the core courses required to obtain a BA in Psychology, Honours students take several psychology courses that non-Honours students do not. Honours students will also complete an Honours thesis. The thesis provides an opportunity for the student to engage in research within a specific area of Psychology, apply the statistical and research methods skills they have acquired in previous courses, and provides the student with the opportunity to write a formal research report under the direct supervision of her/his supervisor. Completion of an Honours degree indicates that you have engaged in some form of independent learning, under the guidance of a Psychology faculty supervisor, over and above that required by regular degree-related course work.
Admission to the Honours ProgramIf you are considering an Honours Degree in Psychology, it is important to understand the application process and the admission criteria. Information specific to the BA Honours Degree in Psychology is presented in the Psychology Honours Handbook 2017-2018.  It contains a detailed description of the application process, and other information for Honours students.  If you are interested in the Psychology Honours program, most of the information you need is in this document. 

If you wished to apply for the Honours Program, please read the information in the Psychology Honours Handbook 2017-2018, and fill out the application form here.  There are detailed instructions on the form of what you will need, and how to submit.
Summary of the Requirements of an Honours Degree in Psychology

A) To be accepted into the Psychology Honours Program, students must have:

  1. completed PSYC 4412 Advanced Statistical Methods for Psychology
  2. completed or currently be enrolled in PSYC 4413 Research Methods II
  3. achieved a minimum GPA of 3.5 across all the 2000, 3000 and 4000-level psychology courses taken

B) In addition to satisfying the course requirements of the BA Psychology degree, and completing the above courses, to graduate with an Honours Degree in Psychology, students must complete the following three courses:

  1. PSYC 5110: Honours Thesis I (taken during the Honours year)
  2. PSYC 5120: Honours Thesis II (taken during the Honours year)
  3. PSYC 3305: History of Psychology

* Note: These courses are numbered among the Psychology courses taken to complete the BA in Psychology, so the total number of Psychology courses taken should not exceed 24, the maximum number of Psychology courses permitted in the BA Psychology program.

C) Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 (B) in each year during participation in the Honours Program.
Questions?If you have any questions please contact the Chair of the Psychology Department Honours Committee:
Dr. Malinda Desjarlais, Office: EA3053
Email: mddesjarlais@mtroyal.ca
Voice: 403-440-8441